Monday, August 2, 2010

Aug 2010

this month is about heat, accumulated energy, fire, and the ability to disperse this energy in ways to benefit you and others.
For those who are "fired" up with anxiety, frustrated, angry, or feeling an over-all sense of heightened energy, you can now move this energy and transfer it in ways to benefit you and others.
Remember, when energy is brewing or warm, this represents a form of activation. The only warning here is to avoid being consumed by your heat or heat in general. Instead of acting, you may want to sleep.
Rest is good and maybe do this after you have used this months heightened heated energy to manifest and see your goals to the end-this includes visualization.
Like any month, you can make things shake up, but especially now.  -Damaris

Visualization for Aug:
1.) Sit still
2.) Locate the most heated area in your body
3.) Imagine this heat as activated cosmic stars
4.) See the stars leave your body and travel to and throughout a special project or goal
5.) Smile. Let the stars do their thing, relax now, and drink 3 glasses of water


Developing your intuition is great for this month. The best way to work on this is to
release high expectations (often unrealistic) of others. By focusing on others, your natural instincts can often get muddy, and so its hard to see through all of your eyes.
Do you Leo- you do that so well anyway. :)

Get a grasp on your business concepts. You may want to avoid diversions and swaying away from your own brilliant ideas as well as your education. Gather your ideas and skills to create a grand plan of execution. Doing this now sets the tone for many months to come. 

Its time to network more effectively. Get in touch with old contacts, be sincere and let them know you are still around. Come up with a refreshed bio that shows two sides of you. You can now get away with more creativity then in the past. Let the old formal bio go.
Fresh ideas and a fresh new look all work to your advantage. Ready Set Go!


You just had a birthday however, the party is just beginning. Moon magic is stirring in your soul Cancer. Let it out; you no longer have to wait for validation or approval from others to accomplish the many dreams you carry inside. Resources come for you this month. Be ready!

Listen, I love the dream world just like you. Books, movies, drifting off to other worlds of fantasy to escape can be soothing. However this month, things are a bit different. You are asked politely to be more of an active participant in your own life. Strategy along with a clear mind is needed for the next 3 months to see a goal into this physical realm. Best wishes!

Developing a sense of security in your life is up to you. Your efforts along with your angelic team, allows you to make a great leap forward in your ventures. However, you may need more confidence. Try the visualization (above) for this month and see yourself mastering your emotions. When your emotions are in tact, you work effectively and feel the best about yourself.


By grasping the concept and feel of "inner power", you begin to heal yourself, grow, and recreate a vision of your future. The first step to feeling your inner power is to avoid viewing others and situations to see where you "fit in".  Being the life of any party over time requires a bit of "acting". Acting in the long run make you forget who you really are what you want. This month, individuality works for you Libra.

avoiding the reality of a situation won't make it better. Work on what you can to make corrections. For things you ca not correct, ask the gut of you if you can deal with the situation as is. The solutions are always easy if and when you agree to be mature with you and your higher self. If you drink alcohol, may be fast from it this month. Waaay too much heat if you do Gemini. Focus is needed.

You planted seeds here and there and everywhere Aquarius. Now it is time to check on them. Check the soil. Is it fertile? Do you need to give your seeds greater attention?
Remember you are the sun and water to your seeds. Continue to take the necessary steps required to seeing various projects through. One step at a time-you win.


Relationship building with integrity and honesty works on your behalf and others this month. Trust yourself and the Universe to put ALL of your cards on the table. The clearer the intention, the greater impact. Any underhandedness or lack of sincerity will be revealed.

All the work in your mind is piling up. No need to stress yourself Taurus. How about dancing, listening to your favorite music, taking a nice soothing herb bath to relax.
Over-thinking this month can cause your physical body trauma. Take it easy, you work best when you are relaxed. Easier said then done? Maybe, but one way or the other, you'll need that downtime.

Things may get a bit shaken up this month. Situations change, relocation may be in order, or retreating from a situation or project. Don't hesitate to make the best moves now. The faster you extinguish this fire, the better you feel. By the end of the month, it looks like it never happened. Move forward with ease and persistence.