Sunday, April 28, 2013

May 2013 Insight by Damaris

Aura Reading for May 2013 by Damaris

May is about taking appropriate action and making beneficial decisions.
In doing so, both can lead to emotional and physical freedom.
Making the best decisions require mental stillness however the reading shows that can be difficult during this time, hence we arrive at our challenge.
Before we look at how to deal with the challenge, one should define “what is freedom” for right now.
There is a small warning about understanding the difference between escapism and freedom.
For an example, if one leaves a residence, job or relationship because of being fed up, this does not automatically grant freedom. In fact this reading warms that more emotional turmoil could be ahead; running away and accessing your freedom are quite different.
This reading suggest finding resolution before you make a move, this way you step into emotional and physical freedom without repeating unfavorable patterns.
How can we find resolution when the mind is running 80mps and the body is being pulled in many directions?

-decrease stimulants such as coffee, sugar and excessive talking.
- take a restorative yoga class
- spend 20 minutes by a tree or water
- eat less, drink more water
- before you start your day, count your blessings
- recognize negative thought patterns and immediately replace with positive mantra
- train scattered energy by giving it a hobby or project

By doing all or some of the above, greater clarity will surface and your decisions will be strong and conclusive. These decisions can lead to ultimate freedom.

May is about regaining personal power and clarity to access freedom.
Whatever seeds are planted now is highlighted in June.

Astro-Aura Read for the Signs

Water Signs

Communication is key for the Water Signs in the month of May. Finding new ways to communicate can lift your spirit and business. Lack of communication is about 92% to blame for holding on to past trauma and disappointments.
Have you fully expressed who you are? Is your heart open to receive love, money and greater responsibilities?
This read also warns about carrying the burdens of others. How can you fully live your life when emotions are mingled with others.
If you continue to run into the same scenario but different time frames, the Universe is asking you to switch things up!
If you have an event to prepare for toward the end of the month, the read suggest getting things done early. Between the 13th-17th time seems to fly and unexpected behavior and problems may arise; this could throw you a curve ball.
If you are looking to connect with like-minded people, a sponsor or new client, this month is great for venturing out and being social in places you normally wouldn’t go.
This month, travel light (emotionally), speak your mind with grace and use your finesse to get things done.

Earth Signs
Capricorn*Taurus* Virgo*
May is about tapping into your spiritual power. How is your communication between you and your higher self, angels or mentor?
This read suggest you may need a heavenly boost to maintain your temper and manage your morality.
Nature and relaxing music may also be tools that give you the peace you seek.
If you are contemplating making moves that goes against where you want to be spiritually, this represents a restless and dissatisfied soul.
If you have spent more time consuming energy that is not compatible with your normal vibe, this has depleted your life force reservoir. It may be time to seek new experiences that appease your soul and truest self.
During the month of May, do your best not to give in to your lower self.

Air Signs
The best results you can get out of the month of May is setting the stage.
You have to be in control of the mood and setting in any scenario when possible; you are the regulator and initiator.
This doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s all about strategy.
For an example, let’s say you are aware of a meeting you need to have with your boss or CEO.  You can set the vibe by your chosen speaking voice and clothing selection. Project your energy and maybe say a positive prayer or affirmation to insure a favorable outcome.
In short this read conveys that your full participation in your own life is needed.
In May, ask you how can you make everyday YOUR day. Set the stage and be intentional.

Fire Signs

There’s black and white, maybe shades of the “in between”, however your reading speaks about doing what you love. The translation: if you have a lover across town, but a steady relationship at home, there is conflict.
If you have a day job that you “like” and then a voluntary position you love, there is conflict.
Its not about if you can handle multiple positions, its about putting all of your energy in to what you love. This is being mentioned because a portion of your energy is being compromised. The month of May asks you to seek a different kind of balance.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Art By Damaris

"Connected By Water" acrylic on canvas 28x36 original $375.00
print 8x10 inside of 11x17 frame $ 60.00 Or single print $25.00
includes shipping within the US.

“Connected By Water” acrylic on canvas 28x36 original art by Damaris 

This piece was inspired by a recent reading I had with a client.
The face on the upper left corner of the image is a Haitian Swamp Goddess.
She is ageless, wise, and knowledgeable on various herbal remedies and can cure anything.
Although she is extremely powerful, she is humble, kind and patient. She is very comfortable with her simply because she has never been anyone else.
She has always been a powerful healer.
The image below her depicts generations.
We see a young girl as a mermaid and although she is located in the sea (not a swamp), the water acts as a conduit that allows her ancestor “The Swamp Goddess” to reach her-guide her and remind her of the powerful healer within.

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Chakras On The Go" guided meditation audio CD for everyday people

"Chakras on The Go" guided meditation audio CD for everyday people
is available at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore beginning on Tuesday May 7th at the "Tree of Life is Within" energy medicine for the root chakra class for a special discount.

Chakras on the Go!

Spending an hour in meditation can be magical and therapeutic but sometimes we need a quick “pick me upper” or a touch up to get us back in the game of life!
I created this CD as an intro to Chakra meditation AND for the experienced who need a quick fix.
It doesn’t matter where you are in life, Chakras On the Go is designed to boost:
natural energy
overall energetic balance
And reduce:

Upbeat sounds mixed with melodic frequencies make it easy to vibe to and you don’t need a quiet studio space to trance out. In fact, you can pop this fun time into your car’s CD player on the way to an interview or meeting.  Maybe download it to your phone and listen while on the train or waiting for a bus.

If you want more love, peace and abundance in your life, Chakras On The Go is for you!

