Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Food and Phantoms" September 30th

“Food and Phantoms

This is a two week series class exploring the connection between
the physical and spiritual realms.
We will discuss how food, addictions and our daily attitudes link to 
the unseen world.

WHEN: Tues. September 23rd AND Tues. September 30th, 2014
TIME: 7pm-8:30pm
COST: $25 per class OR $40 when you sign up for both classes

-we will have group discussion on daily food consumption
and how it connects to psychic attacks.
- open discussion on food cravings and where they come from
-explore shrines and feeding spirits
-we will take a food challenge and revisit our findings the following week

Week 2:
-for those who took class one, we will open up with the results
from our food challenge
-discuss foods that release energetic attachments and heavy unexplained 
energy within the aura
- we will develop a 4 week food calendar to use along with
candles, resins and other energy clearing tools to enhance the Third Eye.

Presenter: Damaris- Medical Intuitive, Channel, Chakra-Aura Reader and Adjuster, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Please come with an open heart and ready to receive a blessing.
All supplies are provided for.
Come as you are.
Please register at Phoenix and Dragon for this class, or if you would like to schedule a personal reading with Damaris (404) 255.5207