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please re-read the 2012 reading below (posted in August 2011) along with the
2012 Energetic Body Scan.
Together, it can give you an idea of how to navigate throughout 2012.
As always, I am here for personal readings and energy chakra alignments.
Many blessings and thanks!

Insight by Damaris
2012 Reading cont.

Energetic Body Scan reading for March, April and May:

Energy surrounds the head.
For some this may be head pressure from too much thinking (not enough action)
and an overload of energetic thought patterns.
Replaying fearful thoughts can turn physical and present mucus/congestion, head injuries,
eye strain, brain tumors and raised blood pressure.
For those experiencing any form of head pressure, the body scan suggest drinking more
spring water, visit a specialist and be more creative.
Creativity releases tension, hence getting thoughts out of the head by journaling may help.

Stress or physical heaviness is present on the right side of the body, and for some, between shoulder
and neck region as well as hip and leg.
For those who may feel “unexplained” pressure, pain or tension, the reading suggest looking
around your environment for people or things that you allow to be a burden.
It is suggested that you lose extra baggage-whatever form it may be.

Energetic body Scan for June, July and August:

There is an overall confidence and a need to stand tall and hold your position.
The body scan shows less tension because there is more physical action.
Movement along with powerful thoughts, assist with the reproduction of
healthy cells. The body feels more sure, balanced and calm.
The body shows clarity and the feeling of optimism about projects and self-esteem.
For some, there still may be unexplained physical pain, therefore the read ask us
to look deeper into attachments.
There is something taken in daily by the mental, physical and spiritual self that is causing
harm. Examine by using honesty and common sense.
The read also suggests giving away old clothing that is from a loved one who has passed away.

Energetic Body Scan for September, October and November:

The body is feeling changes on all levels. The read suggest going with the flow
and incorporating new forms of discipline to enhance the experience.
For an example, those who at one time accepted physical or mental oppression,
and has been delivered, new management of self is required to maintain a new life.
For those who feel depleted and experience restlessness, this may be from resisting
It is important to use selflessness while working with others; they too are experiencing
a feeling of being “uprooted”.

Energetic Body Scan for December, January and February:

Memories play with the mind.
Many may experience being contacted through dreams and an awaken state by those who
live in spirit only. A yearning to see a wife, husband, grandmother or any other loved one who has passed away can
become haunting and almost obsessive.
The body scan reads a great pull from one side of the body as if one foot is the “physical” world
and the other is in the spirit world.
This becomes difficult for people who have not dealt with death issues or have not chosen to live
peacefully within their own heart.
Either this era will present great challenges, or a greater awareness and a feeling of being home.
For some, the spiritual and physical worlds are two in the same.

InSight by Damaris
Warrior Nation Nine
Pre-2012 Insight
Weekly Special**
Boot-camp mental, physical and spiritual fitness $150. , regular $190.00
6 week program, 3 readings and energy sessions.
For more info view:
NOTE**** you will have a full reading if you assess your sun and moon sign.
Astro-flow (pre-new year reading)
The foundation of this read is about finding or accepting your direction in life.
Although there may be emotional and mental challenges going on inside you, being comfortable in your own shoes bring about a new feeling of freedom and security.
The first step in being grounded is the ability to look at you for who you really are, rather than living up to a “ghost’s” expectations.
If you put a lot of stock into the approval from a father or father figure, this read suggest appreciating your father (dead, alive, estranged, dead beat, abusive, supportive, etc.) as being someone who contributed to your life force. For without him, others would not be able to enjoy your spark, magnetism and caring nature.
While appreciating him, realize it is time to live your own life without the pressure of measuring up, or even the fear of being like him.
We know by now, this read’s suggestions are easier written then done. However, acknowledgement is the first step to releasing unwanted energy that tends to drain and confuse.
Now is such a dynamic time to live life as the real you simply because:
*you will have more responsibility with work and family
* new opportunities begin to be promising before the end of the year
* you crave a deeper knowledge of self and excitement
* you will have to make important family decisions

bone support is needed especially for the lower body; legs, hips and feet.
Hip exercises and supplements to strengthen this area can only benefit you in the future.
Blood pressure should be checked and natural herbs like garlic can assist with normalization.
Walking is also beneficial.

activities to support your family and community is suggested.
Protect or manage your high/electric energy. Direct it toward purposeful goals.
Energy wasted on unnecessary arguments and “partying” drains you. This means when you really need your fire, the flame will be dull and not as focused as you would like.
When you are drained more confusion settles and leaves you frustrated.
When your energy is 60% you can be vicious and accomplish great things-imagine keeping it 100.

