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2011 New Year Reading Part 2 by Damaris

InSight By Damaris

2011 New Year Reading Part 2


It has been a quite some time since I mentioned the importance of reading the moon sign/ascendant sign in addition to the sun sign.
The moon sign is based upon month, day and birth year.
You may find a greater balance in your reading.
For those who have doubles (same sign for moon and sun), your reading for this year may be more intense.
For an example, if there were a high possibility of Leo having a child this year, if the moon sign is Leo as well, the possibility would then turn into probability.
Although I recommend everyone getting personal New Year readings, double signs should definitely pay closer attention to their insight and really consider a personal reading as well as a numerology chart.
I see it as being proactive especially if spiritual remedies can prevent discomforts that have been predicted.

As a refresher, I also suggest revisiting the “December Wrap up” and the New Year Insight Part 1 after reading Part 2.
Look for links to the right, or scroll down a few entries to view.

As always I am here to answer questions as well as offer my services.
I wish you love and a blissful 2011! –damaris or 404.840.7503

Magical, Movement, Intuition, Intimacy, Change

The Cancerian will experience great change during most of 2011.
This change is like the water that moves within the crab-very magical and productive especially when the Cancer goes with the ebb and flow.
Going with the tides (intuition) and developing an intimate relationship with self is the perfect and only key to understanding the natural flows in 2011 that at times feel like mountains to climb.
If confusion is present and there is uncertainty where intuition cannot be trusted, getting back to self can be done by connecting with nature.
Cancerians are nature people and can connect easily with water, wind, the soothing moon and the music played by birds. Peace of mind can be experienced through nature or the sound of nature.
If a nature walk or experience isn’t available, Cancer can go deep within their shell and visualize-the protective shell makes the visualization real.
2011 brings about many changes and so the nurturing Cancerian may be “the go to person”.
Until the Cancer feels grounded, avoiding dramatic distractions is a must because health can be fragile now.
Dramatic displays upset the nervous system, creates eating binges, irritating bowels and ulcers.

During mid year, there is a possibility for travel, relocation, or a change in work that may require long commutes.
A lot of movement is incorporated into everyday life and it is a busy time and one that benefits from preparation.
This movement “era” will be significant in relationships; relationships ending, starting and building.
In order to prevent unnecessary stress, past relationships that have ended should remain in the past. Reuniting isn’t suggested during this time-energetically it can block opportunities.

Finances and resources increase the beginning of May and a steady income flows with perks throughout the remainder of the year.
Although financial situation improves, spending wisely is suggested because of the constant movement during this time.

For an example, more travel may be required, or a business partner may need a small loan.
As money is made, it will be consumed.

Creative ventures, joining non profit organizations or unique groups bring about magical experiences.
Connecting with people, animals, and life in general refreshes the spirit.
The energy accumulated from these magical experiences brings warmth and loving partnerships.
In some cases marriage or a greater commitment to humanity is considered.

Aura Read

Red is highlighted for the Cancer.
In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible during 2011, Cancer should focus on:
* Creating harmony in the home
*Forgiving and letting go of the past
* Joining support groups or healing facilities
* Generating extra income for investments
* Increase physical health by drinking water and leg exercises


Telepathy, Support, Family, Opportunity, Decisions

For some Capricorns, the end of January 2010 may have been the first recognition of an increased mental power. Those who may be in the presence of a Capricorn may feel their thoughts are being read or penetrated.
Although this power is intriguing and exciting, it should be used wisely and to support local and global issues. Actually the reason for this added mental sensitivity is so the Capricorn can connect with people and tune in to proper remedies that will create greater balance on the planet.
What a wonderful opportunity for Capricorn to expand in every way.
The intense telepathy will attract extended spiritual family and so the Capricorn develops a greater feeling of belonging-no longer the outsider.

Before I continue, there are emotional dangers here that should be mentioned.
If the Capricorn is not prepared, has unresolved emotional issues that torment, or goes through abnormal amounts of depression, the heighten mental energy frightens and creates confusion in every day life.
Depression increases and in dramatic scenarios, is too much to handle.
Healers or healing remedies should be sought out immediately when feeling overwhelmed before it turns into a terminal situation.
This message is also for those who have Capricorn heavily in their charts.
If Capricorn feels unexplained physical pain, frequent headaches, and thoughts or visions that seem to come from an outside source, contact a healer immediately.
The chance of becoming an “Empath” is great if one isn’t prepared on how to deal with an overload of energy coming from multiple directions.

