Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2012 Insight by Damaris

Aura Insight by Damaris
June 2012


For the next 3 months energy from the past makes itself known in the present.
This means that one should be mindful of what “looking back” means and how it can have an effect on the present and future.
The past energy can be an employer, lover a friend, or even unsettled legalities.
“He who has ears let him hear”.
Those who are on a higher path- higher meaning wanting to elevate from current positions as well as mastery of self should make no mistake that this past energy is or can be tricky.
If you want to entertain it, maybe look at it as a way of measuring how far along you have come on your journey.  

Aura Read for the Zodiac


Being plugged into your spirituality may take on a different twist.  For some Cancerians, an initiation of sorts may happen this month or considering taking what you have learned about your life’s path further.  A mentor is great if you’re looking for one but remember there is much more you can do solo and with consistently.

traveling out of your comfort zone is great this month especially when it triggers growth in the proper direction. If you have asked for a heightened sense of intuition then doing what is out of the norm can only increase your senses. This month can be like training day. Good for you! Go get it! Nothing is wrong with stepping up your skills.

This read is asking you to look at your current relationships and find some kind of resolution by grounding yourself-this means making decisions. You can choose not to choose but at least that creates a definitive energy that is needed in your life.
Security and comfortable sexuality is a focus this month.


Usually you do quite well keeping your emotions close to you, however this read suggest that expressing your deepest self improves the quality of your life including your self esteem when it comes to presenting new ideas and your art.


If you have been feeling a little down in the dumps than usual, this is a great time to practice all of your healing arts and modalities that you have picked up along the way. Raising your vibration is essential for the next three months. Headaches, low moods and excessive cravings are signs that your aura is calling for higher elevation.


Displaying confidence surrounding intimate relationships are important now. Maybe find creative ways to communicate your desires and feelings. Being too closed for too long does something to a person you know; stress and resentment can be number one and two. Find your way to creative expression or maybe a spiritual counselor.



This month is a month for signs and acknowledgement of the guides who have been supporting and protecting you for a while now. Take time to connect with your ancestors and angels and ask them specific questions. They want you to fully access their portals of information to assist you in the deepest way. It’s time to go deeper and then higher.


This month is about accepting the genius in your genes. You have the ability to create and come up with inventions or new concepts to your existing work.
No need to hide behind fear or other’s perceptions. This month is about you, your money and ingenuity.


Hmmm this reading says that it may be time to pull your life together by avoiding compartments. Secrets and various lifestyles may be causing more inner conflict then what your body wants to handle. Between keeping secrets and having multiple personalities or “fronts” is more trauma than your body can handle right now.  Pay attention to your body and find out what it is really telling you.



The children in your life may be looking to you for greater direction. This can be your children or the ones around you. Stressful times may call for more relaxation so you can have a fun and educational time with the children in your life.
Although they may want to learn from you, you have something to learn from them.
Pay attention.


More focus and grounding is good for you this month.  There is nothing wrong with a Leo in isolation from time to time. Stealth mode is suggested to get your goals wrapped up. Believe it or not, there are people in your circle who are intentional diversions for you. Create a check -list and handle your business properly.


If you’re not mindful, drama may occur in circles of three. This can be business and personal relationships. Its best not to participate in debates even if you feel you are the solution. Stay clear and let the storm pass. Be mindful as to where you place your energy,