Green foods keep you healthy and energetic.
Avoid too much alcohol, sugar, spicy foods and beverage with artificial ingredients (red 40, yellow #5 etc.) and high contents of sugar.
As you evolve, your moods are connected to your nourishment.

In summary, what is suggested here is about properly managing your life/body. In doing so, you will be able to navigate without illness and frustration during challenging times.
You will also be able to rise to the occasion when more of your energy is required to start new endeavors, assist others in the work arena and during family crisis when you are required to be the stability.


Not that you can’t manage yourself, but this reading suggest getting a system of accountability.
This may be a calendar that has all of your goals highlighted, or a partner that “checks” you when needed.
Getting clarity, readings from a reputable Intuitive or revisit your astrological chart throughout the up coming year is essential.
By staying on the straight and narrow path you can accomplish quite a bit.
This era can be the most dynamic yet especially if you are intentional with your moves.
Focus, high esteem, support system and the appropriate tools allow you to rise to the top of your mountain.
For those who have creative projects in the works,
they can easily go “world-wide” if that is what you wish.
There are warnings.
Distractions can change the energy of this period.
Here is a list to be mindful of:
intimate relationships can weigh heavy if there has been deception or unresolved issues that rest on your conscious.
For some water signs, there may be jealousy lurking and someone who want to see you “pay” for their hurt feelings.
Hidden children from spouses as well as hidden std’s all play a part in serious karma.
It’s best to be responsible now to keep your heart light.
The lighter your heart and mind, the more powerful you are during this cycle.
Water has a wonderful/magical ebb and flow. This means what you put out surely comes back to you.
Expose your skeletons now (if any) if you want to harness this successful energy that is around you.

foods that are good for others may not be good for your delicate system. Again, you are water and the body needs to “flow” as it was meant.
Circulation as well as intestinal issues can create more problems during this cycle.
What you consider a “minor” illness can multiply now.
It’s best to change the diet permanently-why cheat yourself.
You definitely don’t want to be down and out physically when it is time to make power moves.
There is a warning of a new allergy approaching based upon a “clogged” system. Your body will have a hard time shaking this allergy-do a cleanse now.
Excess bread, dairy, starches and sugar has a harmful effect on your system and receptive channels.
They also set off the alarm to cancer cells and feed build up toxins currently within the body.
2012 think about going vegan or incorporate more fasting.

feeling obligated and carrying guilt can also be a distraction
from accomplishing what is needed during this era.
You have to be aggressive with your goals and individuality.
If your family does not support your well-being, it is time to move on; love them from a distance.
If there is conflicting energy within the family dealing with any form of abuse or deception, there is a warning that this energy will literally take you down-physically, spiritually and emotionally.
In summary, this read suggest you handle your business water signs. No time for “playing” life-this is the real deal and what you have to offer this world and your environment is vital-this is the same reason you must fight for your livelihood in all ways.


The overview reading speaks especially to the west winds aka AIR.
I would love for you to investigate exactly how you “process” everything (the mind, body, soul digestive system).
This is not about obsessing, rather doing extensive research on your “wiring” or mental programming.
This read also suggest developing strategies of protection very similar to how the Cancerian has a shell of protection.
Going into a shell during your processing time limits energy/emotional attacks that come from the outside world. Random people like family, friends and associates can dump on you unknowingly and you inhale this energy..take it in as your own, and then forget to release it. Mostly because you do not realize it is there.
Air is on to the next thing quickly and a luggage check is the last thing on the mind-however it is there and extracts your energy.
You will have better results and a greater more efficient focus without “attachments”.
For those that take on energy without knowing is like a driver moving full speed ahead with limited visibility.
It is only a matter of time before you take a big hit.
With the amount of fear that is emanating from others, 2012
can be threatening because although you may not be fearful, you can take in other’s emotions.
Please be mindful of this.
Yoga, walking, meditation and energy clearings are highly suggested and will be needed.

having a limitless attitude takes you to many levels of your life’s purpose.
This is a great time to write a book or publish one you have in the making.
With any project or endeavor, think and plan of its extension.
This era is a great one for air because there is a trickle down effect taking place for approximately 8 months.
This means that people mention you and your work to others in their circles.
Constant referrals and or exposure is present.
The trickling is like seeds that cannot stop growing-imagine an ivy plant.

water is your main fuel in 2012. Being fluid and remaining hydrated take you long away and keeps headaches far away.
If you get any head pressure or feel unclear, look into your water intake.

In summary, this read suggest taking a close look at you, how you process life, people and thoughts.
Determine if you are holding on to unnecessary luggage and then clear it up.
Being free like the “AIR" you are grants you unmeasurable access to obtaining your life’s purpose.