Opportunities come from many lands and resources hence preparation is vital.
An assistant and or an upgrade of technical software that will lend better organization are a must.
Exercise, water and clean healthy eating will assist greatly now and will help when it comes to making many decisions that will be brought to the table.
Just like Capricorn’s polarity the Cancer, there will be movement in 2011.
Be prepared for travel and the opportunity to relocate.

The over-all tone for this year is about change and so the Goat must be flexible and open to the idea of spiritual regeneration.
Being open to further education or a new creative pursuit is a plus and will also add balance to the active mind.

** Special note **

It is suggested that those with Capricorn heavily in their charts get spiritual readings and energy clearings. Contact me for special rates:

Aura Read
Yellow-orange is highlighted for the Capricorn

In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible during 2011, Capricorn may want to focus on:

* Limiting food consumption especially slaughter house meats and sweets
* Executing liquid fast (juiced veggies and fruits) several times throughout the year
* Developing a spiritual cleansing technique to keep energy field clear
* Joining or starting a “living healthy” group or a group for artists
* Bone and joint protection-skeletal support
* Getting rid of excess stress and physical weight
* Practicing honesty with self
* Boost self esteem through creative pursuits
* Meditation and visualization


Keywords: Honesty, Longevity, Creativity, Hope

For Scorpios who have been given a bad name in past years, 2011 offers a form of redemption.
This is not about asking for forgiveness rather it is the union of self to higher self.

The Scorpio comes face to face with the inner twin during the middle of May 2011 and is given a wonderful opportunity to live out the truest desires of the soul.
For many years, there has been an energetic pulling force that has kept the Scorpio from being true to self. As a result, inner conflict existed almost daily.
2011 offers a dynamic shift for the Scorpio allowing a greater acceptance and an extremely clear view of the soul within.
Imagine looking in a mirror and seeing a blurred reflection. It would be nearly impossible to connect with self. Now the mirror is clean and Scorpio sees the light-literally.
This new light offers longevity for the once tired Scorpio and hope for the once broken-hearted.
In July 2011 when this new energy settles, more creative opportunities come around and can be used in a tangible way generating lucrative results.
The best way to handle this new energy is to move forward, create positive surroundings and venues but most importantly, don’t look back-the past remains in the past.
I’m not going to get into relationships the house cars and blah blah, what is written here is the most important. It is like a new life in itself and so it is important Scorpio that you begin to recreate your life now through new eyes! YES!

Aura read
Black is highlighted for the Scorpio

In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible during 2011,
Scorpio should focus on:

* Mind clearing techniques
* Journaling and inventing new items and concepts
* Re arranging the positions of family and friends
* Saving money to invest in self and new concepts
* Creating a new “lab” or work space
* Taking mind travels through music or meditation


Commitment, Organizations, Research, Responsibility

2011 brings about an interesting shift for the Taurus in the work arena.
Making a grand commitment comes from the feeling of global or community responsibility.
For the money and status driven Taurus, a strong desire to do “ground level” work changes the regular disposition.
Humbling experiences generate a great desire to be responsible as well as showing others the importance of responsibility.
Travel, research and engaging in abstract or unknown territory are highlighted.
For an example, the CEO of multi-million dollar company gets physically involved in the redevelopment of urban communities by donating time, resources and personal money.
Because of this unexpected change, like other astrological signs, the Taurus will be faced with reevaluating business affiliates, family and friends who are accustomed to the “old ways” of doing things.
It is suggested that being the example is better than trying to convince others to join in on the new crusade.
Enjoy the new energy and remember to allow others to live life as they choose-the focus should be the work.
There is an unusual challenge to look out for:
compassion will bring about close relationships and in some cases physical intimacy when compatibility is present. This can turn into a complicated scenario if the Taurus or the love interest has other emotional commitments and attachments.
To simplify, falling in love with new work can involve loving relations with a special someone who is involved in the same line of work.
Mastering the emotions is important until all attachments are dissolved.

