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April Insight continues- w/e 22nd 2012

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2012 Insight by Damaris

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The Overview and the Element Overview for April 2012

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Special Offer*** $30.00 For the month of April

Calming energy phone session to relax the mind and body.

Great for those experiencing head pressure and light sleeping.

InSight by Damaris

April 2012



This month is about turning up the passion for your work or goals.
Take your abilities and power to the maximum.
The read suggest allowing more solitude/quiet time in to your life
especially if you feel fragmented.
Collecting your thoughts and gathering your energy will provide
greater focus that leads to dynamic results.
When you are centered, you achieve your best work.

listening to others may get you off track.
This month is about using your abilities as well as relying on your
expertise. When you know what you know, talking about it is
a waste of time.
Mark your calendar for “action” days.
The selected days should consist of limited phone/chatting with peers
and an array of power moves.

this read suggest freeing one’s self of excess.
Attitudes and problems that are carried from others have created an invisible
force field that may be preventing you from executing daily responsibilities as well as preventing blessings to flow.
Do a thorough check around your surroundings to see if heavy energy is lurking.
Smudging and swimming/bathing with the intention of clearing up your aura will help to release stagnant energy.

this read suggest that Pisces indulge in rituals and celebrations that uplift the spirit.
A unique ritual can be to repeat an exciting and powerful statement while working out.
When your body moves with intensity while your mind is focused on your happiness and contentment, this becomes a reprogramming tool that enhances
your disposition. You literally become your own power drink.
Warning- you may get addicted to you!

Physical adjustments may need to be made.
Check your blood pressure, eating habits and nervous system;
are you treating your body well Taurus?
Get in tune with your physical body this month to make sure all levels
are balanced.
When you are healthy and happy, nothing can stop you.

it’s time to do something you never do, or something you thought about
but didn’t have the time or resources to do it.
Breaking the chain of command and habits are fitting for you now.
This month provides a streak of luck when you do the unexpected.
Who knows, you may find a new career, love and even a new home.

there is a saying about “joy” coming in the morning.
For you Virgo, joy comes when you want it and need it.
Change your irritable mood swings this month into thoughts of joy.
If you find your soul to be missing someone or disappointments because of sudden
change/loss, remind your heart of the good times and the blessings all around you.
This read doesn’t suggest you ignore your feelings, rather look at all matters of the heart as beautiful experiences.

this month may be a lesson on honesty.
If you want others to show their true face to you, you must ask yourself if
you are an open book.
Those that you chose to bring into your life seem to be people
who require a “safe zone” in order to free up and relax.
If you are being elusive and or too “stiff”, you may not get what you want out of them.

don’t let cleaning up past mistakes get you down.
Sometimes we have to revisit the past multiple times in order to
see things missed and to (re) learn from them.
Carry your head and heart high knowing this is the last time and
a fresh start is just ahead.

Look into a supportive form of therapy that will allow you to go deeper into
the forgiveness process. When you extract deeply rooted disappointments, you
will be able to build a solid foundation based on clarity and truth.
Your relationships will improve because you won’t view them as extensions of your past.

securing a wall of protection is a strategy worth looking into.
This may be property insurance as well as personal protection such as condoms.
Look at your current scenario and see if you need to beef up on security.

if you really want to move forward, you have to want to walk the walk and do what you know to do.
If you downplay your power and abilities, your view of life can get very distorted.
Find more creative ways to celebrate your life’s lessons and special talents.

taking a break, mini vacation or going away to get your priorities realigned may be
on the horizon. This read says that Aries are able to see more value or get more value out of life by taking a chance that may require a leave of absence.

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