Credits: vocals. lyrics production arranged by Damaris
CD cover art by Unique Individuals Ink
CD design by

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Tree of Life is Within

"The Tree of Life Is Within"
“energy medicine for the root chakra”
When: Tuesday, May 7th, 2013
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Presenter: Damaris- Intuitve, Chanel, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine
Cost: $15. per class OR save. $25. for two people
Call to Register: 404.255.5207
Powerful life force energy resides within every person. Our daily lives reflect our personal connection to the “lower root chakra”.
Childhood memories, the first interaction with a mother AND mother earth is connected to this energy center.
Mother and root chakra energy is so powerful that it is nearly impossible not to share a stream or transference of invisible frequencies that play out in our lives rather we like it or not.
In this class we will:
-Learn how to feel the difference between higher self energy and energy that has been transferred through birth
-Explore the importance of self-discovery
-Learn a unique energy technique to clear the root chakra
-Learn manifesting techniques
And more!
Although anyone can benefit from this class, those who battle with: prostate disorders, fibroids, financial set backs, ADHD, anxiety and breathing attacks, constipation, imbalanced thyroid, depression, mood swings and addictions should attend.
This class is fun and informative. Please attend with comfortable clothing.
All supplies and loving treats are provided.
*One night only special discount on energy clearing items*

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 2013 Insight by Damaris

Astro Insight by Damaris
April 2013

For the Month of April, Cancer should use multiple powers such as intuitive thinking/planning and old family rituals. If you are unsure of specific rituals and have no way of knowing, make up your own and be sure to use water as conduit.
April is about reestablishing your presence and purpose. Utilizing your abilities to tune into the energies of nature and other worlds stir up the silent inner child that is ready to speak and act.
Are you ready to reveal another layer of your soul for the greater good?
It’s time to live on purpose. Do it big!

For the Capricorn, April can get interesting because initially it appears “dark”. Here darkness refers to the deepest parts of the subconscious and finding answers.  Old desires and even unhealthy thoughts and behaviors can lead to a form of deliverance.  It’s as though one last dance with the beast leaves an undesired taste never to be explored again.
During this time, others may not understand or think that Capricorn is falling into “unsolvable ” territory.
Addressing fears and untouched childhood memories can only relieve clouds that hover over Capricorn.
Pack a bag and be prepared to stay over night in the haunted house of the subconscious mind. Afterward, there is only one place to go. Rise!

Letting go of old ideas and people is the best thing to do when considering a new spiritual practice. Consider compatibility and what may or may not work. For an example, the compound DMT combined with a chakra meditation may be life threating.
To sum it up, old habits and new experiences may cause unnecessary conflict in your life. This message is important especially for the Scorpio who collects and has difficulty letting go.  This month use your will power to explore unknown territory without hang-ups or baggage.

Proper sleep, nutrients and shoes are important for the Taurus this month. Unexpected travel, layovers and sudden changes in travel can occur. Its best to have “back ups” like phone, shoes, tires, etc. during the month of April. To reduce stress, one may want to hire a temp assistant to have on hand just in case.
Being productive is great especially when goals get carried out despite setbacks and unexpected events.

Romanticism is great for novels but can get complicated in real life for the Pisces.
This month asks Pisces to go beyond  “the dream or wish” and look at what is really there in any scenario especially with work and matters of the heart. Being realistic and using common sense can only help and it allows you to plant your staff in soil that supports your goals and purpose. If there is a new business partner or interest, this read suggest you tell them “put your money where your mouth is” right from the beginning. The games are all expired. Ready?? GO!!


April may be a great time for Virgo to ask for assistance or seek professional advice if suffering from low moods or anxiety. Looking into a life coach, spiritual counselor or even getting professional career advice can generate a positive outlook on life.
This read suggest developing a nourishing routine that promotes a healthy lifestyle on all levels-mind body and spirit.
If synthetic drugs prescription or otherwise is taken, consider implementing more green veggies and sunlight into your life. Be mindful of where low energy and moods come from because it may be a quick fix.


It may be a strange feeling having all the missing components or answers to problems and yet be at a stand still. It’s called the waiting game and when this is apparent it is best to put your grand concepts and solutions on the back burner until a later date. Disappointing? Indeed, however there is so much more that can be done in other areas of your life.
This month avoid being fixated and use your fire to create other avenues to get you where you need to be.


You know when a scenario isn’t a good fit when you feel overworked, out of place and just confused. Gather the remains of your energy from a relationship that has gone in a completely different direction than you planned. If you are feeling out of sorts your energy is being drained from a source that you are not compatible with. Cut your loses and move on to greener pastures. There is more opportunity ahead when you release.


 It may be time to show your complete hand Sag. Sometimes it’s good to hold the trump but you got to know when to play your hand and win. Maybe do some soul searching to find out if you take your life “lightly” and self-sabotage. You have a few great inventions and products to share on a grand scale.


It’s kind of strange typing this for a Gemini, but this read says to be a little more “out there” carefree and loose when it comes to your professional life and or a project.
Maybe you have allowed other’s thoughts and opinions in your head and it’s causing a bit of hesitation. This month avoid thinking too long. Procrastination makes you feel unsure and in simple terms boring.  Be authentic in every way possible.


Consider lightening your load, prioritize and generate a different support system.
If you have been experiencing neck and shoulder pressure, this is an obvious sign that there is too much yang in one direction. Tunnel vision is ok, however switching up your routine allows you to free up and see your life from a different perspective.
Shift your energy to create balance.


This read suggest looking at the top 3 things that you do consistently and then ask why do you do them. Are you living your dream and life how you envisioned?
April brings about a feeling of freedom that may make you question previous decisions. Take time to re evaluate your life, and then make new plans if old ideas have become outdated.