Monday, September 14, 2015

Insight by Damaris feat "Oracle Yena"

for week ending 9/19
this week the Oracle suggest that we consider making adjustments to our 
living arrangements and where we spend most of our quiet time.
The reading ask, Does your environment support your entire health systems
(body mind and spirit)?
How is your health, and if good, do you have enough energy to accomplish your goals?
If you are feeling depleted, is there anything in your home contributing to headaches
and feelings of depression or anxiousness?
Oracle Yena says, even in the worse living situations, there are slight adjustments that can be made to make your situation feel lighter.
In regards to toxic people, if they are in your environment and you have no option other than to cope,
the reading ask, what personal toxic habits can you eliminate? 
When we release depressing processed and chemical based foods/habits, our vibration immediately rises and from there,
the body naturally seeks for other healing modalities.
I looked further into the reading and asked why is our environment so important now.
Basically we will need to feel completely empowered in the near future in order to
"cut away" Indefinitely:
* haunting thoughts and people
* repetitive behavior that keeps us "stuck"
* unidentifiable spirits that infects and attacks the home
* negative people who will try to reappear in our lives
Ok so I had to look deeper into the reading because, lets face it, many of us have been here know the going back and forth in relationships, negative thoughts blah blah blah..again, what is the significance now?
The reading says that although everything in life is a lesson, there comes a time when one will be "trapped"
consciously within there own madness. It's like seeing all of your blessings and abilities to achieve and yet can not make moves in that direction.
For some, these feelings may last another season.
In summary, if we play "tug a war" too long with unhealthy energy and do not have an environment to recover and reboot, we become weaker and weaker, our souls become uninterested because its not being fed properly, therefore it abandons the body.
When the soul leaves the body, other spirits can utilize the free space.
I would like to add, when we are reviewing out environments this week, invite in the Great Mother spirits, ancestors and guides to give us abundant support so that we may execute our work timely and effectively.
If you would like a personal reading to assist you with this topic or any other concerns,
email me: for times, rates and more information.
Make it an mazing and productive week!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 9/12

For those who want to expand on a soul level, this week's reading is
asking us to check our current social settings to clear out any infiltration 
that is connected to spiritual hits from the past.

Before I go further, let's clarify what a spiritual hit looks like through a story.

Once there was a little girl who witnessed her mother getting abused by the men in her life including 
her father. As she got older, she too became a victim to physical and sexual abuse.
One day she pleaded and asked her mom to run away with her to find peace.
When her mother turned to look at her, the girl noticed her mother's eyes were not the same.
In fact, they looked very much like her fathers eyes-dark and lifeless.
Her spirit was strong and was determined to get out of the chaos she witnessed.
As she got older, she swore she would not be taken advantage of by men or anyone.
She joined women's empowerment groups to surround herself with the like minded
 and began to date a women her heart connected with.
Over time the relationship expanded and they decided to live together.
One night, her woman came home late and smelling of alcohol.
She asked what took her so long to get home and where had she been.
Her girlfriend turns around and stares at her with the same glare her mother and father had in their eyes,
and replied, "none of your business little girl".

Now in this story, despite the change of time, people and places, the same dark attacking
energy showed up once more.
Was this dark energy there all the time and just went unnoticed? 
Did she think dating a woman would protect her from abusive spirits?
Did she subconsciously attract the ghost from her past so that she can deal with it head-on now that she is older and stronger? 

Either way, this reading is asking us to deal with the demons once and for all and recognize them
immediately so that they can be destroyed.
Often spiritual hits can come from those closest to us-the ones who claim to love and care about us to the end.
Unfortunately this kind of "love" feeds off of your organs, life force energy and eventually inhales
the remnants of your soul.

This week, instead of wondering if someone is going to change or if a job really appreciates you, randomly take
a look in the mirror to check out the luster in your eyes.
Are they bright, happy and clear? 

In summary, make this " I AM AWAKE" week and slay those lazy ass demons that want to use your life-force
Claim sweetness into your life and real loving experiences.

You have the power to make this an amazing week!
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