Monday, April 20, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 4/25

Courage vs Society
Hmmm..things are getting pretty emotional and intense inside of our bodies.
The more we go along with the "reality" and the rat race thinking, the more our emotions stir. 
This week, the Oracle speaks about having courage to
express real emotions and feelings about our lives.
The reading reveals that there are times when we
ask or yearn for something with great passion and yet, we are not being answered because it's a false request.
You may wonder, how are my request false?
The Oracle speaks about tainted ideas that are out of an alignment with the purity of our auras-that we are living too close to greed, low-self esteem and a fear based reality, therefore, how can our desires be pure in nature.

For some, desires are not being actualized because they are generated from a delusional reality.

the reading ask, where do you get your courage and how do you fuel the spiritual warrior inside?

How does your desire to live rate on a scale of 1-10?
If you really want to live, is it courageously?

When you speak with your ancestors and spirit guides, are you connecting with a pure authentic heart?

Do you have the courage to speak from your heart, or will that offend or go against the grain, or maybe create uncomfortable vulnerability?

In closing, here are a few things that suppress courage.

* working a job you don't like
* living with people you don't like, but have to pretend you do
* living in a volatile environment
* keeping sexual violations a secret
* toxicity in the body and being mineral deficient

If you want to increase your courage, one can began
by communicating from the heart.

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Blessings and respect,

Monday, April 13, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 4/18/15

The Ego and The Soul
A woman went into a relationship without many expectations
or stipulations, just free-like.
After being involved for a while, her partner decides that he is interested
in seeing someone else, buuut... if she wanted, she could still be his
"girl number 1" and stick around.
Unaware of his intentions, the proposal took her off guard and she became very angry.
Although she knew the relationship was not for her, she decided to stick around and be spiteful to make him pay..or..make him want her more than the other woman; her ego could not let go and she remained.
Time passed and her energy began to dwindle.
She became confused as to how to move forward in her career.
Once focused, passionate about life and the potential to succeed, she now was disoriented and on the verge of depression.
Although her parents were supportive of her when she was active in her career pursuits, they now hold money from her because to them, she can not be trusted.
She is now wondering who she is and has a difficult time finding her soul's purpose.
How did she lose herself?
A.) she never knew herself to begin with and was living out her parents dreams
B.) depression medication took her down a dark path
C.) she put too much into her relationships with others
D.) other- explain

Listen to live version of weekly insight:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

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