Monday, March 30, 2015


Weekly Insight by Damaris
Aura and body Scan reading
This week the reading suggest that we look at secrets that have been held in from a long or recent past.
It says that this week is a great week to speak out and release.
This also includes discrepancies at work; visiting the HR department or
Ceo with concerns can relieve and correct.
Holding in words and feelings have been a threat to various places within the body. These areas include, but not limited to:
*Lower back/Liver
*Digestive Tract
*Neck (stiffness)

Fear of communication also affects the reproductive system.
Men, if you have challenges with erections, it may be useful to examine your
communication with others. What are you holding in, or what do you not want others to know?
Women, if you experience chronic yeast infections, cyst, fibroids and lack the excitement during sex, what are you holding in, or what fears keep you from thoroughly communicating with others?
I looked deeper into the reading and asked why is this week a good week to release and speak our peace.
The reading conveyed that in the near future, wonderful opportunities are presented in the form of true love, a higher appreciation for life as well as "odd" luck that links to fulfilling our purpose.
So then the Oracle ask us, how can you enjoy this vortex of ultimate joy when fear is allowed to be present?
The Oracle ask: Are you hanging on to fear by using it as a safety blanket to prevent future disappointments? 
If you would like a personal reading for this week,
you can make an appointment by emailing me:
Thank you and make it an amazing week!

Monday, March 23, 2015

"Rise Again"
Weekly Insight by Damaris
Aura and Body Scan Reading says:
this week is great for resurrecting the spirit.
If you have been feeling like your life has lost a bit of "luster"and
your mojo isn't working like it used to, now is a great time to figure out
where or what experiences diminished your natural light and power.
Some will proclaim we are in the information age; if this is true, should
we not be getting stronger, more powerful and clear during this time?
This week, ask who or what can separate you from God/your truest most potent
connection to all that is conscious. 
Just in case some of us may have been out of touch with our own mental health and spirit, I asked and looked deeper into the reading to get a gauge on what happened to our warrior spirits.
Here is a small list that will give you an idea of where you lost power:
-death of loved one especially close family member
-business "failures" that affected personal status
-demoralization through traumatic sexual experiences
-being told that "you can't make it" by someone important
When the body goes through trauma, either physical or emotional, it needs time to repair.
If the full recovery never happens, this area becomes vulnerable and is subject
to random attacks that can lead to a depressed spirit.
We can physically begin to feel the depletion in various parts of the body.
The most common places:
-lower back
-reproductive system
in order to reconnect with your inner power, think about what you like to do
and pick up a new hobby.
One must assume the position of a creator and DO rather than wait for an apology or things to change.
You are energy and so you can choose to create a different world.
Make it an amazing week!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 3/21/2015

This week's reading is on:
Listen to the archive for this weeks reading.
Make it an amazing week!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Insight by Damaris 
Body Scan and Aura reading for week ending 3/14

This week may be challenging for those who are passionate about the lives of others such as family and friends, because the reading says to mind our business.
The body scan reveals a lot of stress and added pressure can come from trying
to convince others how they should live, or what and what not to do.
This also connects with romantic relationships and those that wish to control their partner's decisions and lives.

What I find odd about the aura is that this energy that needs to control others
is unnatural in appearance.
For an example, it doesn't look like a "mother's concern" kind of energy, rather an aggressive dominating parasite that craves fights and dramatic experiences; imagine someone starting an argument and then walks away snickering.
I am sure there is sincere concern, however, I would suggest before getting into someone's affairs, ask, "why am I doing this?".
You may discover that there is something in you that is unfulfilled and is looking outside of one's self for that fulfillment.

Physical pressure that stems from the emotions include:
*back (upper)
* left leg
* right knee
* throat
* bloating in the lower stomach

To release emotional and physical pressure,
try bathing with salts, rosemary oil and oranges for at least 35 minutes
this week every night before bed.

Before closing, I did a three-card spread for this week and here is the translation:

Opening up the heart, mind and soul to new experiences brings blessings
to the home.
Being open to change is empowering and what is needed to get back on track.

I hope this is helpful.
Make it a great week!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Insight by Damaris

nsight by Damaris for the week ending 3/7/2015
This week's reading is asking us to focus on health.
For those of us who have been having physical complications the reading suggest that
we check into our spiritual and energetic immune systems.
In a recent past, the insight for the week touched on how potent we are and that
manifestation can happen effortlessly.
The same applies in this reading as it relates to health.
Our emotions and spiritual activity are making an impression on our physical bodies.
Here are a few things that may be connecting to physical complications:
* Stress in the work place can prolong colds, flus and sinus challenges
* Relationship heartaches or matters of the heart can contribute to respiratory infections
* Holding on to family issues can contribute to weight fluctuations connected to the thyroid
* Excessive thoughts and worry concerning finances can prolong internal inflammatory challenges (knees, back, hips, lower body)
* Inconsistent sleep and night terrors ("witch riding the back") may be connected to thinning hair and dry scalp
* Constant contact with highly emotional individuals or the mentally challenged may contribute to ear ringing, random headaches, neck pain and dry mouth.
* Arguments connected to alcohol and medication abusers can affect the reproductive system, In women heavy or sudden vaginal bleeding and in men, low libido.
* Constant worry is connected to clutter and the clutter is linked to itchy skin.
Although these are just a few examples, the reading suggest that we diagnose our emotions and clear our auras. In doing so, health issues will improve.
One important thing to remember is the potency of our minds and thoughts right now.
Collectively and in some cases individually, we are accessing higher frequencies that convert thoughts into physical matter.
Please note** if you have been negative and need assistance with breaking that energy, feel free to contact me for a session to receive specific remedies.
I did a three card spread for the week and here is the translation:
High expectations of others this week can cause disappointment.
If you need to see action, you must generate it rather than assuming someone
will deliver.
May your ancestors and guides continue to bless you and your loves.