Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Insight by Damaris Oct 23-Nov 21 2012

“Seasonal Self-defense”
energy clearing tactics for the holiday warrior

When: Nov. 13 AND Dec. 11th 2012
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore event room
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Presenter: Damaris- Intuitve, Chanel, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $25. per class OR $35. when you register for both classes.

Call to Register: 404.255.5207

Do you want to feel more peaceful during the holidays?
Would you like to minimize anxiety or frustration during family gatherings?
Do you feel uncomfortable revealing your belief system during the holidays?
If you answered yes to the questions above or dread the holidays, this
class is for you.

Seasonal Self -defense is a two- part energy clearing class that will uplift your spirit during what can be an emotional time of the year.
Class one (Nov. 13th):
-group energy clearing
-open discussion
-2 week “step by step” energy clearing plan
-energy clearing ritual

Class two (Dec. 11th):
-group energy clearing
-review the 2 week energy clearing plan from class one (how did you do?)
-looking ahead; using the Tarot to clear energy
-energy clearing ritual

“After an energy clearing session, my clients report feeling light, free, empowered, healed and excited about life.” –Damaris

This class is fun and informative. Please come with an open heart.
Both classes include:
-magical refreshments
- free energy clearing raffle ($75. value)
-one night only discount on energy clearing merchandise 

InSight by Damaris
Oct. 23- Nov. 21, 2012 Part One

the keyword for this cycle is strength.
For those fighting physical and emotional illnesses, this read suggest gathering power through redevelopment.
Redeveloping the self “properly” requires the opening of the heart, the inner eyes
and the reproductive system (life force).
The most direct way to accomplish this is to revisit past traumatic and disappointing experiences and then ask if you left a part of you there.
It is quite common to leave or give away (needed) energy to others; this can bring about depletion.
Depletion is the same as being malnourished and of course, this brings about illness mentally, physically and spiritually.
Once you locate where you left a part of your energy, you can simply bring it back to join forces with the rest of you.
It is time to experience true vitality and the healing power within.

For more information or assistance on gathering your strength, please email: damaris9@gmail.com

Always love.
taking risks implies that you are ready to bury past ghosts for good.
Be optimistic and take chances regardless of the opinions of others.

moving into your future with confidence is something you know has to happen. If you feel afraid, this is good time to ask for support from your angels, guides and ancestors. Utilize your direct connection to the spirit realms.

most times you care what people think of you and how you are viewed through other's eyes. There may be cloudy vision around you, hence avoid taking other’s input and word as “bond”.
This read suggest developing your own divination system and trusting your inner self for solutions.

too much contemplating may give you anxiety as well as a feeling of procrastination.
This read suggest moving by instincts. The first thought that comes, use that as a template and make moves on it. During this cycle, avoid over-thinking, just make moves by going with what you know.

they say, “breaking up is hard to do”, but before you get too mushy, ask if you were really really into this particular relationship.  If you got involved with someone for the wrong reasons, breaking up is in your favor right now. Don’t hang on to a dream that only existed in your head.

research and study is very beneficial to you. The future will require you to explore and use what you have learned in “real life”.
This read suggest that you be prepared to teach what you know instead of getting addicted to the life behind books.

balancing two worlds requires you to have two faces that you show two different audiences. This is ok as long as you keep integrity and remain true to your purpose. This read suggest that you continue to be multi-talented and have multiple income flow.

getting the groundwork done is required now. If you leap over the fundamentals, you will find that you have to revisit unfinished work. Start again from the bottom and work your way up to completion. Being thorough is in your favor because it takes you to your next cycle with ease.

joining forces to combat a challenge is suggested now. Bring in the experts when needed and trust that all will be revealed. Your attitude reflect a portion of a favorable outcome, thus “travel light”-meaning keep your heart and mind clear.

this read suggest going in on what you really want.
If you have the knowledge with some experience, then you are qualified.
This cycle, be aggressive about talking the talk simply because you can back it up.
this read suggest being adventurous with your creativity. Explore new energies and bring them into existence. Life is asking you to create a new template instead of living in one. Hope you are up for the challenge.

the world is yours. Get some!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Energy Clearing Class-Tomorrow ,Wed. 10th 2012

I'm excited about class tomorrow and looking forward to seeing those who can make it.
I have created a few goodies especially for this class.

