Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Overview by Damaris PART ONE

December 2010 Wrap -Up/ 2011 Insight overview by Damaris from damaris hardiman on Vimeo.

InSight by Damaris


2011 Overview

intuition, time, balance, physical adjustments

Intuition plays a big part in 2011.
Trusting oneself at the time of decision-making and without fear is a rewarding feeling for those who have done their spiritual and mental work in 2010.
Intuition links to harmonic feelings and dispels self-doubt.  The need to cling to old ritualistic practices fade as self-reliance builds.
Because there is a greater belief in personal abilities, forgiving others may come naturally as the focus on past hurts and the need to blame others fade.
Intuition and dreams increase linking to ancestral assistance. This comforts as the feeling of unity blossoms and self identity is discovered within a spiritual system.

For some a work day moves quickly-for the prepared, this is welcomed, appreciated and expected for time improves every situation rapidly.
For those who may have avoided personal development may feel rushed, anxiety and may fall ill. In this situation one should seek a spiritualist and health care professional immediately to avoid damaging heart and liver issues.
In 2011, a simple case of anxiety can turn serious rather quickly; the concept of time changes and may be questioned.
For those who have time challenges feel freer during this era or pressured.

Balance is a big focus in 2011.
Typically most may struggle with the “balancing act” or juggling jobs, relationships, etc. 2011 literally pushes you to the opposite side of your struggle to grant a form of relief even if you didn’t verbally ask for it.
For an example, a person who is becoming quite stressful with being in multiple relationships may experience physical and or financial challenges that require retreat or solitude. In this scenario, either relationship endures allowing the person to rest from the pressure.
If there is an area within the body that is compensating for an injury, the effected area must be addressed properly because the overcompensated portion becomes just as weak in order for the proper fix to take place.
Balance is huge within the female and male arena.
This shift makes it difficult to discriminate against women. The Universal female and male principle applies.
Because hatred and laws against women have been in place for longer than most can remember, we will begin to see a rise in male illnesses such as prostate cancer.
This is not a form of “payback” rather a spiritual force and a yearning to connect that shows up in the weakest area-that being the physical.
Men who may get a glimpse of consciousness concerning gender imbalances, should have conversations and forums to bring further awareness to himself and others.

In a system where “all or nothing” is the motto, this will drastically change.

Explosions inside or outside of the body is present in 2011. These explosions can be from intestines erupting within the body to a volcano.
Either way adjustments are necessary to bring harmony.
This harmony is not considered good or bad, simply the principle of connectivity.

Over all, 2011 will aggressively require us to weed out dishonesty on all levels.
Emotional intelligence is encouraged by intuition and physical illnesses come to a head in order for cycles to be broken and new experiences to arise.
This all prepares us for a freedom we once knew and yearn to experience in its rarest form.



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December Wrap UP!! Insight by Damaris

InSight by Damaris

December 2010 Wrap-Up!!

Greetings and thank you for being here!

As we continue to flow throughout the remainder of December 2010, we become more thankful for our ancestry as our intuition begins to blossom.
These gut feelings make us feel alive and powerful and yet for some, a feeling of doubt surfaces.
One may silently ask if the current direction in life is for the best.
A greater quest or purpose in life may be sought out even if the current status is rewarding on the surface.
One may question spirituality or religious practices; finding the “right” spiritual fit may be the ultimate goal while welcoming the energy of 2011.
Movement is rapid and lighting quick between December 23rd and January 12th.
If depression hits, or emotions run high without proper guidance, this phase quickly passes. However personal frustration with self may be present.
This reading suggests letting time fly and trust enough in your intuition to make the right decisions even if the decision is to wait for greater clarity.

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Astro December Wrap –up

just because you see someone’s true colors doesn’t mean you have to rub their face in it. Keep your focus and let the Universe take care of the rest.
over reacting contributes to digestive complications and unnecessary stress. If you feel a bit “explosive” this week, take a nature walk to soothe your soul.
watching finances and budgets are in your best interest. Unexpected circumstances may force you to come out of pocket. Keeping insurance up to date should be priority.
justice comes in many forms. Although you may think someone gets away with “murder”, while you on the other hand feel the heat, step back and view the entire clip-play by play. Perception is everything.
keeping a positive attitude often involves looking at a situation from unusual angles.
Your opinion and convictions determine the next move.  Remain optimistic, or take a mental vacation.
remember getting rid of a habit or irritation requires going to the root.  Getting to the bottom of situation and extracting it at a root level gives you the peace and the new clean slate you desire. Avoid the quick fix and address important concerns head on.
at this stage in your existence and the information gathered, now is a great time to step out on your own. Following others that lack experience in your field and expertise is now a waste of time. You may want to surround yourself with like-minds.
patching up a document or an arrangement is not suggested. Either it is or it isn’t.
If you are entering an agreement, it should be solid and without the so-called “fine print”.  Business is business on all planes-mental, physical and spiritual. Be thorough and precise.
carrying the burdens of others is a choice. You can offer assistance, however if it is not appreciated or received, it just isn’t.  If you are feeling unappreciated or unwelcomed, maybe focus on self-improvement. Focus on how you would like to enhance your health and over all way of living.
dining out and social settings can be a burden when you are concerned about your appearance and income. Although the Libra is expected to be resilient and even aloof in various settings, it is time for the Libra to get serious with self and make life- changing decisions.
it’s time to be a little more serious about you Leo and make the necessary changes that will take you to a more challenging level. If you decide to remain “comfortable”, you may run into undesired territory where the lions are more aggressive than you.
Handle your business now to avoid embarrassment later.
a simple assignment you may enjoy: list all of your so-called insecurities and then read them off to yourself looking in a mirror. Afterwards, stare yourself in the eyes and ask if you fell for the “hype”. Going into 2011, make a commitment to live by your standards.