Children, pregnancy, and extended family are highlighted during the month of June.
This is a wonderful opportunity for Taurus to learn from children and also reflect on childhood issues that can now be faced and then resolved IF Taurus is willing to let go and move forward.

Aura Read
Green is highlighted for the Taurus

In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible during 2011,
Taurus may want to focus on:

* Letting go of childhood issues by the way of forgiveness and accepting
responsibility for self
* Giving into compassion, love and even public displays of affection (this can mean showing true feelings or crying during an open forum)
* Donating time without expecting returns
* Developing new financial journals
* Researching unhealthy patterns related to money


Independence, Consistency, Loyalty, Forgiveness

The New Year is an exciting one for the Pisces as there are many opportunities to evolve and experience greater independence.
Getting to the heart of unsettling emotions or viewing past hurts from different perspectives move Pisces to view life without emotional attachments.
During this phase forgiveness comes naturally and without resistance.
This is huge because choices involving work and personal relationships are based on a new freedom and are no longer limited to “points of references”.
For an example, the Pisces who has chosen a career based on security rather than passion because of growing up “poor”, is released from impressionable ghosts of the past and now chooses to live fearlessly.
This rediscovering process sets a platform of loyalty to self and in dramatic cases frees the Pisces from substance abuse and food intake disorders.
During this cycle, one can experience the laws of nature up close and personal.
Changes that occur within are reflected and seen in relationships-loyalty that is given to self is also given to Pisces from outside sources.

From August to September 2011, mechanical challenges may surface such as vehicle or transportation issues. The reading suggests that hard work and consistency will bring forth victorious results hence avoid being discouraged of a so-called set back. Always remember the new life energy of 2011.
From May until December, it is suggested that Pisces seriously think and act on ideas that link to independent businesses including expansion of current business.
Roads are open and concepts check out as positive and lucrative.
Creative writing, documentaries, independent films, etc. are also a part of this innovative cycle.
The greater the creativity, the greater the success as it relates to business.

Aura Read
Purple is highlighted for the Pisces
In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible during 2011,
Pisces may want to focus on:

* Developing and mastering spiritual practices
* Linking with teachers for further spiritual development
* Creating portals to develop further communication with spirit guides and ancestors
* Releasing old patterns and habits that no longer apply to current status or inner feelings
* Including spiritual ceremonies or practices in intimate relationships

Stability, Simplicity, Truthfulness, Secrecy

Virgo strives for balance and harmonic stability in the work place during 2011.
Working with groups of people and then managing side projects and the home can be overwhelming for some, however the Virgo pulls it off effortlessly –or so it appears.
Learning to trust others and grand decisions that were made in the past may be brewing underneath the surface causing physical discomfort.
Nervous stomach and a few occasional headaches force Virgo to exercise more and search for healthy remedies.
Simplicity comes from minimizing bills, supplements, pills, food intake, alcohol and too many social activities.
From March through June, Virgo may want to slow things down by going through a process of elimination.
Check off what is an absolute must and get rid of what you just don’t need-this includes depleted relationships.
A race against the clock marathon hits around the 27th of May when Virgo begins to feel a slight panic attack.
In this situation, truthfulness is the remedy.
The evolved Virgo will sit quietly and ask if life has been lead by truth and love of self.
Deception is not about what has been done to others, rather what has or have not been done to self.
Keeping secrets from others or holding family secrets my feel heavy now.
When secrets are present and active, it feeds family curses.
An unusual example of secret holding can be if a wife doesn’t let her husband know that she knows he is keeping a secret from her.
This too wears on the body; any form of secrecy should be abolished.

This is a great time to break silence to a friend, healer or professional.
By July, release stabilizes and as a result many doors of opportunity open and loving relationships are experienced.

2011 brings a calm for the tense Virgo who may want to let go and live freer.
There is a small warning:
legal issues may arise more this year than before. It can be from gathering speeding or parking tickets to bill collections.
An optimistic approach truly helps because the energy of Virgo can be so intense and powerful that it can change a situation drastically or work as prevention.

