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InSight By Damaris Sept 24-Oct 22, 2012

“Trick or Treat”
Energy Clearing for Haunted Homes
When:  Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Time: 7-8:30PM
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore event room
Presenter: Damaris- Intuitive Reader, Channel, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $25. per person, bring a friend and save. $15. for groups of two or more.
Contact Phoenix and Dragon to pre-register 404.255.5207

Have you ever noticed energy in your home that felt like an invisible guest?
Do you have to sleep with a light on to ward off spirits?
When you are home, do you feel lethargic?
If you feel uncomfortable in your own home, this interactive and informational class is for you.

You will learn how to:
* create and use your own divination system to manage your home
* create a blueprint of your home and then use for investigation
* use tools such as scents and sound to clear away heavy energy
* avoid energy attachments

Damaris is an Intuitive Reader, Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine Woman who passionately highlights the importance of “clarity”.
She feels that when we are clear, we produce a happier and healthy life; this is why personal aura clearings are included with all of her readings at Phoenix and Dragon.

With instruction, class participants will be asked to write, draw (very basic) and create a personal divination system. Dressing comfortably is suggested.
- Supplies included
- Magical refreshments
- Free 30 minute energy clearing raffle ($75.00 Value)
- One night only discounted clearing tools

InSight by Damaris -part one
September 24, thru October 22, 2012

Special- energy clearing and smudging
 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore
$75.00 for ½ hour session
Call to make an appointment (404) 255.5207


Water signs

keyword for this cycle:
be more intentional about what you would like to see happen in your life. Do you want more energy, better health and more over-all vitality?
Here is where you want to be intentional about planning your day.
This read suggest avoiding dependency on others and outer stimulation.
Gossip and arguments may lure you in to others self-esteem issues. This is clearly
a pull on your energy field.
Join a yoga class, expand your health awareness and volunteer for an organization that supports positive youth-development.
Optimism and assisting others prepare you for your next spiritual initiation.

keyword for this cycle:
allow ideas and thoughts to grow as far as your mind will allow. Expanding your life physically and creatively activates the untouched seeds deep within your subconscious; you have another life waiting on you.
If you have been feeling less than content with your life, ask yourself if you are doing ALL that you can.
This read suggest that you list short- term goals and then follow up with action.
The idea is to be creative, explorative and consistent.
If you are offered an advancement during this cycle, this read suggest taking it on!

keyword for this cycle:
this read is about flowing with the cycles of life rather than pushing.
If you are operating by emotions instead of your intuition, there may be a slight price to pay. You are encouraged to master the art of timing; knowing what to say and when. Premature actions and selfish motives may reveal an idea, project or something sacred just a little too soon. If this happens, value is lost and cannot be redeemed.
Listen to good counsel and consult an astrologer to assist you with your execution process. Good things do come to those who wait.

Earth Signs:

keyword for this cycle:
this cycle, the Capricorn does well using vibrant color, art and imagination as a tool to successful living. The more vibrancy is used, the more potent the idea and outcome; think of how the peacock uses its beautiful feathers.
If you are considering rebranding, a new logo, or updating marketing strategies, this read suggest using dynamic colors and ideas.
This would require a “vibrant” personality as well Capricorn.
This cycle, think about how you can come out of the dark and into a “new light”.

keyword for this cycle:
in order to come out of hiding with how you feel or who you really are, “trust” is required. It’s not about trusting others, rather the ability to love every part of you
without judgment.
When you explore your soul and character (not experiences) instinctively, you feel like a whole entity and obtain full acceptance of self.
Here, acceptance of self equates to trusting your life and abilities without fear.
Stepping into this awareness expands your relationship with this life and the will to live freely.

keyword for this cycle:
during this phase, it’s important for Virgo to move forward as there may be a spiritual awakening ahead.
Being fluid with personal goals and completing them remind the psyche to live in the now instead of the past. When the Virgo lives in the present, the new era ahead compliments Virgo’s tenacity with ease.
Complicated times can be a walk in the park when we have a “present” attitude.

Air Signs:

keyword for this cycle:
by using intuition, Gemini avoids procrastination and uncertainty.
Knowing when to stay, when to leave and when to initiate creates harmony in the lives of the Gemini during this cycle and throughout life.
For you Gemini, trusting in your gut feelings is like making amends with the inner twin you thought abandoned you.
This read suggest uniting with your inner self and utilize your 3rd eye as a navigation tool. By doing so, you witness the enhancement of peace and quality of life.

keyword for this cycle:
by burying the past, you are able to live life as you often imagine.
Holding on to pain and disappointment limit your ability to express from the heart.
Allowing the past to be past ignites your will to really live.
After letting go, addictions may decrease and your decision-making improves for the better.
Pretending to be alive isn’t a life at all is it Libra.
There are many who depend on your creativity, laughter, ingenuity and genuine nature. This world is a better place with you in it whole-heartedly.

keyword for this cycle:
raising your standards give you greater insight into your gifts and a snap shot of future potential. Here, upgrade refers to every aspect of your life: physically, mentally and spiritually.
Examine the checks and balances:
-where and with whom are you spending significant time
-what food and drink do you consume; do you need proper nourishment
-are goals out-dated and beneath your abilities
-what mental and spiritual techniques offer you the most support
- do you have proper sleeping arrangements; do your pillows and bed offer proper support
Aquarius, please make time for the proper upgrades. It may be beneficial to do this before the 15th of October.

Fire Signs:

keyword for this cycle:
mastering emotions and food consumption is suggested for Aries during this phase. Often, fasting is required when we want to explore the depths of our purpose and communication with loved ones.
When we fast from the mundane habits, this gives the mind a clear view. Veils of denial are lifted and we acquire a clean perspective on what is important and what needs improvement.
Remember, certain foods and habits are linked to generational patters that prevent living at the highest potential. Therefore if changes are to be made, fasting is essential.
Aries, think of a fasting regime that you can uphold for 30 days.

keyword for this cycle:
for the lion, this read ask you to look at “planting seeds” for future returns.
What do you need to put in place now that may benefit your future?
This could be:
- saving for an attorney
-collecting receipts and documentation for taxes
-creating a project management team
-saving money for a self-promoted tour
I would say this reading is suggesting that you prepare to get lucky.
Think of what you can do now that will save you time, money and in some cases sanity in the future.

keyword for this cycle:
by taking a step back to observe, the Sag begins to implement long term ideas
and creations that may have life-changing affects. The suggestion is to observe (not to be confused with reflect) and notice what changes that need to be made to an existing product or maybe even a health practice.
There is a great desire to make subtle and large improvements on this planet.
By taking the time to observe, this makes you feel more connected
and allows you to care /act without being taken in by disappointments.


“You are a god. Don’t believe it? List your attributes.” -damaris

Damaris offers personal intuitive readings, chakra balance, tarot, cutting cord rituals, boot camp (spiritual, mental and physical fitness), energy clearings and more.
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