Tuesday, February 2, 2010

InSight by Damaris for Feb 2010

as we enter the month of February, a few keywords to keep in mind:
clarity, love, transition.

is a rare and an important quality to have. When we have a clear mind, we can make accurate decisions that enhance every aspect of our lives. In fact, being clear allows us to move forward in life with assurance creating a serene lifestyle.

Getting clarity can be challenging in traditional society being that over time, the mind can get addicted to various types of stimuli such as, 5'o'clock traffic, stressful work environment, social gatherings, personal relationships etc. There are also physical stimuli such as sex, food, exercise, medication, recreational drugs, etc. This list goes on and on.

Here is a remedy you can try to invite clarity into your entire life including your aura.
Take 15 minutes every day to sit quiet and look at trees or your favorite tree. Being next to a tree is great, yet viewing through a window is just as powerful. Set your mind to do this everyday for at least 2 weeks.

can be described as the acceptance of all things, and yet for many, love has been used as a reactionary verb that is given as a reward. This kind of love/action has been passed down by the way of religions, for an example: the bible reads, For God so loved the world, that He gave/sacrificed His only begotten son, so that you may have everlasting life. Although I am not positive who or what the human sacrifice was to, many can translate that statement as being "proof" of love. Although this type of love is exercised daily, it creates emotional dependency.
This month, may call for a self examination in regards to personal relationships and how you view love, and what you will do to get it or show it.
If you find that after careful examination, you have harbored, guilt, resentment, fear, or jealousy in your love relationships, you may want to consider converting the energy of love, into the energy of truth.
Develop truthful relationships and avoid associating love with titles- Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, etc.
Example: if a mother was/is abusive toward her child, and the child grows to be resentful because he/she feels a mother's job is to "love", in this scenario, the concept of love, should be replaced with truth. What is the truth in the relationship.
Acceptance of truth breaks the spell of the concept and romanticism of love and can lead to a healthy transition.
Once this is accomplished, one can begin to feel love as being the acceptance of all things and understand that everyone regardless of title must and will live out their lives as they feel to.

If love has been emotional dependency in your life and you want to free yourself, you may want to try this: before going to bed each night, view yourself in a mirror for 3 minutes making constant eye contact with your reflection.

For the "Astro Heads”, this month the Zodiac Physical recognizes the feet.
Energetically, the feet represent the path that must be taken. It represents delicate and abrupt change, the possibility of relocating, and finding spiritual grounding.
Physically, pay attention to how you walk, your travel time and experiences, shoes and proper feet support.

For those who are having issues with change and direction, I recommend getting reflexology by certified reflexologist, Jan Mitchell.
She can be reached here: www.heartcentertherapy.com
If there are feet issues and you are not able to physically address them, in this case, hands can be considered your feet.


Cancer- this month living in a fantasy world can be quite exciting especially when others are getting on your nerves. Take needed time for yourself, and then jump back into the reality of your life. This month, take the necessary steps to create your reality. You are supported.

Pisces- everyone loves a confident and giving person especially when they are the recipient. This month, create an inner defense team that assists you in utilizing discretion when needed. Being a martyr or doormat is no longer attractive to you. Make changes Pisces.

Scorpio- this month, exposure is the name of the game. This applies in all ways. Your feelings, motives, deeds-good or its opposite are revealed. There is no "negative" outcome, rather the experience that takes you to another level.


Capricorn- a feeling of stagnation and then a feeling of explosive energy gives you a unique boost to bring ideas and unfinished projects together and in a successful way. In the month of February, learn to transform any emotion into whatever you need it to be-you are the master of your emotions.

Taurus- this month your welcoming power sets the mood for an addition to your life. There may be a new person entering your work or private space. Your strength and compassion is the perfect earth quality that supplies a fruitful grounding for all parties involved. A good time to be a Taurus.

Virgo- movement, travel, dis-comfort, and unsettling scenarios may stimulate an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. Incorporating an enzyme in your diet may make this time of transition a little more comfortable. Make time for readjusting your physical diet in the month of February. How you physically feel play a huge role in your daily life.


Aquarius- television, text messaging, computers, and other frequency enhanced devices are interrupting your natural cool vibe. In the month of February, take time off from excessive technology use. Sounds impossible maybe, but you'll feel so much better. At least give it a try-you need a break.

Libra- if you use the phrase, "too good to be true" this month, readjust your thinking and avoid recalling past experiences that have disappointed you. What is the purpose of being a free air sign if you have limited thinking. For the month of February, be a Libra and get some balance in your life. Too much negative thinking or too much of anything for that matter isn't a good look for you. Go with your natural soul (you can use that line if you want-it is free).

Gemini- everybody plays the fool, and this month the fool translates as going into something with innocence and or renewed thinking. There is so much more to discover about yourself, your talents and your relationships when you view them with a fresh pair of eyes, heart and mind. This month, allow your inner child access into every part of your life.


Aries- gambling with your life or the lives of others is a serious spiritual offense-maybe, or maybe not depending on how you look at it. February is about playing your cards right and playing the cards you were given. Bluffing doesn't work this go around. Be serious about your health/life and those who are in your company.

Leo- moments of solitude is the only remedy that will appease the urgency to bite someone’s head off this month. Be cool; make your plans, and most of all take time out and to yourself before going into meetings and addressing family situations. Use silence as your chosen weapon this month Leo.

Sagittarius- running away from a situation in others eyes may be viewed as coward behavior, and yet what others think should not have an impression on your life. If you need to run, by all means run and run fast. You will only be traveling in the direction of your destiny.

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