Friday, February 28, 2014

Insight By Damaris March 2014

Insight by Damaris
March 2014

Aura Reading for the month

Going back on your word or old patterns that were left behind should remain in the past. For those who are considering taking something old (like old ways) and mixing them into the new (future plans and goals) may want to re-strategize.
The energy of the month is very much like “put your money where your mouth is”, so this means one must be definitive in order to get potent results.
Harmony, balanced tempers and a strong mind gets most through rough times that are linked to greedy behavior from others.
If one is afraid to exercise their power or afraid of the hidden rage within, you will be tested.
If you fail the test, property can be damaged and money can be lost in various ways like speeding tickets and jail time.
Lay low if you haven’t mastered your emotions to avoid dramatic conflict.

For those who are looking for blessings or extra income, the reading suggest that desperate actions create stagnation and setbacks.
Your mind, body, emotions and physical possessions must be moved about in a carefree and giving nature in order to receive.
Dealing with others in the same manner as you would like them to deal with you is vital this month.

Tarot Reading for the month

week 1-2:
In order to obtain sacred victories or personal accomplishments, one must exercise inner strength by being creative and doing something new. There is an underlying temptation that stems from family members or going “back home” that can stir up a “whoa it’s me” self-sabotaging behavior. If this occurs one may not believe in their ideas or have second thoughts about what could be a wonderful idea.

Week 3-4:
Those who feel like they have something to give to the world tune into their power from initiations and spiritual work that have been done in a past.
Spiritual seeds that have been planted now begin to grow and blossom.
Whatever the mind can think, the body can achieve through dedication and the desire to be liberated in every way.

-fast and pray to regain focus
-discover something new and honor your potential
-avoid conflict by avoiding those you have conflict with
-be fluid by donating time and or monies to a worthy cause
-make time to expand a business concept or idea that has not been finalized

- be present and focus on gratitude

Look at the SIGNS
Insight by Damaris for March 2104 continues…

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Begin to celebrate a new you. It may be weight loss, health improvement, hair change or new location for your business.
This month when change occurs it is a witness to your inner desires to improve your
current status.  Even if you think the adjustment is small, to the world around you, it may have a domino effect, very similar to when a pebble is thrown in a river and waves expand beyond expectations.
Ponder more on how limitless you are rather than possible roadblocks or how you will look in the eyes of others.
Positive thinking, keeping your head clear of doubt and actions to move forward generates the outcome you desire.
In regards to your physical health, think about any foods or drinks that make you feel “heavy” bloated and weighed down.
Your reading says that the energy that makes you feel unmotivated and stagnant is associated with food; the lack of internal cleansings that link to old emotions.

Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)
In order to get your balloon off the ground, you have to remove the stakes from the soil so it can soar.
This reading is asking you to look at what you may be holding onto that keeps you locked into the past.
Look around your environment and take mental pictures. Are you in the location or scenario that is an incubator for your dreams?
Are you around people or items that stir up guilt or shame?
This reading speaks about the need to conform or transcend.
Aligning your environment with your inner truth changes your world dramatically.

Air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini)
Travel comes up for the Air signs this month.
Taking vacations or even accepting work that requires travel is good for you.
Expanding your physical space unlocks a sacred door within you that allows you to see more of your capabilities.
If travel is not on the agenda now, maybe take a different route home or explore other areas within a couple hundred miles from where you live.
An air sign that is programmed to routine leads to health issues including sinus infections and other various forms of stagnation. It’s just not natural.
Get out and BE the wind.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

This month speaks about protection and intentionally clearing your aura and residence from negative energy in order to keep the peace.
For some, your heat is just too much and even intimidating.
The emotions that you stir up in others can convert to the very fuel that can get thrown at you.
You cannot control others, however you can control you and the way you handle others and yourself.
This month, be the teacher and the wise one that lives by being an example.
Invest in clearing incense like white sage, dragon’s blood and cedar.

 Loving you,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Twin Flame

"Twin Flame"
often we look for others to fulfill us and yet it is soooo important and healthy to connect and reconnect with our spirit especially if we have given so much in this life to others without replenishing the soul.

2 day fast***
wake up and drink warm water with lemon
make the Twin Flame smoothie
drink liquids as much as you want during the two day fast
and of course avoid eating.

Each night an hour before bed, turn off all computers and sit in a quiet space.
If possible use a 7 day pink candle and focus on the flame with low lighting or with lights off.
Tune into your heart and forgive you for allowing work, stress, love ones etc for taking over your life.
Ask that your spirit, heart, mind and soul be restored completely.
Repeat a mantra 21 times out loud and then 21 times silently.
***Example mantra: " I trust my divine connection with all things and I am whole. OR "I am in love with me."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Relationship Reading 2014 by Damaris

Relationship Reading by Damaris
Part One
February 2014


Connectivity comes naturally for all life forms because we are balls of energy and energetically we are magnets.
When relating with friends, family, lovers, etc. we intentionally connect strategically.
When we use strategy, we are trying to make our connections turn into a bond.
Bonding is a way to fulfill an inner desire through or with another.
Although we may not realize it, or possibly it is forgotten; we all are conduits assisting one another on our individual paths.