*"wrist wands" -energy enhanced bracelets that can be used while performing an energy clearing ritual.
The wands are made to: ground, protect and to promote fluid movements. Freedom from stagnation is important while clearing.
These wrist wands can also be used as anklets-depending on size.
The featured stones for each bracelet are pyrite and tiger eye (protection).
Shell and copper are also consistent; copper being the conduit for energy flow (shell).
Although the pieces have been cleared and recharged with intention, they can be cleared and recharged by you.
Price: $10. Unisex

*"Spray Away"- purification and protection mist for homes, vehicles and offices.
Main ingredients: Distilled water, African Sage, Open Mouth, Copal, Goweh and love.
price: $10.
*"Rinse Away"- aura and body clearing used in showers and baths.
Main ingredients: energy enhanced salts, olive oil and lime.
price: $20.  pic unavailable.

Class info:

Trick or Treat”
Energy Clearing for Haunted Homes
When:  Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Time: 7-8:30PM
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore event room
Presenter: Damaris- Intuitive Reader, Channel, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $25. per person, bring a friend and save. $15. for groups of two or more.
Contact Phoenix and Dragon to pre-register 404.255.5207

Have you ever noticed energy in your home that felt like an invisible guest?
Do you have to sleep with a light on to ward off spirits?
When you are home, do you feel lethargic?
If you feel uncomfortable in your own home, this interactive and informational class is for you.

You will learn how to:
* create and use your own divination system to manage your home
* create a blueprint of your home and then use for investigation
* use tools such as scents and sound to clear away heavy energy
* avoid energy attachments
Damaris is an Intuitive Reader, Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine Woman who passionately highlights the importance of “clarity”.
She feels that when we are clear, we produce a happier and healthy life; this is why personal aura clearings are included with all of her readings at Phoenix and Dragon.

With instruction, class participants will be asked to write, draw (very basic) and create a personal divination system. Dressing comfortably is suggested.
- Supplies included
- Magical refreshments
- Free 30 minute energy clearing raffle ($75.00 Value)
- One night only discounted clearing tools

Monday, October 1, 2012

InSight by Damaris Part Two

InSight By Damaris (Part Two)

Greetings and thanks for being here.
Part one for the current insight has been posted. If you have not read it, you may want to review and include it with this read.
It came to me to do another “Body Scan” read for the elements.
The scan is for us to be aware of our vulnerable areas within and around our physical bodies and when possible, seal them up.

The intuitive scan will pinpoint an area, and then suggest remedies.


Vulnerable Areas:
1.) Head-top right may be the place for possible entry of heavy energy or energy attack.
2.) Cause: self-doubt and confusion about future plans (over-thinking).
3.) Effect- blurred vision, headaches, low-energy, arguments, indecisiveness.
4.) Remedy- meditation, soft music, forgive mother once and for all.


Vulnerable Areas:
1.) Left foot may be the place for possible entry of heavy energy or energy attacks.
2.) Cause: physical and mental exertion, or lost hope.
3.) Effect-body aches, strained muscles, dehydration.
4.) Remedy- leave past friends and family behind that can be draining, fast from gossip or those that do, relocate.

Element- AIR

Vulnerable Areas:
1.) Center of stomach and lower back may be weak areas that allow energy attacks to seep in.
2.) Cause: worry, dealing with deceit and or unfair “Justice”.
3.) Effect- skin irruptions, unwilling to move on, repeated thoughts or patterns.
4.) Remedy-fasting and prayer, chanting, contact spirit guides, bathing with sea salt (spirit bath) or swimming. Positive affirmations.


Vulnerable Areas:
1.) Mouth/throat may be weak areas that allowed heavy energy to enter.
2.) Cause: over absorption of disagreeable information from media or current surroundings.
3.) Effect- decreased appetite, increased alcohol consumption, nervous energy, uncontrolled emotions.
Remedy- do what you love. 

During this cycle it is important for us to investigate our physical bodies and then determine how we can address the challenges physically, mentally and spiritually.

Please join me on Wednesday October 10th 2012, to discuss the “how-to” and the
importance of energy clearing.
This session we will focus on clearing our personal environments.
For more information and where to register, please view here.

Energy Clearing Tip!
We must comprehend the importance of follow-through.
Our subconscious absorbs what we tell ourselves.
If we say, “on Monday, I will start eating healthy again”, and we do not start,
our psyche becomes confused.
If our system reads false information after we proclaimed a truth, how does it know when we are serious?
Mixed signals create doubt/weakness within our aura.
Like any system or computer, there are “over-rides”; ways around the programs, but we have to know what they are.
Bottom line, we can’t be too convincing while trying to clear heavy energy
when we are fearful.
For those who believe that mastery of self is important, I would love to hear from you. –damaris