Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nov. 2010 InSight by Damaris

November 2010 Overview by Damaris

November is a very exciting month as it brings more gifts of self-discovery, encouragement from
greater forces within us, and sparks of light leading to the end of a tunnel.
The four keywords for this month:
fear, freedom, solitude, work.

the uptight energy that may be felt this month is connected to fear. This brings emotional ups and downs, obvious mood swings,
irrational behavior, arguments and in severe situations- violence.
Those who have been trying to fight off sexual addictions may give in to temptation as a way to comfort the feelings of fear
(this can be dangerous especially if the addiction involves the violation of another human-such as molestation).
Many life-changing decisions should be based on facts rather than fear. This is easier said than done especially if the idea of “losing”
is present.
However, making strategic moves under pressure is very possible this month because “power” energy is strong IF one decides to tap into it.
Also this energy hits hard and then swiftly relocates. Because of this quick movement, the best thing to do is avoid reacting-this too shall pass.
If you recognize the sign of fear in yourself and others, make a mental note of it and then redirect your thoughts to something completely different.
There may be those who will intentionally start a fight or cause tension in working and personal relationships.
If you are in the midst of this energy, make immediate plans to remove yourself-avoid “the showdown”.
Time and good character prevails at the end because fearful behavior is simply child-like expressions from those who yearn for freedom.

the root cause for this sensitive time is really about the quest for freedom. A yearning to live out the desires of the heart is vital.
If you find that you are struggling to live your life as you know it can be, don’t fret; begin to make the necessary steps toward your personal emancipation.
These moves must be made with respect for others and by the way of your heart.
However, if you choose to take the “cut throat” approach, you will only be traveling backward in a place you do not want to be-pay back comes heavy in March 2011.
Remember, your freedom is holding yourself in high regard.
This reading suggests gathering more information about your family and then how this information reflects your truest calling in life.
This reading suggests proper and realistic goal setting as well as the creation of a dream list or journal. This leads to the third keyword-solitude.

collecting energy that you may have put into undeserving people/projects is a must. This month is a wonderful time to embrace solitude any moment you can get it.
In fact, take the time to include quiet time. This may be as simple as getting to nearby water (even a long bath or shower will do), select a favorite tree to spend 15 minutes with, a slow walk with slow breathing, etc.
What this will do is allow one to release the unwanted stress that has accumulated over the past several months. This time of rest will also bring back the
missing “mojo” or creative juices.
Simply put, this can be a time to replenish and nourish the soul that will lead you to profit in all ways.

now that you are on your path of freedom, work your truth, mission and life as you see fit. This is the good work that you have been searching for!
This month’s reading suggests that your profits and rewards come form the east. If you have any connections or opportunities that come from this direction, you
may want to take a close look at what may have been brewing just for you. Many blessings come from the east winds.

Overall, this month offers an opportunity for inner growth and a new walk with the desires of your heart! -Damaris

Cancer- rearranging a work space offers you more creativity and greater peace. Loving relationships blossom as you continue to open your mind and heart
to the idea of expansion. The need for security is constant; however security comes when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.
Capricorn- taking your time and being thorough ensures your success from now until February. This means product, projects, contracts and anything you consider a
vital piece to your success should be tidy and complete. Half-stepping won’t do; November is definitely a “show and prove” month for the Capricorn.

Scorpio- if you find yourself walking a lot this month, view this as a sign that you are moving forward in life. Avoid procrastination between the 13-17th, and set the record straight (gently) around the 18th when you may be challenged or questioned about your intentions. Your actions set the tone in all scenarios this month, therefore be responsible in your way Scorpio.
Taurus- aggressive behavior should be used only toward you this month in business and your personal work space. Money is a focus and new work opportunities are present. Be the hermit this month and watch your accomplishments grow.

Pisces-mysteries are revealed to you slowly after an on-going curiosity you may have regarding someone close to you. Use this new information as a tool
to look deep within yourself. Judging others will be a waste of time as well as looking for what you “think” should make sense. This month life is what you make it. Avoid drama.
Virgo-the need to get away is hovering around you and you may not see a break in sight. As the overview suggests, find at least 15 minutes of solitude to replenish as often as you can. Even the small breaks help your nervous system. Also, this month may be a good time to look into a blood cleanser.

Sagittarius- this can be a very good and productive month if you stay your path and ignore purpose-filled distractions. Keep your eyes on the prize and continue to
goal set. November can be a great power month for you. This month, remember there are no loses, rather experiences and great memories.
Gemini- warning Gemini; speeding in and out of traffic, or going back and forth in a disruptive situation may cause setbacks that you really don’t need now. Slow down, release taunting thoughts by swimming, walking, or steam baths. This month, no one knows you like you do-make your best and most selfish decisions.

Aries-being a humanitarian this month makes you feel needed, loved and appreciated. This month, continue to be gracious, kind and sympathetic; not only will you be rewarded; you will feel a deep peace and love that you have been missing for a while now. Enjoy this time.
Libra- this is a wonderful time to gather your thoughts, resources and old paperwork because it will lead to security and money. Everyone responds to you positively during the 2nd week of November and love is on your side by the 22nd. This may just be the love you crave. It comes in many forms so try not to look for the obvious.

Leo-being crabby and a bit selfish only keeps you off the “mark”. You gotta give love in order to receive it. The world would love to revolve around you; however, there are 11 other astro-signs. The phrase catching more bees with honey definitely applies to you this month. The 21-27th are good times to take great leaps of faith in any endeavor.
Aquarius- endings, new beginnings, work and fun all seem to blend as your life continues to unfold. You are at a greater sense of peace because you avoid
putting labels on work, relationships, family members, etc. You begin to see life as just that-life. This gives you a lot of room to be free at whatever you choose;
an exciting time to be an Aquarian.