Depending on what you refer to as excitement, 2012 brings the motion-lots of movement.
This cycle will either make you see what you are made of, or make you question what you are made of.
There is a “sink or swim” connotation here. However the swim aspect may just translate to being in stealth mode when needed.
For some reason I don’t think drowning is an option to the Earth signs reading this.
This read is about creating a new form of grounding.
Relocating or having two homes is a part of this new grounding that will allow you to manage the multiple projects, personalities and work ethic.
Note, this isn’t about status or having money to keep two homes, this will actually be needed to maintain mental and physical stability so that you can make dynamic moves.
Maybe look into resources that will allow you to share space.
Be strategic and make it happen.
Moving from your current location is suggested as well, not unless you can clean up the stagnation that is around you.
There seems to be a need to breathe deeper where you currently reside-make sure you are completely comfortable because your work/live space has a huge part to play in your success.
If you are not into “juju necklaces” or amulets, may want to just give it a try anyway
J. I feel it will assist you if it comes from a reputable resource.
If you are unwilling to look into that, make sure you look (with your 3rd eye) closely at your environment.
If you notice unpleasant energy lurking, look into various remedies that will block it from attaching itself to you (not unless you need that kind of fuel).
Your cleanliness is a reflection of your godliness.
When you feel godly, the more you are able to multi-task and accomplish goals simultaneously without physical setbacks.
This read suggest you protect your neck-literally.
This is a vulnerable area- soar throat and stiff neck represent heavy energy around a very important part of your body that allows you to get everything done.
What would you do without your head-brain power and insight; the pineal gland lives there.
I do not have to mention the importance of a proper diet because this era will insist that you listen to your body.
Do not resist when you have to decline your favorite food
or a pleasurable substance for a while.
For male earth signs, energy is high and can bring about debates, lost contracts through arguments.
Intimate relationships can also suffer damage during this time.
Manage your emotions.
For women earth signs, high unmanageable energy can result in a build up of toxins within the body.
Cyst, constipation, fibroids and even blood clots can invade the body.
It’s best to avoid anger moments by mastering the emotions. Meditation, yoga and other healing modalities that agree with your disposition should be a part of your daily routine.

In summary, multiple opportunities exist because you create them.
Knowing what you deserve by protecting your neck, living life as clean as possible allows you to master you and reap the benefits.
When you benefit, many others benefit.
Your existence and work is important… gotta know your worth and fully accept your role in this life.

xoxo –Damaris

Monday, August 22, 2011

Overview on video only.

InSight and Weekly Special by Damaris
Warrior Nation Nine
week ending 8/27/2011

Financial reading and energy alignment $100.
look into your business and financial status.
Find out if there are blocks and utilize the finds in the reading
to make corrections.
The energy alignment will increase financial potential as well
as provide clarity and peace during business transitions.

Astro Flow

keeping goals and ambition alive by being receptive to “signs” around you this week is important. Look into or refresh the deeper meaning of your life’s work.
Reviving your inner passion surrounding work initiates victory and a successful journey.
Intimate relationships can be challenging. This read suggest making mature decisions by being open to a new or different view of the relationship and partner.
Emotional baggage from a past will disrupt the flow of progression.
your home environment is the focus this week. Creating a comfortable work- space or sacred space that sustains even during family visits is important. Having a place to go, sit still and recharge excites and prepares the warrior spirit within.

disappointments or unfair judgment in the past is restored by new ventures, work and learning a new skill. When you create the world around you from your truest desires, expect to bask in the ever-growing glow of your soul’s accomplishments.
your confidence and self-esteem affect your work and has an impact on the support you receive from community and family. This read highlights the egotistical self and
undesired results when one is operating selfishly. In fact, more hard work will be required to maintain what has been created.
this read speaks of individuals who are multi-talented, educated in many crafts and has the responsibility to share wisdom with others. By accepting one’s personal blueprint (soul path), angels/ ancestors assist by opening more doors; blessings are distributed equally to the givers and receivers of this journey.

this reading speaks about the importance of standing for what is right despite the behaviors and ways of others. An eye for an eye doesn’t apply here. If something or someone has been removed out of your life, it is a gain rather than loss.
More insight will be revealed to you, justice will prevail in addition to reconnecting with your spirit. Continue to manage your life with the knowledge of its value.
If you have considered abandoning ship, revisit your recent moves before making a final decision. If you have pushed through the fear, managed your life and work-meaning your ethics and values have been consistent with your lifestyle/work, doors must open. If everything is in place, move forward with initial plans.
this reading is about a person who should invest in oneself by looking in the past. Researching the ways of the family leaders or ways of ancestors allows greater insight into current scenarios. It is also a way to bring in mentor energy in the physical realm to assist with difficult projects. The past repeats, therefore make “tweaks” in your life where needed, or use the same successful patterns of those who came before you.

