Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A different Kind of Insight

I want to offer readings from the Oracles on one of my latest sites.
If you decide to visit the site, I would love to hear from you and feel free to send an email
if you want an extended reading.
Please click on image or link to visit and explore:  www.dubstarr.com 

Absolute Love,

Monday, December 28, 2009

Zodiac Physical

Zodiac Physical
I wanted to pass a few good tips on to my zodiac loving people in regards to the physical body. For this year, our physical bodies will play a tremendous and obvious role in our existence. I have channeled that our physical bodies are actually warming up (the energy around and within the body). There is much movement within us and this means any form of toxins, or nutrients
will be absorbed at a faster rate; if we have a healthy lifestyle, we see the results much quicker, and if we have dis-ease, that too manifest just as quick.

Water Signs


2010 may bring about various emotional events that if you are not careful will stimulate the nervous system.
A dose of meditation is better than a shot of espresso especially if anxiety is present. Friends and loved ones may
experience heighten moments that you being a water sign may decide to internalize. Remember, taking on the frustrations
and problems of others doesn’t help and your body pays for this later. Physical tips for 2010: Exercise, get a good enzyme,
and master your meditation rituals. You shine differently this year-maintain that glow Cancerian!


Moving forward in life is an absolute must for the Pisces in 2010. This requires proper rest, fasting from sugar and whites such as rice, flour, etc., and
Developing proper physical balance by the way of new shoes (athletic and everyday shoes), and skeletal assistance by adjustments and or calcium.
Your body and mind will need to be strong because of all of the activities and work that increases this year. Physical tips: gain more focus by training your mind,
Invest in a good source of calcium, and keep mucus at a minimum within the body by fasting and eliminating mucus forming foods such as bananas and dairy products.
Physical discipline is an important ingredient to your success in 2010.


The active life of a Scorpio flourishes during this year. The body reacts to nervous eating and drinking this year more than in the past. Upset stomachs,
traveling gas, skin eruptions, headaches and stiffness of joints are all a part of this reaction. Scorpio, pay attention to what you consume when you are in social settings.
Avoid eating anything when you are emotional or uncomfortable. All things now must be consumed in a peaceful setting. This year food/drink has a disturbing affect on your physical and emotional body. Do yourself and those around you a favor and tighten up your health regime once and for all. Physical tips for 2010: get plenty of sunlight whenever you can get it, increase your green food intake more than ever before, and do what you say you will do this year-keep your word.

Air Signs

Throat care is important this year. How do you express yourself; do you speak too much, or not enough-are there secrets being held within. Communication is interesting in 2010 and thus when throat problems arise, treat it physically, and yet look at how you have been communicating. 2010 may bring about acid reflux from an imbalance
in the stomach. This acid may travel up into the throat region and may weaken this area. Speak more about the things that really matter to you in this life and any sore throats, coughs or infections in his area dissipate. Tips for 2010: master the art of communication.

Hi Gemini, if I could give you an extra set of organs it would be a heart and a fresh pair of kidneys. During this year, keeping these areas healthy in all ways will improve the over-all longevity of your life. Slow down on the cooked foods and embrace more raw foods and drinks. You may also want to avoid emotional heart break by being 100% honest with yourself and love ones about how you have truly been feeling. Now, I would love for you to take your time and read this link. Afterward, treat yourself to a nice detox and alternative healthy lifestyle choices. http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/Kudiseases/pubs/yourkidneys/#why Best Wishes in 2010 Gemini!

As always, Libra will have a lot going on in many places and at once. This year is quite exciting for the Libra who is in alignment with 2010’s vibration. Pay attention to how you respond in business and personal relationships. Are you the airy Libra people think you are, or are you harboring frustrations, resentment and fear? If you insist on keeping things tucked away inside without expressing yourself, you may experience eczema, unusual hair shedding, and oral gum issues. This is all about your body responding to stress. 2010 encourages you to find many ways to release unexplored emotions while your body encourages you to not take things too seriously.
Tips for the year: drink a good red wine, get plenty of physical exercise, sex, or healthy things that promote proper blood flow (try the wine and sex first-kidding ;) ).