Aura Read
Yellow is highlighted for Virgo
In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible, Virgo may want to focus on:

* Saying prayers or a mantra (Virgo has word and sound power this year)
* Exercising stomach region
* Avoiding starchy foods like rice, potatoes and bread (circulation is important now)
* Joining positive thinking groups
* keep legal documentation tidy


Development, Structure, Discovery, Endurance

The read for Sag is very clear and direct for 2011.
For those who have modified diets within the last couple of years should not have
any problem with the mental and physical endurance required for much of this year.
Because there is and will be lots of activity, it is suggested to continue drinking plenty of water to promote cell regeneration.
Endurance required is physical and emotional.

Emotionally, Sag may have to deal with family situations, adoption scenarios, or legalities surrounding family property etc.
Typically family + legalities = stress.
Being that some families are predictable, it’s best to just deal with any scenario professionally and if possible without expectation or judgment.
This may sound cold, however its’ best to save your energies for your own personal and financial development that has been in the works for some time.
This year you may see the rewards of your hard labor.

It is a very dynamic and mentally stimulating time because Sag has a great opportunity to present new strategies, an invention, or present a product that has yet to be discovered.
Clearly this energy is much worth the time, effort and patience needed to practice with self.
Create a nice sacred place for you to completely relax and unfold even if you live alone.
This area should have water, cooling colors, sounds and smells. You want this area to always remain clean and tidy even if you leave other areas messy.
This space allows you to receive messages, see images and hear sounds that allow you to produce a product or manifest your wishes.
Creative energy is big for Sag this year and projects could blow on a grand scale.

Focus on confidence building and be prepared to say yes to eventful opportunities that allow you to expand on every level.
Finances should also increase and unexpected money or advancement is around late June and going until the end of October.
For the Sag that has gone through great change and challenges, this year provides a comfy pillow of joy and spurts of opportunity.

Remain optimistic for your thoughts have great influence just like the fire.

Aura Read
Blue-Yellow is highlighted for Sagittarius

In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible in 2011, the Sag may want to focus on:

* Communicating to others and the Universe clearly and with great-esteem
* Developing a specific work space and project journal
* Planning and visualizing the things that will offer the greatest support
* Creating a resource file of specific people who will need to contact in the near future
* Invest in legal support and strategies



Courage, Introversion, Planning, Character

2011 for the Gemini is a year that creates platforms for self -observation and reflection in a clear light.
It will take great courage and the belief in a higher love and forgiveness to see the Gemini through a challenging cycle.
Yes mistakes have been made and in some cases, it cost others involved with Gemini added stress.
Character is important when looking deep within your psyche Gemini.
In any situation, ask if your character was at its best. If you find room for improvement, you know you well enough to make the changes.

The productive and active energy of 2011 adds to Gemini’s already active mind. This is very pleasing to the Gemini when planning is necessary to see projects through including possible relocation.
Being human, it is always comforting to know that family is supportive, however be prepared to receive important assistance from unexpected resources-you may call
them blessings from your angels.

Going outside of your regular work group, it is suggested that Gemini begins a different form of networking that encourages a proactive perspective especially regarding added income.
If finances have been difficult, working just a little harder and creatively will give you several breaks especially in June, July and December.
Health may be a concern for the Gemini who begins a health regime, but doesn’t complete it. For an example, the human body can have layers of toxins and mucus.
When the layers get stimulated by detoxification, some, not all of the toxins will be eliminated if the process is cut short.
As a result the “disturbed “ toxins rise to the surface and can cause infection, a severe cold, and other health irritations.
It is wise to complete what is started especially this year.
If close relationships fade, please be aware of new cycles. Take a look at your life and notice how you have made great changes over the past few years-the old makes way for the new. Hanging on to dated relationships do not help you now. In fact they will cause chaos if you try to hang on to the past.

This year, see your future, have the courage to face your fears, errors and move forward with efficient planning. The results will be in alignment with what you envision.
Best wishes Gemini.