if you feel as though others are watching you or judging your every move, know that it is a reflection of you. It is a reminder to go within and view yourself and the spiritual, mental and physical work you put in to support your own well-being.
Your opinion of you is what really matters now.
creative and new exciting energy has come into your life. Take the time to harness this era, embrace it for what it is and how it can be of use to you and those around you. Your efforts and effective decision making insures wonderful beginnings and endings.
many options are present now. You have initiated plans, laid down groundwork and now opportunities await. This read suggest managing emotions and choosing what is best for all parties involved. A mature perspective will always provide fruitfulness as well as respect in your chosen line of work.

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Weekly Insight by Damaris w/e 8/20/2011

Weekly Insight by Damaris w/e 8-20-2011
Warrior Nation Nine
Weekly Special:
Intuitive Reading, body scan and energy alignment $80.00

a spiritual retreat or getting away from the material world may do your inner self
wonders. If you have been dissatisfied with selfish attitudes and the “politics” within your surroundings, this week is a good time to plan your escape.
this week, think about balancing your life. You may find your time being pulled in too many directions. Memberships, groups and affiliations should be questioned; maybe it’s time to move on. if they no longer serve you.
if you are ignoring the lessons from the past and are faced with future decisions, this week is good for reflection. This read suggest speaking with a mentor, elder or someone you highly respect for counseling.

spending time with children may bring about your childhood memories.
If you are a parent, think on how you can redirect family cycles and unhealthy patterns. This read suggest looking at childhood issues without rose- colored glasses. In doing so, you accept the past as past and move forward without carrying the scars.
view every uncomfortable situation (even legal problems) as medicine that assist you with confronting the meaning of your life. Simply put, look for the bigger picture behind everything this week. In doing so you avoid dramatic displays and emotional set-backs.
Manage your self emotionally this week. Questioning others motives and personal decisions isn’t any of your business. Focus on self; the read suggest redeveloping an honor code to implement into your daily life.

revisit your definition of responsibility this week. You may find that it doesn’t involve being obligated to those around you who do not show any effort in helping you help them. Find the balance; there is a warning of fatigue and being lured in by stress and stressful people.
it is a wonderful time to tidy up or create a scared and loving space in your atmosphere-maybe a room where you spend the most time. By being loving and warm to yourself, you project that same selfless love all around you.
Love of self brings immeasurable blessings in return.
being vulnerable requires innocence and openness with yourself and others.
The read suggest that vulnerability is the key to healing old wounds but also speaking with a good listener as a form of release.

this read suggest planning your next moves even if you are in a “waiting” cycle.
Being mentally motivated is what leads to physical planning and results. If you are wondering when will “this end”, or yearning to see an end to a cycle, the read suggest changing your perception.
Your life is like a movie where one scene leads to the next. Avoid putting yourself in boxes with expiration dates. Simply live life; it’s really what you do best.
this week, think on: splendor, success, growth, freedom, abundance, joy and happiness. Life is what you make it and you have all of the magical ingredients.
this is a good week to think on how you use your inner flame and passions.
You are the spiritual warrior and have other world access. For those who are in spiritual organizations, this may be a time of initiation. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually you are elevating.

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Relationship Reading and Weekly Insight by Damaris

Relationship overview is on video only***

Insight by Damaris for August 2011
Warrior Nation Nine

Insight for week ending 08/13/11

Weekly special**

Relationship Reading $35. for 45 min phone session
This reading gives insight on compatibility, working harmoniously
within a relationship and understanding your partner.
This reading can also reveal what kind of relationship works best
during this cycle and if partnerships should be avoided during this time.
Couples and individuals can take advantage of this reading special.


Water Cancer Pisces Scorpio

Dear Water sign, trust that you are doing the best you can with what you have.
Allow the Universe, ancestors and your master teachers to assist you during this cycle.
Working over-time may not be the solution, rather reflect, ask yourself what you are learning and know the seeds that you have planted are in fertile ground.
During this week, if your loyalty or motives are questioned, take responsibility even if you are offended.
Your presence regardless of the scenario is “present” hence accountability for that alone is vital.

Earth Capricorn Taurus Virgo
Dear Earth sign, communicating from a responsible and mature view is suggested when dealing in business.
Put all your cards on the table despite fear or the vulnerability of the “unknown zone”.
When you are honest and sincere, all aligns to your advantage.

