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InSight by Damaris Part 2 Jul-Aug 15 2012

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InSight By Damaris continues…
July-August 15
th 2012

Tips for the remaining month thru August 15:

* Back up important files, computers, phone etc.
* Have cash available
* Hydrate the body
* Cleanse the mind by smudging or sweating (such as a sweat lodge)
* Listen to your intuition
* Clear up outdated home repairs, for an example, filling in holes, repairing roofs etc.
* Protect you from toxic relationships-leave immediately
* Avoid family disputes-separate you from toxic family members if possible
* Protect you psychically and physically during sex
* Tend to outdated car repairs even if you need to do patch work
* Acupuncture, sweating and or stretching is suggested
* Making amends with ill friends/family is suggested
* Create a safe space to have a talk or listening session with children


This is a great time to look for new learning tools, support groups or enroll
in classes that will enhance your life’s objective.
Living your potential may be important to your esteem and how you go about it matters now more than ever or so it seems.

The best way to take you to the next level is putting forth the effort by creating an “action-filled” game plan and schedule.
Don’t worry about what you need to do in order to get to that “comfort level”, just do what you know to do and allow that energy to work on your behalf.
If you focus on your current abilities and resources, what you think you are lacking will appear.
This reading suggest working with what you have and in doing so, you may discover
that you have all you need during this cycle.
Greed, viewing what others have and looking outside of yourself for solutions
infect the mind, hence the mind games played with yourself grows out of control; this leads to a significant decrease in confidence.

Detaching from others is suggested especially if your work qualities are defined through a team or company.
This doesn’t mean quit a job or position, however the translation here means to
focus on your skill and know it exist with or without a “popular name” attached to it.

Acknowledgement of self, exceptional skill set and action all lead to the
next phase in your life.
The outcome is based on the belief in your capabilities.


This is a wonderful time in your life’s cycle where meditation, prayer and affirmations uplift you. It is also a good time to deal with any unresolved emotional issues that link to family and friends.
Your mental and emotional state is opening up, just as we can see the constant movement on Earth.
Meteorite showers expected in August may affect your mood and emotions.
If you have been feeling the need to indulge in an excess amount of stimulants or depressants such as alcohol, sugar, tobacco, masturbation, food, drugs etc., you
are really reaching for emotional and mental release.
The remedy is honesty.
Instead of hiding your emotions, allow truth to express your deepest feelings and concerns.
Going to a sacred space and spilling your guts is suggested; you will feel and be 1000 times better.
Release is on the horizon.


This read suggest mastering your existence by learning your trigger points and avoiding them when necessary.
For an example, if you know accepting a social invite leads to excessive spending, decline the invite especially if it isn’t serious networking.
In this scenario, a social invitation is really read (by the subconscious) as an invite to avoid responsibilities.
If you have plans for saving monies for equipment and tools that support your business, yet you spend without caution, what is really going on?

You may already know what your triggers are, yet this read suggest really focusing and going deep in order to destroy repeated toxic behavior.
Exercising discipline while being in a conscious state is good.
Setting new goals after detoxification, fasting, prayer and meditation may reset trigger points.
Here are basic examples of “triggers”:
Alcohol= weakened spiritual defense/lose track of goals/discipline
Sweet rolls (bread)= toxic genetic patterns
Late night web browsing= porn/ inappropriate sexual behaviors/self-hatred

Take time to think about what your weaknesses are and then tackle them in the
most strategic way to obtain a personal victory.

As you move forward in life, the reading encourages extreme discipline if it is to your benefit and those you love and serve.


The blame game has been played many times over.
The beauty in discovering that finger pointing boomerangs back to you
confirms that you are the master of your domain.
This is important for Fire signs because instead of acting out of passion,
one can act on accurate information with zeal; action is vital.
This read suggest looking closely and selflessly at work and home environments.
By doing so, you may reveal the real energy behind everyday discrepancies.
For the next 3 months, one may want to view scenarios from two directions.
For an example, a church may be a place to go and pray or prey.

The warning is this:  a hopeful heart full of romanticism may infect the realistic mind.
Denial is surely the enemy and the soul-catcher of repeated behaviors and family curses.
If the eyes walk through life behind a veil, is this life or a lie.
When the heart is aligned with one’s purpose, clarity prevails.