Aura Read

Red-Purple is the highlighted color for Gemini

In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible during 2011, the Gemini should focus on:

* Making peace with sexual addictions and or dealing with a sexual issue that started in childhood
* Developing psychic and spiritual connection by living fearlessly-accept spiritual gifts
* Taking mini vacations-walking through a local park can be a vacation; this is grounding
* Completing what has been started
*Putting great ideas into action (you can’t fail)



Resilience, Patience, Family, Possibilities

2011 may be quite exciting for the Aries because there are many doors to choose from-but which door?
If you have sent out mixed messages to the Universe in regards to your desires, the complexity or confusion may come back to you. This isn’t a “payback” or lesson from the Universe, it seems it complies in the format that you sent it out.
For an example, if you desire financial freedom and want to work solely for yourself, and at the same time sent your resume to apply for your “dream job”, opportunity for both present itself.
In situations like this, it is highly suggested that you seek counsel from a spiritualist and other professionals that you can get advice from; if you were confused when you put the energy out, you will be more stressed making decisions alone.
To add more excitement to this cycle, you will be put in family situations, arguments, or be asked to take in a family member into your home.
It is amazing how well you handle other’s challenges and have a difficult time settling into yourself at times.
Patience for yourself increases just as you develop more patience for others.
You become more mature this year and thankful for your accomplishments and family.
Looking into a better health regime or making small adjustments to your current health lifestyle increases your strength and you feel as if there is no mountain you cannot climb.
The caution here is to not over do it. Once you feel stronger, there is a possibility you may be neglectful with maintaining your health regime.
Blood pressure may rise or diabetic issues may surface. It’s best to be consistent and firm with your health choices now.
For the Aries, there is a place for reigniting loving relationships or for those who are single, marriage is a possibility.
On the other side of the coin, those who may be in relationships may get proposals from outside forces. It is up to the Aries to be honest-even if dishonest motives surface, there is only a small window to get away with it; all is revealed.

Aura Read

Gold-Brown is the highlighted color for Aries

In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible in 2011, Aries may want to focus on:

* A specific and realistic health regime
* Practicing yoga, chi gong, or any healing art form that settles the mind and lowers blood pressure
* Investing in sold opportunities that allow quick financial returns
* Planning for a loan to use for an independent business.



Luck, Finances, Creativity, Solitude

My dad tells me every now and then to prepare to be “lucky”. I want to mention the same to Libra for 2011.
Normally spiritualist will say we get back what we put out-this of course can be true, however for the Libra lucky spurts and blessings come multiple times throughout this year and into 2012 just because. J
Keeping the fountain of blessings flowing, Libra should be organized and keep work area clean at all times.
An alignment between the mental and physical makes for better daily navigation.
Libra may not have to work as hard to make “it” happen, but working on health, addictions, and being grounded will still need intentional focus and motivation.

Finances improve greatly with planning and being frugal.
It is suggested that Libras with resource concerns start a finance notebook for at least 3 consecutive months.
It should have weekly expenses (food included) as well as predicted future expenses that need to be taken care of such as hair appointments, car payments, etc.
Keeping a close eye on expenditures will improve finances and it demonstrates respect toward currency. This form of respect brings in more cash flow.
Paying attention to expenses may get the creative juices flowing on how to get things done with limited monies.
Keep track of really good concepts during this time because they just may be marketable.
Between the months of March and May, one last farewell from a loved one may come about.
This could be a lover, or a dear friend or family member who has passed away, but would like to reach out one last time through a dream or spiritual visit.
A special good-bye or loving ritual may be in order to honor the learning experience from the relationship.
Emotional highs and lows and hormonal imbalances suggests that solitude is important this year. Choosing to withdraw may prevent unnecessary tension and regrets in work and personal love scenarios.
If you begin to feel extremely “passionate” during exchanges with others, retreat for an hour or so if possible and then return with fresh insight and better attitude.
The quietness from solitude will also support and help to heal physical tension carried in the reproduction system (male and female Libras).