Air Aquarius Gemini Libra
Water and Air

Dear Air sign, moving swiftly with precision and innate wisdom is the perfect balance that gets you through the week.
You are the sage reincarnated and have mastered all that is in front of you moons ago.
Let this week be a reminder of your skills, wisdom and expertise.
Use all that you are made of to reach your goals and to evolve to the next level.

Fire Aries Leo Sagittarius
1, 7, 8

Dear Fire sign, starting fresh (again) requires humbleness, a balanced psyche and intuitive endurance.
Go with your insight and apply positive affirmations to see desired results.
If you are feeling drained or depleted, avoid important meetings.
Shed the doubt and only shine with your “A” game. Nothing else will do.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly special and Insight by Damaris August 2011

Weekly Special and Insight by Damaris Warrior Nation Nine -August 2011

**Please note***The Monthly overview is on the video only.

The focus for the month of August is self- improvement.
It is highly suggested that any emotional, health and spiritual concerns
be addressed as soon as possible.
For the warrior, she/he knows the importance of maintaining and uplifting
spiritual/ physical energy.

Weekly Special:
Intuitive Readings: -$45.
Energy Clearings: $35.

For more information: email
or call : 404.840.7503



This week it is suggested that you look for simplicity and beauty in your surroundings.
For the warrior, gratitude is the main ingredient in life.
Although you have put a lot into maintaining your financial fire, you may feel like the outcome should be “grander” than what it currently is; this may cause anxiety
and frustration.
By practicing thankfulness, your energy is restored and you enjoy your work knowing all is as it should be.


Growth and manifestation come by the way of nurturing and proper guidance.
After examining all of the pieces in your life, seeking advice or listening to a mentor who has done what you are doing (longer than you) is suggested.
Even if you feel you know all there is to know, seek proper counsel in your line of work and even romantic endeavors. A much needed conversation will give you desired results and a different perception to learn from. There is always room for education.

Tranquility and peace is the key for the upcoming weeks. Change of events may influence your mood, however the warrior is clear of the path and insist upon searching for greater clarity and the grand purpose to improve her/his disposition.
Creative writing can assist with managing fluctuating moods as well as using intuition to see the grand image of any scenario.


Reuniting with the loving soul within you brings about a deeper romance and connection with a loved one.
If you are single, during this cycle you are glowing with a love that must be shared to all you come in contact with.
Avoid arguments and choose to experience a deeper joy than you have ever known.

Scorpio- is suggested that you free your mind from past pain, doubt and fear so it can be used for magical powers. Imagine your mind as a wand.
What do you need and desire most for others and you? How can you bless your surroundings and enhance your life force?
It is suggested that you spiritually cleanse your aura and then wish your will.


Just when you had a nice flow going, you get slammed with a few options that grab your attention. Choices need to be made. The best decisions can be determined on how they feel to you. If they feel like “missing” pieces to your current situation, it may be a great idea to pay attention to what the Universe is offering you;s o what if you have to “restart” your flow. Some things only come once…maybe twice if you’re lucky.


Give yourself permission to gather all of your kind energy that you have put out into the Universe and redirect it back to you. If you are feeling depleted or discouraged about recent events or an on-going pattern that drains you, re-boost your life-force by taking time to collect thoughts and ideas that offer the stability you seek.
It’s just a matter of doing and living your best without expectation. Honor the creator within you.


This cycle is about being thankful for your life and the gifts that you offer those around you. With blessings in mind, it’s best to continue giving as well as recycle the love given to you. Appreciating life’s gifts enhance your life beyond measure.
Focus on recycling love and watch your life change dramatically before your own eyes.
Imagine a blissful you this week.


When emotionally balanced, “risk-taking” can be successful. Ambition, luck and the blessings of angels all aligned within you, there is nothing that can not be accomplished.
Avoid negative people and move forward with plans to improve you finances and personal growth. All is in your favor if you believe.


When you are in a hurry to get to the “finish-line” details and the warmth of life’s experiences can be missed. Take your time, seek wise counsel and look not to the future, rather enjoy the now. In doing so, you reduce stress and make meaningful relationships along the way.


Choosing a partner involve valuing a deeper part of yourself. Knowing what you have to offer to your life and those around you make it simple when selecting a mate. Always look for complimenting resources rather than energy you feel is missing from your life.


This reading is a reminder to use knowledge that has been passed down through family tradition and or innate wisdom that has stimulated your spirit like nothing else has. During this cycle, it’s simple-you know what you know to be true.
Do not let other energies influence your valued and inner wisdom.
Use it because it is a magnificent gift.