Friday, January 31, 2014

Insight by Damaris February 2014

Insight by Damaris

Overview for February 2014

For those with inventive spirits or those whom feel compelled to navigate differently than the masses find themselves at a crossroad this month.
Although there are many paths to take, a halo of uncertainty may hover atop the head because of recent past events.
These past events were emotional and in some cases devastating to the heart.
A feeling of disconnection and in drastic scenarios, some cried out to any spirit that would listen, “why am I here?!”
Being that emotional scenarios were linked to one’s self esteem and goals, a bit of passion was lost; just a bit, not all.
Therefore this reading suggests making adjustments in the home and within one’s aura by shaking things up and manually turning up the fire once more!

Here are a few suggestions:
-Mantra Mind Control

Manage the lighting and colors you see in your bedroom, studio or office.
Brighten the lighting with natural light when possible, or change the light bulbs to create a different visual experience. Maybe a pink or yellow candle lit while brainstorming, or creating.
Stimulating the brain with vibrancy and B-complex can stir the warrior within.
Greater clarity and zest for life returns as if it’s the 2014 final showdown when the “natural” will of the soul returns.
Repeating mantras while doing arm exercises, sit -ups or leg exercises keeps the flame of passion burning.  Imagine speaking softly and firmly inside of your head, “ I execute my mission with precision and grace” while working up a sweat.
Motion and Mantras stimulates cells and can assist with activating ANY dormancy within the aura and physical body. Wow.

Between February 21st and the 23rd, a hint of what haunted you in the past may try to show up once more. It’s as if your subconscious ordered a test to see if your mind and soul is in sync and serious about your new commitment.
Take this insight as a heads up and recharge you right away
Procrastinating only makes goals look blurry and then confusion can set in again; this time turning into a slight depression (negative thought patterns) around the 28th. Remember this can be avoided if you act now.

In summary, February 2014 is about definitive action. It asks us if we’re about our business and if so, what will we do to prove it.

Water- Cancer*Pisces*Scorpio

Your key for the month is consistency.
Keep your boots strapped solider and continue ahead even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The only thing that matters is movement. In fact you would benefit greatly from the mantra mentioned in the overview.
Avoid moodiness and dissatisfaction within your intimate surroundings by engaging in something new.
Have you stayed at your job, parent’s house or current disposition a little too long?
February encourages you to move ahead, and around the 18th, you can get really excited about it as new sparks touch your life.
Converting the sparks into flames is your decision because the doors are open so you can learn to be more aggressive about your “real” pursuits.

Earth- Capricorn*Virgo*Taurus

There is something about integrity and open communication this month that seems to work like holy water in a Hollywood exorcism flick.
Being free-spirited and truthful can break old patterns and chains that have bound you and a portion of your family history.
If you are holding secrets, or a part of you that restricts you from full expression, this month encourages a release.
For some earth signs it will mean one no longer has to run. For others it can relieve health issues surrounding the nervous and reproductive systems.
All and all a fresh start is more appealing and constructive. It opens the door to locked blessings that have been waiting for you.
This month also speaks about temperature for the earth signs.
Keep you and or your vehicle hydrated, otherwise overheating comes easy.

Air- Libra*Gemini*Aquarius

Any form of confrontation should be thoroughly examined before displayed.
It seems there may be more childhood drama rather than a real current scenario.
For an example, someone close to you may over react or even create chaos toward you, however the real issue is between that person and their mother.
This month, step up your intuition by learning to read through the veil, otherwise you may be out of a client, partner or job. It can get that serious.
Your reading also mentions something about being “pushed” forward.
If you had to leave a relationship or move forward because of unpleasant circumstances, it was for the better. Reading says to create new plans and resist any fearful thoughts.

Fire- Aries*Leo*Sagittarius

Discipline is key in February.
Burst of energies may come in spurts; however how you harness and work with that energy should be the focus.
For those who have difficulty managing energy may become too aggressive or impatient with others. Some may be too talkative and simultaneously think no one understands.
February is about collecting, observing, research and then release smooth and precise action.  It’s about timing as well; too much too soon can be explosive and not in your favor.

Strategy, will and discipline are a clear pathway to desired results.
Your February reading also speaks about holding on and not walking away from a situation without full clarity. It’s like move when you get a sign in your gut but not a moment before.

Love and Respect,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Goddess Osun baths tomorrow for the Witch's Brew class

thanks to those who are coming out to the "Witch's Brew" making your own spells is fun to do series.
Tomorrow our topic is "Calling Our Spirit Guides" and of course we test how potent our spells are in class every week to win a raffle.
I made especially for this class Goddess Osun spiritual salt baths.
These baths are to clear away unwanted heavy energy and promote good health, wealth, creativity and fertility.
Of course they have been charged and laced with Osun energy such as honey, cinnamon and oranges.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore at 7pm.