Aura Read
Silver-Blue is the color highlighted for Libra

In order to improve any situation and be the best person possible in 2011, Libra
may want to focus on:

* Connectivity to spiritual practices
* Getting healing work at least 5 times during 2011
* Expanding education by certification or hands on experience from a Guru/Master Teacher
* Visiting places with large bodies of water (soothing and restores the body from psychic attacks)

Grounding, Travel, Team Player, Control

In 2011, Leo will have to exercise various forms of control to maintain specific positions such as management and self-control linked to health.
For some Leos, day to day anxiety and stress links to weaken areas of the body such as the neck and head.
Be mindful of constant throat clearing, wheezing and shortness of breath, all which can be linked to respiratory infection.
Head congestion and excess mucus can also lead to infection and long-lasting colds.
Practicing a form of meditation, cleanliness and discernment may prevent physical illnesses.
For the Leo who feels strong, boosting the body’s immune system and staying away from obvious germs is suggested.
Sharing drinks, kissing and being too close to sick children can lead to viral discomforts such as mouth soars especially if the body has been dealing with everyday stress.
It is suggested that the Leo takes powerful immune building herbs and get plenty of rest in order to be virus free.
Discipline can provide the Leo with a feeling of connectedness during 2011 especially in the months of May, October and November when the pressure is coming from outside forces.
The connectedness provides grounding when special circumstances assigns Leo to be the official “team player” and is asked to carry the weight of others for a while.
Interestingly enough, going through this phase of giving more of yourself than what you would like is a breeze.
You are made to handle challenges when they arise especially when you are feeling mentally and physically strong.
There is a possibility that someone will become absent in the work place and or home. This is where you come in to fill in the gaps (Leo the Super Hero).

This reading suggests being prepared while traveling. Connections are made and you communicate with very resourceful people. This is unexpected meaning that the purpose of your travels has nothing to do with making that right connection.
This is a reminder to be open and receptive during business or social commutes.

Taking good advice from an outsider may come in handy this year when work and fun pile up. The reading suggests creating a support system where you can get sound advice. Always seek wise counsel when in doubt during 2011.

Aura Read

Purple-Green is the color highlighted for the Leo

To improve any situation and be the best person possible during 2011, Leo should focus on:
* Raising your spiritual vibration. The more spiritually connected the greater the financial income
* Practicing forgiveness-holding on to emotional pain limits your spiritual connection and that creates blocks with your finances
* Developing a holistic way of loving (without judgment or expectation)
* Donating spare time to animal and children’s out reach organizations


Physical activity, Strategy, Advancement, Double Vision

I will start with the most unusual and exciting keyword for Aquarius-double vision.
This reading speaks about a person who has taken life very seriously in the past and was forced to spend time in solitude in a tunnel vision state. During that era, the Aquarian developed a communication hub that now expands psychically and is like a magnet pulling in a very specific partnership.
Instead of seeing with one head, the Aquarian links with another and now sees with double vision.
Clearly this is a unique situation and a form of marriage.
Individuality is not compromised because the two heads come together like super- heroes with very shared and specific missions.
Of course a union like this should be highly honored and both parties involved should keep fresh thoughts and practice a specific mantra that will clear a crowed brain instantly.
More work will get done because two heads (literally) are better than one.
Wow. I’m really impressed by this. If an Aquarian would like to contact me to discuss a situation such as this, I would love to hear about it.
Moving on.
Physical activity increases brain circulation and gets positive results. More strategies and power moves are a result of feet activity.
Jumping Jacks, jogging in place and dancing are good for keeping in mental and physical shape.
The power moves that come from exercise allow work related advancement.
There may be a position created just for you, or you advance quickly in a personal skill or craft practiced.
Over all, 2011 brings wonderful gifts that can be used in your evolution process and can be shared with others.

Aura Read
crystal white is the color for Aquarius

The image and color around Aquarius is crystal-white in color and in the shape of two circles.
This represents endless possibilities and encourages the Aquarian to think on a grand scale. Nothing is impossible and this must be felt in the heart and soul

More on 2011 Insight part 2

I was intrigued and a bit concerned about the insight I posted for Capricorn.
While writing, I literally felt Capricorn being pursued by many forces that may bring added pressure to such an intense sign.
Being that I am not Capricorn, I invited an artist by the name of Preach to elaborate on the reading from a personal perspective in hopes that this will help others with Capricorn in their charts, or those that have relationships with Capricorn.

More information on Preach:


Damaris: What is your sign?

Preach: Capricorn Sun / Aquarius Moon

Damaris: How does it feel being a Capricorn?