Being an excellent communicator with you first, is the best way to begin any relationship.
I have noticed that those who are doing what they love in life are fluid, self-sufficient, proactive, easy-going and loving in their relationships.

Those who are not satisfied within are typically jealous, insecure, aggressive, stressful, selfish and ego-driven in their relationships.

There are personality types that are like sponges. Basically they imitate their parent’s relationship and so they are unaware of their true desires.

What does the sweetest shyest person have in common with an anal retentive individual?
The need to uphold a persona- this makes being forthcoming unimportant.
Being honest when entering a relationship is just as important when exiting a relationship.
No one really likes to assume or guess what another is thinking or why a relationship didn’t work out.

When one refuses to be honest with themselves or others, normally the same relationships lessons appear over and over again.
An important lesson I have learned is that people can do what they want at the expense of feelings getting bruised.
Free will is for all and thus those who are trying to change a person may be slightly delusional and or selfish.
I have also learned that at any given time, a significant other can represent a mom or dad to those who have not forgiven their parents.
Transference of energy is quite common in relationships.
Often those who have been abused can subconsciously and consciously take it out on their partners causing great distance and resentment.
What some will discover is that perception and determination can override any traumatic experience.

When one is desperate to be in a relationship, they are usually setting themselves up to relearn a lesson from a previous relationship.
The same kind of esteem one desires from a partner, one should have.

When one is willing to embrace the expansive intelligence of the self, it is possible to have evolving and healthy relationships.

Below I have generated “keys” for each astrological sign that may help unlock blockages within relationships.
These keys can also be used collectively with one’s manifestation techniques.

Cancer Key-
if you want to exhibit the best you in any relationship, mastering your emotions and overcoming fears and past pain is suggested. How can this be done? By focusing on
your greatest project or invention.  By living in alignment with your life’s purpose, you can be one of the most loving and healing partners anyone could wish for.

Scorpio Key- if you want to harness your mystical powers and obtain the highest platform that exists in your mind; you must be willing to be adaptable (forgiving) and free flowing (unselfish). When you have mastered your inner powers by making them tangible, being content in any relationship is possible.

Pisces Key- your self -esteem is connected to how accomplished and successful you are. If you commit to becoming a professional dreamer by the way of meditation, a GRAND idea can be channeled through you allowing you to live off of your own invention.  What wonders this does for your confidence. When your confidence is solid, you make happy friendships and partnerships.

Capricorn Key- by refraining from trickster behavior and or trickster people, you find the most incredible solitude within your own mind. When this happens, the wise one (in you) appears making strategic and mutually beneficial decisions for you and those whom you love.

Taurus Key- patience is key for Taurus.  Wanting what you want and when you want it doesn’t seem to work. In fact impatience can cause health issues and sudden unpleasant changes especially in relationships. It is best to turn nervous energy inward by understanding that your goals in life are more important than the experiences of loss. Use your stubbornness for you and not against you.

Virgo Key- in order to receive the nurturing you truly desire, your key requires you to be selective when directing your charm and infinite power. Have you tried to impress “swine” with your pearls a little too often?

Aquarius Key- if you think that you are collecting undesirable situations or “bad” karma, the key to your success and successful relationships is applying all of your abilities and making them stick with consistency. You have healing and psychic energy that can be used to change the world not to mention your “run ins with the devil”. If you use your key, the energies that can swallow you seem to magically fade.

 Libra Key- in order for you to feel content in any relationship, you must push you to the extreme limits. Your key is about fully exploring all of your talent (known and unknown). When you do, the view around you changes and your world becomes more and more optimistic and exciting.

Gemini Key- your key is selflessness. By extending your people skills, creativity and charm to organizations and unprivileged communities, your never-ending desire to love and be loved fades because you display and become the love you want. This kind of love is described as God’s love and is why it has been difficult for you to find the kind of love you think you want from people. When you create a world of selfless ness, your “love” life changes in the most magical way.

Aries Key- self -assessment and looking closely at your routine in life can create long-lasting healthy relationships. Often Aries can assist with solving other’s problems and yet have difficulty making healthy decisions for the highest good.
Because Aries can be the manifestation fire in any relationship, it is important t0 access the key to self-discovery by taking alone time. Alone time, self- evaluation and the appropriate action is the key to amazing relationships-business and love.

Leo Key- because Leo’s can be intense and potent in any scenario, the key to maintaining proper balance in relationships is utilizing the mind- body- spirit concept. If Leo becomes more focused on attention and pride rather than cosmic and earthly unity, things can get “crae crae” and Leo’s will have to pay and sometimes out of the pocket. Meditation, fasting and prayer along with helping the elderly on weekends may create harmonious and prosperous relationships.

Sagittarius Key- the key for Sag is to be creative and inventive as much as possible. In doing so, it lessons the sensitive and over-kill mental activity that can stress relationships. When the creative juices are active and flowing, anything is possible and relationships are respectful, uniquely intense and long lasting.

Email if you would like more information on a relationship reading.
Blessings and love,