Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 2013 Insight by Damaris

InSight by Damaris
November 2013


This month reminds us to use power and courage learned from past experiences.
Those who avoid confrontation will feel uncomfortable because the energy in November heightens every scenario that ultimately encourages one to speak the truth. What is hidden yearns to be revealed.
Bottom line is; if you have something to say, say it.
For the personality types that need a push to get motivated may feel this month to be stagnant, however, it is the calm before the storm so to speak.
In quiet moments, this reading suggests using time wisely because a spiritual initiation is on the horizon.
Things that have been asked for in the past may show up this month, hence being clear, motivated and prepared is suggested.
Belief systems, courage, fear and personal power makes a unique energetic gumbo that can be quite tasty to the prepared initiate.

Water signs:
Scorpio* Cancer* Pisces

It is a magnificent time to ride atop the waves of emotions to generate and create from common sense and individuality. Your purpose was never linked to your emotions really, rather your higher self and the ability to be in service to others.
Are you in the “right here and the right now” to recharge your community?
Have you weathered the storms (and oh boy, there has been many storms) in order to be a witness and create documentation for those who require your assistance?
If you have been feeling like “no one cares” or, “my prayers have not been answered”, ask; have I wanted care from the wrong individuals? Are my prayers based on a loneliness that I have created?
For the water signs, this month encourages you to check your emotions at the door and utilize the solider and teacher within.

Earth signs:

How many have wanted to come plant in your garden? Or bury old bodies and create graves in your soil? For the earth signs, this reading is about learning how to separate others ideas, emotions and ways from your own.
Yes it’s true, the concept of oneness may be considered however, there should be balance. Can your seeds grow while weeds are waiting to molest your spores?
For the earth signs, November challenges your ability to say no without feeling guilty and it requires you to restructure your support system (again).
Look outside of your current social portfolio for fresh ideas.

Air signs:
Aquarius* Libra* Gemini

You have a wonderful ability to entertain everything including the “BS” from others without it consciously affecting your life. However from November until about December 23rd, your tolerance is shorter because your subconscious life is rising to the surface.
Memories buried inside of your body’s cells come to the surface in order to create a new way of living.
What does this mean exactly?
When you begin to feel uncomfortable in any situation, you gotta stick and move IF you want to be a part of your own evolution process.
Those around you may want you to hang around “just a little while longer” or ask you (in a not so obvious way) to be the ONE to heal their pains.
When this happens, it is a test that if passed can ultimately free you from unhealthy attachments.

Fire signs:
Aries* Sagittarius* Leo

Partnerships are a focus this month and flowing into the 2nd week in January for the Fire signs. At first it may not seem apparent, however there appears to be subtle problems within relationships that stem from a hidden 3rd party.
For an example, if you have one business partner, he or she may be getting outside advice that can disrupt the foundation that you and your partner created.
That same scenario can be applied to intimate relationships and marriages.
To avoid unnecessary conflict and chaos, this reading suggests being completely upfront in any partnership by extending appropriate communication.


How to relate to a Scorpio (oldie and goodie)

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Life on Paper

“My Life On Paper”
Chakra Balancing and Journaling Series
Where: Phoenix and Dragon event room
When: Starting Tuesday November 5th, 2013 and Tuesday November 12th, 2013
Time: 7-8:30PM
Presenter: Damaris –Intuitive Reader, Channel, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $50. For both classes, register in advance only.
Contact:  Phoenix and Dragon to pre-register. 404.255.5207
If you ever wanted to write a book about your life’s story and heal simultaneously, “My Life On Paper” may be the perfect jumpstart.
In this series we will:
* discuss the importance of chakra balancing
*learn how to clear old emotions and reset each energy center
* learn how to detect when chakras are out of alignment
* learn how to keep heavy energy away after chakra balancing
* learn how to heal the chakras through writing
and much more!
In addition to exploring the chakras, every attendee will receive an individual chakra reading and new journal to use in class.
November 5th and 12th, we will address the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras; group discussion, clearing and healing through journaling.
The room’s atmosphere will support chakra healing therefore come in comfortable clothing and bring pillows if you like!
This class is highly recommended to those who battle with:
*addictive behavior
* verbal /sexual abuse
*imbalanced chakras
* low-energy
* migraines
* chronic neck cracking and pain
* unexplained physical discomfort
*sudden mood swings
Those determined to have a healthy, peaceful and stress-free life, these sessions are for you!
Please reserve your space by registering in advance.
Call 404.255.5207

Chakra Meditation CD by Damaris available at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, or it can be ordered.
Check out the snippet here