Preach: In my case, as a Capricorn, there seems to be an unspoken innerstanding on the part of others for the Capricorn to be the leader, organizer or protector in most circumstances, which coincides with the father aspect of the sign. However, from an inside view, the Capricorn may not see his or herself as capable of the high demands that others see the Cap well capable of. In other cases the Cap does see his or herself as capable, and becomes frustrated when they are not in the lead. The Cap will not be satisfied however until a leadership or control position of ones own life or circumstances are achieved, which deep down the Cap knows he or she is capable of. As a Capricorn there is the natural tendency to go at things alone and the Cap needs his or her space. There is the innate tendency to remain reserved though the Cap sometimes longs to come out of that shell.

Damaris: What do non-Capricorn people need to know that will help them understand a sign that can be labeled as “cold”?

Preach: Being that I’m born on the cusp of Aquarius along with the Aquarius moon, I don’t experience the backlash as much as traditional Caps for being cold. However, I would say that the Cap will attack issues directly at the heart of the matter with no regard for the extra fluff around it. Also a Cap is good at masking any emotions he or she may have, as to add to the "cold" stigma. Its not that there are no emotions towards a matter, its just that there are no outward projections of these emotions. But the emotions are definitely felt, experienced and considered in a Caps own personal space.

Damaris: Will you expand on the 2011 reading I posted for Capricorn? Are you experiencing the energy that was mentioned?

Preach: The reading is very accurate on all levels. On the positive there has been an increase of opportunities, travel has increased, and doors have flown open with avenues to facilitate my career. Personally there has been a heightened sense of intuition, the ability to have an unveiling view into most matter, and the ability to tune into people far or near and get an almost immediate response of some kind. I've had several people that I've dealt with closely ask for me to get out of their head. (haha) I've also had an unprecedented amount of people gravitate to me in a non-superficial manner, in perspective to years prior.

Along with this however comes heightened responsibility and demand on one mentally, physically and spiritually. What stood out to me in the reading were the remedies suggested. I have begun to tighten up on my diet, supplement intake and exercise. In order to properly handle this heightened energy in my opinion, one must discipline oneself in exercise of mental, physical and spiritual nature. I have experienced some depression but none overbearing. I attribute that to meditation, diet and exercise. However in the last two weeks in February, I experienced flu like symptoms, minus a fever. The 1st week in March, I ran a bit hard due to travel and business and ended up with a fever and symptoms. The week after I went to the hospital due to some accompanying abdominal pain but the results cam back nothing was wrong. So after seeing this reading, I know tightening up on everything dealing with diet and spiritual health is essential.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 2011 Insight by Damaris

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InSight By Damaris
March 2011

Keyword and focus:

for those who felt as though they were in a holding cell, March brings about wonderful change.
Doors are opening now and many feel shifts that give hope and inspiration.
This reading suggests moving with the tides of change-farewell to stagnation.
For those who may be fearful or unsure about this new frequency and direction, the reading suggests reflecting upon a victory won in a past.
The victory speaks to the soul: I have overcome great obstacles before, and I will once again.
Reflection lends the doubting mind courage to move forward.

From March 17th until the end of the month, rewards from past efforts can be seen.
This time period can be used to expand from the fruits of labor.
For an example: if an independent start up company lands a huge client, the resources gained from that client can be used to incorporate another department within the company that will bring greater revenue.
Reinvest in your ideas and self.

Toward the end of the month, change may come in various forms of deaths; physical, mental and spiritual.
It may be the end of a friendship, working relationships, physical death of loved one, etc.
This reading gives wise counsel and reminds us to respect the process of life. Death comes only as an extension to a new.
Avoid using an ending as a crutch; invite truth, acceptance and compassion into your life and use them on the path of evolution.
Life has always been the same- spirals of endings and beginnings.

Astro-flow one liners

CANCER- use what you got, to get what you need.
CAPRICORN- the battle has just begun-strap up your boots and call in the troops.
SCORPIO- stand on your own two feet.
TAURUS- it’s a great day for a payday ($$).
PISCES- a change is gonna come, oh yes it is.
VIRGO- blessings come in threes.
GEMINI- distance makes the heart grow fonder.
SAGITTARIUS- be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.
AQUARIUS- everybody plays the fool, but it doesn’t have to be you.
LEO- march to the beat of your own drum.
LIBRA- you are what you eat and think.
ARIES- life is what YOU make it.

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