Friday, October 25, 2013

Witch's Brew

“Witch’s Brew”
Making Your Own Spells Is Fun To Do!

Where: Phoenix and Dragon event room
When: Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 7pm-8:30 pm
Presenter: Damaris –Intuitive Reader, Channel, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $20.00 per person OR $15.00 each for groups of two or more
Contact:  Phoenix and Dragon to pre-register. 404.255.5207
Do you ever think of someone and the next day they call you?
Do you have to be careful what you think because it may happen?
Do you feel like you have a hidden power?
If you answered yes, this class is definitely for you!
In this class we will:
* discover the manifestation power within
* discuss proper use of resins and candles for spell work
* discover your magical day that is most potent for your spell work
* discuss the importance of becoming allies with nature during rituals
* learn how to write personal spells
and much more!
This class is highly recommended to those who want to increase personal power and those who have a strong affinity for manifestation techniques and magic.
Please reserve your space by registering in advance.
Call 404.255.5207

Monday, October 7, 2013

Insight By Damaris October 2013

Insight by Damaris
October 2013

This month explores the nervous system.
The nervous system can be broken down into three parts however the autonomic nervous system is the focus.
This system oversees body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and sexual arousal.
For those who are experiencing:
-thick saliva or difficulty swallowing
 -hot flashes
-unusual fluctuations in body temperature
-noticeable changes with sexual energy
-bloating and unusual burping or gas
this reading suggests making conscious decisions and physical efforts to alter work or home life.
Choices you have made in the past may be expired and your physical body is literally feeling the stagnation in your “love” life.
Are you doing what you love?
Do you love the person you share intimate space with?
How much of your active life coincide with the desires of your heart?
Have you carried jealousy, resentment and envy with you for a little too long?
The “lies” or incompatible energy expressed in everyday living can penetrate the physical body resulting in mini explosions within the nervous system.
The body is conveying, “Enough is enough. I want to live”.
For those who are living life to the fullest, this reading is asking you to have patience with others or create space so that those you love can grow. There is nothing you can do to “push” them; it is up to them to embrace this season of change.

Astro Flow

Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

When on the road, we may notice a comfortable speed that is preferred.
For some, 65mph is perfect. Eating, phone calls, texting or just relaxing the shoulders and projecting the day feels comfortable at that speed.
This month is asking water signs to find that perfect individual workflow and ride it out until completion. Stop and then go, or making adjustments for others may cause delays in progress and even frustration.
Breathe with intention and move using your natural rhythm.
You are water and your ebb and flow controls each day effortlessly.
Maybe it’s time that others adjust for you. J
Utilizing your natural abilities brings forth a long awaited check, client and a certain desire of the heart.

Capricorn Virgo Taurus

If you feel depleted, what can bring about balance is bonding with others.
Creating bonds through sincere communication is the perfect wind for the kite you are attempting to fly. The people you attracted within the last five years of your life want to experience honest and real life, real time communication, either from you or from what you represent.
You are being summons to remove any veil of delusion and represent YOU to the fullest, straight no chaser.
Why?  You want better quality in every area of your life.

Aquarius Gemini Libra

Maybe you didn’t think you’d be around that long. Maybe you didn’t expect to be where you are now, however you seemed to be semi grounded for an air sign. You are no longer off the radar and have been spotted. This means that those around you expect you to be the hero or heroine! They want you to take them to places they never been before emotionally and mentally. You are the example in their eyes hence this reading is suggesting that you plant extra seeds and make extra plans by redefining your life. Who are you anyway?
I AM________________________________ (fill in the blank).
By declaring your life, you give the Universe permission to present your next initiation.

Aries Sagittarius Leo

If you have been contemplating your next move and find it hard to solidify anything right now, this reading is asking you to make sure you haven’t skipped the details.
Your swift mind (and mouth) can be like fuel in a Porsche, but the current world you
occupy may not be as fast.
Question: Have you suppressed your life in any way to appease others? If so, your current dilemma may be the result of that.
Your astrological position encourages you to be futuristic. Therefore it is important that you be around like-minded individuals so when you are off looking into other worlds, you have a support system that can predict your needs.