Massive Blessings!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 2012 Insight by Damaris (Part One)

InSight By Damaris  (PART ONE)
July 2012

Keywords for the month of July 2012:

This month’s reading suggest we tune in to caring for our spiritual and physical bodies.
By making intentional contact with the complexities of the physical body, we learn to care for it properly.
As we develop this relationship, we begin to tune in to what it needs. From here, we search for remedies rather than temporary fixes.
Our renewed connections with the dynamic vehicles that tote our spirits around on this earthly plane, allow us to pull away from learned thoughts like:
“Diabetes run in my family and is why I have it.” Or “Because of my childhood abuse, I obese about food and have learned to accept that.”

Unity and compassion for the self dispel diabolical myths; our bodies and minds have and always had the ability to heal.

July 2012 is also about developing intimate relationships with the spiritual self.
This translates to focusing on spiritual matters first; working the spirit world, and then assess material situations.
Spiritual practices and communication with Spirit family (guides, master teachers and ancestors) should be looked at closely here.
Utilizing all resources including the unseen is suggested.

If dissatisfaction plagues the material mind, this read suggest looking for peace within.
A house has a solid foundation when the inner workings are derived from love.

This read ask us to rid our homes of audacious attitudes that prevent us from obtaining an authentic life.
One should search the heart for resentment and fear (two main ingredients that create disruptive attitudes) that may be hanging on for dear life.
Investigate the soul and mind by asking why a particular spiritual or religious path was selected.
By doing that exercise, one may discover unresolved emotions.
 If you joined an organization because its purpose was to release you from worldly discomforts, your heart may be filled with disappointment if your expectations have not been met; ask if your expectations have been misplaced.
Churches, Spiritual Centers etc are there to assist you while you assist yourself.

This month, gathering strength to make adjustments within the inner home brings a certain unmovable peace that will be useful in the months ahead.

                                                   The Mother Of The Zodiac
Dear readers,
this month I have decided to focus on the sign of Cancer because it can be described as The Mother of the Zodiac (regardless of gender).
With this being noted, we all have been influenced by mother energy and it is quite possible we have adopted certain behaviors to claim as our own.
This month’s overall focus is about caring for the inner self as mentioned in the overview; hence it is vital that we examine the self for old patterns that may be expired.
Please continue reading below and then ask if some or all of the insight reflects you.
If you can relate, take the time to do the exercise just below the Cancer insight.

Cancer- Use your deep emotions to explore the depths of various situations.
This reading says you have 3 scenarios to address: home, relationships, and inner
When you use your logical mind to explore your sensitivities, you activate the ability to access doable solutions that create a dynamic shift in your life.
After dissecting your concerns, you may discover one common thread that has limited every facet of your life.
Cancer tends to hold on to things forever (literally).
Pain, deception, ideas, family, friends, you name it, Cancer will hold on.
It’s as though holding on has turned into a mechanism of false power or energy that fuels and refuels the emotional reservoir.
Long after an idea or relationship has ended, the Cancerian chooses to hold on to its ghost; surely this can’t be proactive..or maybe it is.

Holding on to life experiences including pain, may be used as teaching rods and a way to measure and obtain mastery.
I am also feeling there is a fine line and if not precise, the  “ghosts” may haunt what should be a new experience or lesson limiting the freedom.
Like water, Cancer must be flexible and limitless.
This month, examine your ghosts and send them to the light if they are not serving you.

                                                            ALTER CALL

If your heart has been aching and you just want to release and be free of emotional burden, here is an exercise you can do (again and again if needed).

1.     Create an alter. This can be in your mind or a physical one.

2. On this alter you place images or items that represent the four directions.
For an example, the earth element can be represented by stones or sand. A feather can speak for the air element, etc.
You may want to do this with sincerity because the elements speak for the elements within you; we are an extension of nature.
3.) On a piece of paper adhere words, pictures, symbols, etc. that describe emotional pain or personal demons you desire to release.
4.) Sit quietly in front of your alter. Take your time and see exactly what you will let go of. Allow you to feel this energy. Now, give that energy a name or create a symbol for it.
5.) Create a unique prayer or mantra (a mantra or prayer never used before). Conjure the spirit of the loving energy within you, or imagine feeling the sun’s warmth over you when you have felt cold. Now say your mantra.
6.) After you repeat your prayer or mantra as many times as you like, now say, “I release_________________ right now.”  The blank is filled in with the name or symbol you gave the energy you want to release mentioned in line number 4.

Immeasurable peace to you and your loves. -damaris