Earth Signs


Wow Capricorn, I see you dancing, walking, performing and moving around this year. You are very active in 2010 and so get the legs and feet in good condition so they can support your running to and fro. Stretching and simple yoga moves keep you in the game along with good fatty foods such as macadamia nuts, almonds, cashews, as well as water foods like chestnuts, watermelon and cucumber. Also steam baths that help release toxins from your knee joints. Naturally you are sensitive and intuitive so pay attention to all the signs you are given that will support your well-being. Tips for the Capricorn: relax the mind; some issues this year are not worth repetitive thoughts -save room for the heightened intuition and clairvoyance that is coming to you. Exciting!


Nice vibe you have going on this year-finances turn around for the best and all seems to be flowing smoothly as you had hoped. Drink water, soothing herbal teas, take baths with sea salt, olive oil, rose petals and lemons for relaxation, and play fair this year in personal and business relationships. All is well Taurus Tips for 2010: take the bath prescription seriously and watch how it changes your life! Hmmm, I feel so good about you Taurus this year; I want to give you a few lucky numbers ;) Let’s see..24, 12, 5, 1, 3.


For the Virgo, challenging times make room for a brighter future. You get more than a few breaks in 2010 and with all of the hoopla, you’ll need a free-flowing health regime that allows you a bit of flexibility. Packing healthy lunches and rearranging your work out regime allows you to really enjoy the progress you have fought so hard to get. This time around, enjoy the fruits of your labor without holding yourself hostage to a strict way of life. Tips for the Virgo: take it easy cheesy; kidding that is almost impossible for the Virgo, but I will encourage you to spend more free time with children or babies-their warm spirits soothe and heal your soul, not to mention, they like having you around. Stay healthy!

Fire Signs


Well, I know I may not be able to pick up every Aries on the planet with this physical read, but I am getting this: Aries may want to check on their health status this year in 2010 to make sure all is flowing well. I sense a few areas that need tending to such as, blockages and pressure around the head, the tip of the stomach where ulcers can set in, intestines, and the urinary tract. Any constipation and head pressure lasting over 3 days should be looked into by a professional. Now this is no gloom and doom report Aries, just a reminder to take care of your system and avoid being stubborn and frugal when it comes to the body that allows you to make the money you need and love. Traveling and family affairs have you active; hence feeling at your best should be a priority.


2010 gets really interesting for the Leo in the areas of love affairs, lecturing events, coaching and or performing. The respiratory system may be a focus during this year.
Best thing to do would be to prevent added pressure in this area by watching where you place your heart/emotions (when you have great expectations), eating clean non-oily foods, and join a restorative yoga class. If you are here in Atlanta, I will recommend http://blissfulbodiesyoga.com/ this class is worth more than you could ever pay Leo. Tips for 2010: respect your temple and it will repay you 20 fold.


I just had a wonderful vision of you glowing, smiling and traveling about in 2010. You are making strides and your perseverance continues to repay you. You are approaching a wonderful phase in your life Sag. I want you to think, “going green” in the most intimate way. Saving the planet is well and good, but what about you going green for an entire week, 8 times this year. This would mean eating nothing but veggies for an entire week 8 times out of 2010. Now, I don’t want to twist your arm on this, yet if you take heed, you will be hunting me down with your invisible cute Sag arrow trying to thank me! Wait, I think I’ll let “Bob” tell you what you’ll get.
Well good folk’, here on our show, going green gets you this!! A NEW CAR!!!...Well the possibility of a new car, but you will get greater and incredible clarity, more energy, and a huge release of unwanted energy! Congrats!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Overview by Damaris

