Thursday, January 15, 2015


For those who may want to increase their blessings,
here are a few things to ponder:
* Learn to recognize a blessing
If you have accepted a job, and now it gets on your nerves, yet it still pays the bills, 
it is still considered a blessing. 
Just because your mood has altered or the job isn't what you thought it would be, you are still in the realm of an active blessing.
1.) there is room to learn and grow, 2.) gathered experiences to transition into a new job, 3.) self-discovery that leads you to your "dream job"
* Learn to experience blessings through human perspective and reflection
Let's say you have had your share of childhood trauma, yet was close to your grandmother. You witness your grandmother cooking, praying and being a positive force within the family arena.
You get older and come across different healing modalities and find a saving grace in Oprah. Although Oprah represents a positive vibration, she isn't the one who prayed for you during your challenging times.
In order to allow blessings to flow, one should nurture where they know the root of their blessings began; in this scenario, they began with Grandmother.
Instead of spending time and monies into Oprah, extra time and money should be spent paying homage to Grandma.
When we pay homage, we ignite the word power in prayer.
*Learn to see the truth in your current situation
Romanticizing an abusive relationship (professional or personal) supplies the "abuser" with energy to keep you enslaved. In this position, it is difficult to feel
and see blessings flowing, hence one begins to feel stuck and often depressed.
*Learn to value your existence by seeing the miracle of flesh and spirit uniting
If you value the complete life experience, it is possible to work "with" your preferred deity, god or the supreme place in which you feel all blessings originated.
When you put you in the equation rather than a "lower" being, "worshiping" can easily turn into "working with" your god/helpers giving you a godly view and presence. When this happens, one recognizes that all things are considered blessings AND can create intentional blessings at will.
I hope this has been helpful.
Peace and Blessings

Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Renew the Spirit and Manifest!" 
aligning inner consciousness with the physical world

Are you ready to manifest your desires in 2015?

Renew the Spirit and Manifest is for those who are ready to clear away burdens of the past and awaken the energetic body to maximize it's full potential.
We will engage in clearing techniques that will energize our spirit AND discover manifestation modalities for daily use.

When: Tuesday the 13th, 20th and the 27th, January 2015 starting at 7PM-8:30Pm

Where: Phoenix and Dragon Event Gallery
Cost: $20. per person OR $15. per person for groups of two or more
Presenter: Damaris -Medical Intuitive, Channel, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Chakra and Aura Reader and alignment, Reiki Master Cert.

Some classes may be interactive, therefore come in comfortable attire and with an open heart to receive and share blessings! 

Please call 404.255.5207 to register and reserve your space.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

weekly InSight by Damaris week ending 1/10/2015

the weekly Insight by Damaris is online.
If you missed the live show, you can listen to archive show.
Have a great week!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 message

Every New Year’s eve for the past 8 years or so, I begin a creative project, usually a painting of the infamous “Blue Lady”.  However this year, my decision was up in the air on doing Oracle art or music.

Here is the first 2015 Oracle “Nyle” and just like all of the oracles, Nyle comes with a message.

Opportunity, creativity as well as a restlessness to develop or extend businesses
will be hovering over our heads.
For those who have worked on the Crown Chakra or keeping the Ori clear and open to receive, this message applies to you tremendously.
Being that our brains will be quite active and aggressively on the pursuit for financial and spiritual freedom, it is suggested that we take care of our heads.

Here is a breakdown of a few things we may want to consider:

    1.)  Invest in a new toothbrush
Cleanse the bristles with warm salt water before use.
Remind yourself that everything that goes inside of your mouth
is clean and for your benefit.
Now brush your teeth and as you do, think of how you would like to communicate with others.
Do you want your words to be positive and effective?
Are there any non-productive thoughts and words that you want to release? If so, see those words and thoughts dissipate while brushing your tongue.
While you gargle and rinse, affirm that old thought patterns are washed away
and then allow new productive thoughts and potent word power to arise.
note* placing a few pieces of pyrite and clear crystal quartz around your
toothbrushes and oral care can assist with keeping that area clear of negativity.

2.)  Invest in ear candling
 Energetically speaking, the ears can be vulnerable and sensitive because of             traumatic memory connected to what we have seen or heard that was offensive to our inner child and spirit.
Ear candling is a physical cleansing method to rid the ears of old wax that is difficult to get to by regular swab use.
To maximize the ear candling experience, go back into time, think of unsettling scenarios or abusive voices that may linger in your head and ask or demand that they go.
By doing this, you may be experience an unusual release of wax, a clearer head and feel lighter in general. Smudging with sage is recommended after this process.
note* you can preform ear candling yourself, or have it done by a professional.

3.)  Invest in a bell
For those who work with herbs and or buy organic produce, should try
 ringing a bell over them as an added cleansing process.
The vibration of the bell will not only clear the foods of other’s energy, it will
raise the spirit in the herbs making them nutritionally potent.
Those who have a green thumb and have played music for their plants will understand this logic well.
Clearing and speaking positively over foods this year can prevent salmonella
and other lurking infectious bacteria.

4.)  Raise sexual energy
Using the imagination has been a common additive during sexual encounters for centuries. Here, the reading suggest we take that a step further and imagine healing vibrant colors of green, gold, pink and yellow swirling around and through the sexual organs.
We arrive here on the planet because of sexual exchanges, therefore our attitudes, behavior, psyches and our imagination are extremely potent
during foreplay and sexual intercourse.
Creating a positive and healing atmosphere can not only heighten the experience, it can also assist with the prevention of sexual attachments including STDs.
note* this suggestion can be used to enhance protection and is not considered a form of protection on its own.
Rose crystal quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Clear crystal quartz can also
be used as a form of activation, clearing and healing during sexual exchanges.

The suggestions above are here to get us to think about the vulnerability of our heads.
Some of us eat out all of the time taking cleanliness for granted.
Some of us have sexual exchanges with those who are known to have multiple partners.
Some of us work with the environment and other unknown substances.
We wake and travel about freely and have this innate faith that all will be well. However, sometimes there is the surprise of food poisoning or reoccurring yeast infections, sinus infections and the list goes on.
In summary, our heads will be highlighted this year because we will use more of our brains.
What does this mean exactly?
It means our heads will radiate extra energy (very much like a planet) and that energy will send signals out and become extremely magnetic attracting any and everything.
Hence, It is vital to clear what we put in to our mouths and manage the words and energy that comes out of them.
We are gods and it is important to manage our energies as such.

May your ancestors and guides continue to bless and protect.
Happy 2015.