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Love and Relationships Aura Astro Readings

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Aura-Astro Read for February 2013

Love and Relationships

Water Signs:

Cancer Aura Reading-
Colors- red, green, blue, orange, purple and white

During this era, it’s important for Cancer to know where he or she fit in any relationship. This includes work and loving relationships. If there are any undefined areas left for the imagination, Cancer may get insecure and want to change course. Those in relationships with Cancer should be clear about intentions to get the best out of Cancer.  
In regards to physical relationships, Cancer does best when loving intentions are implied. A wounded heart can shut down the sexual fire and appropriate passion.
When the heart is closed and sexual expressions are limited, this can affect other areas and in worst scenarios, block finances.
Creative communication is the remedy and when intentional can unleash past hurts.
When this happens, spiritual enlightenment occurs on multiple levels.

Scorpio Aura Reading-
Colors- blue, black, orange, silver, gold, red

For Scorpios, it is important to know that relationships can always be reinvented at any time. One doesn’t have to sulk or play on disappointment and seek out revenge.
If the desire to love and be loved is present, it is suggested to focus on the desire rather than the lower energy of “what if this doesn’t work out”.
Suggestion: replay the scenario that may have pulled you away from a loved one and then recreate the scenario in your head. Look at the probabilities of what will/can work .
The use of visualization and intentional thinking can work with any relationship; work, family and intimate.
When the Scorpio chooses to rewrite his/her life, self-esteem rises and challenges in life aren’t taken personally.  This can be the beginning of an evolved Scorpio.

Pisces Aura Reading-
Colors- silver, purple, gold, teal, white, brown

In relationships, it’s important that Pisces navigate with integrity.  Although deception can be a part of life, it conflicts with the free-flowing and often spiritual makings of a Pisces.  When one has to uncover or cover lies, a feeling of being misplaced in the world can exist.  If one has a Pisces sun and moon sign, this feeling
can turn into a depression difficult to get out of.
Holding secrets and harboring lies infect Pisces creativity and personal goals.
In intimate relationships, it’s best for Pisces to listen and absorb what their partner is sharing. Over talking, and tuning out conversations create an invisible wall that makes it difficult to remain interested in a Pisces; one may wonder if Pisces is truly interested.
Activities such as meditation and being in nature grounds Pisces and brings them to a place of realistic peace and comfort in relationships.

Earth Signs:

Capricorn Aura Reading-
Colors: red, green, orange, blue, silver.

For the in -tune and charismatic Capricorn, wonderful and “real” relationships can be developed and prosperous especially when mother issues are put to rest.
If you are born under the sign of Capricorn or have Capricorn in your house of relationships maintaining finances and relationships may be difficult if there is unresolved mother/female issues.
It’s important to remember that Capricorn is considered the father of the zodiac (regardless of gender) thus male and female balance is essential.  SO in this regard, what is a kingdom without a Queen-could it function properly.
Cancer is the mother of the zodiac and happens to be Capricorn’s polarity. With this being mentioned, it just makes sense to be mindful of male/female balance.
If you are a Capricorn and want to get to the root of strained relationships in this world, you may want to start looking at your relationships with women and or your mother for resolution.

Taurus Aura Reading-
Colors:  blue, red, green, silver, orange, yellow.

Until Taurus is able to listen and communicate properly, a creative project keeps the self-esteem uplifted. Gardening, creative marketing concepts, project development and any creative venture keeps the Taurus balanced while on the path to better communication with others.
In intimate relationships Taurus or those involved with Taurus may have difficulty because secretly, Taurus may feel “weak” or out of control if they bend or compromise. Compromising may look like defeat.
Very similar to the Capricorn, positive communication with a mother makes life full and limitless. 
This reading highly recommends that mother or female challenges be put to rest. Forgiveness and letting go is needed to live an open and expressive life.
When we are flexible in relationships, we are individually balanced and confident hence we know we are only gaining an experience, not losing control.
Taurus can make a wonderful mate or business partner when an ebb and flow exist during communication.

Virgo Aura Reading-
Colors: silver, green, purple, orange, yellow, brown.

Before having dynamic relationships with Virgo, he or she must first commit to a higher existence to their personal spirituality or religion. Where Virgo fits in the world of greater consciousness is important and until this happens, Virgo gets caught up in random highs and lows based on strange experiences or addictions.
Virgo constantly looks for peace from earthly items such as food, alcohol, drugs, sex and anything that may offer a temporary high.
Virgo can fit the theme, “looking for love in all the wrong places”.
When Virgo commits to their higher self and existence, they become “human” and can have true loving and prosperous relationships both business and pleasure.
Until then, those in relationships with Virgo may have a hard time trusting simply because the Virgo has not shown his or her truest self.
Once spiritually grounded, Virgo releases the idea of “judgment”. This means that Virgo can make flexible partners who understand mistakes and is willing to forgive.

Air Signs:

Gemini Aura Reading-
Colors: green, blue, silver, gold, yellow.