2010 Overview by Damaris

According to memory, my readings from 2006 leading up to 2010 can be
described in one word-oneness.
Now of course, this has always been, and yet we seem to notice this more during recent times.
Depending on your view, oneness can be divided into two. For instance, if
you have an on-going growth of mold in your home, that particular organism is constantly forming a oneness
with its kind. You on the other hand may suffer discomforts from mold and so you form a oneness with
various treatments and measures that combat mold.
In this scenario, something is living and something is leaving-both may not be able to exist in one space.
So now, in 2010, what we have is a rapid and noticeable coming together of like consciousness.
I am requesting that as you inhale this year’s reading, think about the oneness concept as it is described here.
You may even want to apply your insight and knowledge where needed by accessing what consciousness is forming around you; maybe start from your inner body and then travel outward.
For those who are seeking, if you do this evaluation, and then move forward in a supportive and fruitful direction (with consistency), you will possess your
key to existence. There are no secrets, everything for you, is inside of you.
For those who worship deities or acknowledge a higher force/power/God, always remember that in a position of worship, you must be a receiver and transmitter-this means everything you need, is literally inside of your cells, DNA, aura and physical bodies.
As we move gracefully in the swift winds of 2010, let us act responsibly by honoring the vital needs of
our existence.
Absolute Love,

Gathering and retaining pertinent information is vital for most during the entire year of 2010.
This information may include health, finances, and personal records like birth and social security information.
From gathering this kind of information, contracts, deeds, stocks, and wills may be discovered as being valuable
insight to those whom preserve this information.
The aura of 2010 will impress upon the mental stability and silently ask, how is one receiving and digesting all information?
Translation: Are you allowing worry, fear, doubt, disappointments, etc. to fester within the spiritual and physical body?
It is highly suggested in 2010, that those who are in mourning make realistic adjustments and allow inevitable transitions to transpire.
For those who experience loss through death of a love-one, it is suggested that between the months of April and July, make time for healing workshops that
focus on releasing. If these months are utilized, healing flows rapidly. This work is very important and allows a heightened spiritual connection between those who are earthbound and spirits without bodies. If you are weighed down by the energy of death and loss, during 2010, this will automatically create intuitive blockages as well
as infecting ones ultimate vitality creating illnesses and physical discomforts such as sudden arthritis. For those who refuse to let go, if you are not taking minerals
and eating properly daily, start today; for those who take daily doses of proper nutrition, doubling up may be required.

2010 for some may involve traveling, relocating, new business ventures and a uniting of forces that bond solid unions including successful marriages.
This can be an extremely exciting and new time as if one has bathed in a cosmic pool of new karma free stars. Old things are indeed washed away for the new.
For new businesses, April and May are months to zoom in on. These months may allow great insight as to how the business will hold up; new clients and business appear.
A good time to begin business development or marketing is now.

For those who are in alignment with the vibration of 2010, they may experience a greater bliss and peace that may not have been felt before.
Soul-mates and or finding spiritual family increases-meeting someone as a stranger and yet feeling familiar may be quite popular during this vibration.

2010 Helpful Tips:
Create new business plans (even if you do not currently have a business)
Remain physically active and allow proper circulation to the brain
Avoid eating fish (an increase of mercury levels may suppress proper body functions)Avoid flu shots or any other heavy metal substances-if you work around arsenic, mercury, lead, etc. detoxifying metals from your body is suggested
Avoid slaughter house chickens Avoid over-eating
Increase green foods, water, and shallow quick breaths
Schedule a time for silence (3 times a week)
Say good-bye to toxic relationships especially family members
Avoid arguments with those whom you know to be unstable
Learn to utilize your intuition
Perform a maximum of 6 major detoxifying programs for the year (include pancreas, kidneys, and liver)Believe in yourself and your abilities
Try a pineal gland/third eye meditation
Support your immunity

If you would like a personal 2010 reading, contact Damaris: damaris@insight9.com