Monday, December 22, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Love Conjures All

Are you a very loving person and yet feel your love life is lacking?

Do you consult friends and family on their relationships and it's extremely helpful, yet your relationships are challenged?

Have you been a diligent professional and now want to make time
for a loving relationship?
If you answered yes to any of the questions, or you want to spice up a current relationship, this session is for you!

When: Tuesday, December 30th 
Where: In the Comfort of your home this is a private tele-session
Time: call begins at 8:30-10:00 PM EST
Cost: $45. per person 

Presenter: Damaris- Intuitive Channel, Body Scan and Aura reading, Chakra healing and alignment, Energy Medicine Practitioner 
and Guest: Dr. Corbeaux from Dr. Corbeaux's Conjure Room

In this class, we will go over an Aura and Body Scan love reading
to see our strengths and weaknesses.
Because this class is limited, each caller will have an opportunity
to receive information on what chakras that could be blocking the heart chakra and how to use this information.

Finally, we will learn specific tools and spirit work that will allow us
to bring more love, and specifically the love we want into our lives.
In summary, this class is an excellent tool that will allow us
to open up, learn more about ourselves AND work a little conjuring to
support our efforts!

For those who are familiar with my work, I have teamed up with Dr. Corbeaux who is an excellent card reader and experienced conjure worker.
This session will be fun, informative and powerful.

If you would like to sign up:
Please be aware that once I reply with payment information and session details, please make payment as soon as possible because the number of callers are limited.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Combo! $60. for 30 minute session

In my line of work, what I have realized is that there are multiple combinations
to discover within one's energetic body.

These combinations are linked to patterns that may be present based on one's present life
experiences as well as their parent's lives.

Most times. we are living according to preexisting combinations that may not be working in our favor.
Perfect example of a preexisitng combination is the Food Pyramid. 
We learned that consuming meats, cheeses, chocolate cake, veggies and milk was okay to do.
After horrible health challenges and investigation, we discover the way of "Proper Food Combining" is in an alignment
with our physical body and how it digests food ( we were given information that wasn't good for us).
 For those who have chosen to eat based upon this combination
no longer suffers gastric problems, heart burn and constipation just to name a few!

So what work combinations did we learn?

Are we clear on the proper love combinations as it relates to intimate relationships?

What combinations are we using that grants us good energy, potent productivity and an over-all happy life?

I fully enjoy learning more about our beautiful complex bodies from the etheric to the physical and is why I am offering
such a unique reading special, The Combo!

The Combo is a 30 minute reading that address one challenge at a time.
In this session we will create a new combination for you to implement into your daily life.

Ponder on that ONE thing that bothers you to no end, and contact me.
Together we will transform old energy into powerful results.
The session is $60. and will be worth the money IF you are ready to make changes.

For other reading offers, check out the services page here

Saturday, December 6, 2014

" Determination vs the Collective" Insight by Damaris week of Dec 7-13th

if you didn't know, "Insight by Damaris" Aura and Body Scan readings
are now being read live on Blogtalk radio every week.

This week's reading highlights:
-understanding confusion, how did it get there and walking away from it
ips on regaining focus
-looking at opposing forces in one's own body
and more.

We will go over this weeks suggested do's and don'ts 

After the reading, the lines will be open for comments and personal questions.
This show often reveals spiritual recipes and suggestions, therefore you may want to be prepared to take notes.

If you have enjoyed my weekly readings in the past, you may want to
click on to the follow button on my Blogtalk page to receive
notifications of when the shows begin.

The next show for this week is scheduled tomorrow Sunday the 7th,
at 10:30PM (EST). Please call in, I would love to hear from you!
(516) 387-1408