When matters of the heart are looked at closely and put on the table, Gemini can be
an exciting partner. Communication in relationships is very important and if this area is lacking, internally, Gemini will suffer.
 Those who come in contact with a Gemini will learn lessons about themselves because Gemini will instinctively push buttons that eventually force others to take a closer look at their lives.
Naturally in sync with the world around them, Gemini can be great in business partnerships. Great at predicting trends, knowing what the masses want and how to please, Gemini is a natural people person.
Because Gemini will feel abandonment issues deeper than any sign in the zodiac, it is important that they have “hobbies” or learn who they are through creative ventures. Otherwise, Gemini will always search for the perfect twin flame (even during a committed relationship), and those in relationships with Gemini will feel unloved.
In summary, the Gemini who looks for the perfect partner must find self first (hopefully through writing or music). When looking for completion through another person, there will always be disappointment.
Know thyself.

Aquarius Aura Reading-
Colors: silver, purple, gold, orange, brown, green.

Aquarians may have difficulty in traditional relationships because they often have not taken their lives seriously enough. They may not stay in their bodies long enough to understand it and how it really works.
This aura read says that just like Virgo, a spiritual commitment is needed.
Diagnosing the soul and then being spiritually adventurous makes Aquarius amongst us rather than a soul just sort of passing through.
If an Aquarius has experienced physical or mental abuse during childhood, this makes it really difficult to connect in partnerships.
1.) they learned how to be detached from earthly experiences and 2.) they came on this planet unattached. Wow! It can be like dealing with a person who is “touch and go” in may aspects of their lives.
Those looking for a solid unmoving commitment in relationships should not look toward the Aquarian.
Those who have been emotionally hurt by an Aquarius should let go and understand that the Aquarius didn’t care that much to hurt you-it was something that just happened.
In business, Aquarius can do well with inventing concepts and working with herbs and herbal remedies. They can do extremely well with presenting something new to the world. This is where financial rewards may surface.
Day to day mundane work won’t be enough and working partnerships may fall on the wayside.
Aquarius is the great teacher of detachment; nothing is forever and is a true reality that instinctively Aquarians know.

Libra Aura reading-
Colors: green, gold, white, blue, red, purple.

The idea of love and what love is to a Libra is important. Interestingly enough, Libra, Gemini and Virgo have a lot in common according to this aura reading because they should be in love with the heavens first.
Being in love with the heavens translates to being in love with the higher self and existence.
When Libra looks for a higher loving vibration in man, authenticity for life is compromised because instinctively, the Libra knows “that” kind of love may be fleeting.
Earthly things and having an earthly experience should be weighed carefully with their spiritual intelligence; the love life can feel like a sentence when the material world infects the spiritual intelligence.
A full life of loving experiences can be grand when Libra puts her or his intellectual spiritual self/heart first.
Meditation, yoga, visualization and heart chakra work can be most beneficial for Libra who wants to honor the Venus within.
When Libra embraces spiritual healing and the feeling of being one with all creation, any form of rape or childhood sexual violation can be released and left “there”.
This means their choices for partners and on-going relationships are not infected by the past.
Love is renewed and real.

Fire Signs:

Aries Aura Reading-
Colors: Blue, red, green, orange, brown, yellow.

The colors in this reading are interesting because I have just discovered something new about Aries!
Some think Aries are selfish because they will talk about themselves or make their relationships about them.  Well the aura reading is saying that this behavior is covering up for what really should be the focus; it’s like a child having a tantrum yet cannot articulate the real problem.
While Aries have the stage, it’s important that they speak with intent about their dissatisfaction and even childhood issues.
Creating a comfortable space to relax and talk “real” is suggested.
Aries can be wonderful and passionate in business and intimate relationships when true feelings are expressed.
Now, “true” feelings mean the root issue, not the dramatized surface mumble jumble.
Honesty is vital for the Aries and will reduce stress, high blood pressure and support a real bond in relationships.

Leo Aura Reading-
Colors: gold, white, blue, green, yellow.

Leo energy is naturally demanding and in most cases alluring.
In relationships, business or personal, the Leo should move about with great integrity mostly because the expectations of a Leo are high.
Others expect the Leo to do the right thing and in some cases, open up new enlighten doors for others to walk through.
Karma and all kinds of hell can break loose when those of high regard are shady and
lack good character.  When a lion is not true to the natural ruler inside, defeat of the spirit may occur and it can be quite difficult to rise again in that lifetime-all relationships suffer.
On the other side of the spectrum, Leo is very much like the Emperor in the tarot; when he or she is selfless and listens to wise counsel, they make excellent rulers/partners and the world benefits from their existence.

Sagittarius Aura Reading-
Colors: silver, gold, brown, orange, blue, orange, yellow, pink.

Most are not often prepared for the energy of a Sagittarius.  In fact those who have parent or family issues must realize that most parents may not have known how to “raise” those born under this astro-position.
The shift of a Sag can be simultaneously magical and dangerous like a forest fire; beautiful the way the fire dances and clears and yet physically harmful to those in its way.
The best partner for the Sag should be a creative person, for it is creativity that calms and stimulates the soul that hasn’t found peace.
Colors, shapes and sound are healing tools for Sagittarius without broadcasting, “this is therapy”.
In work, they must operate freely because they are great facilitators for bringing in new concepts and inventions.
It is the responsibility of the Sag to announce when breathing room is needed in relationships.  The recipient of this announcement should be understanding and reasonable. Unfortunately there is no changing someone under this complex and beautiful design.  It would be like trying to change the beginning of creation.
Freedom is the key to successful relationships.

Love and Laughter,