Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Love Potion" energy medicine for the heart chakra

"Love Potion"
Energy Medicine For The Heart Chakra

When: February 5th, 2013
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore event room
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Presenter: Damaris- Intuitve, Chanel, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine
Cost: $15. per class OR save. $25. for two people

Call to Register: 404.255.5207

Do you want more love in your life, yet find it difficult to 
open up and trust?
If so, this class is for you and right on time for Valentine's Day!

In this class you will learn how to:
-discover your personal "love potion"
-recognize old relationship patterns and discover where they come from
-release trust issues
-keep an open heart and mind

This class is fun and informative. Please attend with comfortable clothing.
All supplies and loving treats are provided.

*One night only special discount on energy clearing items*

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Reading overview by Damaris

                              2013 New Blue Lady Painting acrylic on canvas size: 24x48 $650

2013 New Year Reading Overview By Damaris

Keywords for 2013 Overview

Extended Family is a focus for 2013. Adoption, meeting new and lost blood family OR estranged family may “come back home”.
It is important to make proper adjustments concerning lifestyles as well as communicating the rules of the home.
In some cases, spiritual counseling may be helpful to secure a good foundation.
Extending compassion and forgiveness may be the keys to a successful union or reunion.
Making assumptions about a person may cause hidden problems and resentment, hence it is vital to speak clearly and put all cards on the table to avoid confusion.

Sensitivity around matters of the heart intensifies when unresolved issues resurface.
For those who have made attempts to bury emotions before resolution find it difficult to maintain basic relationships.  Time at work may be lost due to emotions that result in physical difficulties.
Crimes of passion, arguments and explosive behavior are directly connected to an overwhelming flow of uncontrolled and misplaced emotions.
Some hearts are closed to relationships due to the lack of trust in “humans” and the world. From this, hermit- like behavior increases. When this happens, the 3rd-eye becomes weak and inner vision is lost. One has a difficult time trusting what is seen and felt.
For those who are extremely sensitive now and find it difficult to release or forgive, this read suggest these basic low-stress strategies:
Get oxygen (oxygen foods and breathe more)
 Have 2-3 bowel movements a day
 Take steam or relaxing baths before bed
Reduce white foods (sugar, rice, breads, flour etc.)
Get sunlight
Sweat more.
By including the list above, you may decrease the possibility of nervous breakdowns and avoid depression.
Work with your physical body UNTIL you feel open to work with the emotional self.
Taking baby steps and working with you the best way you know how is important.

Cultivate your ideas and seeds that have been sown in the spring of 2012.
It is a great time to resurrect the passions of the heart and mind or the legacy you want to leave behind.
For those who are creative, innovative and have a desire to bring balance to their community, opportunity and support surrounds you.
Faith and action take you further now than you have been before.

Note From Damaris-
It came to me early November when I was meditating on the 2013 reading that
letting go and forgiveness is a huge part of 2013 and its newness.
Shifts have been felt; speeding up and then a slow moving feel of time have been experienced as well as the opening and closing of portals.
With this obvious energy present, it is a good time to forgive and heal.
Currently, there is a vortex of warmth and acceptance around us.
While this portal is open, the read suggest that we choose to release old
grudges, pain, vengeful thoughts and any heavy energy that no longer has a purpose.
Now until April 23,rd - 2013, releasing can be “easier” then before.  After the 23rd, this portal closes and it’s more difficult to release disappointments.
The reading says any remaining energy (heavy energy) creates stagnation and it will be difficult to get rid of physical ailments.
After the release, the life you live will reflect the truth that is within; this means inner conflict dissolves and spiritual/ physical roads open.
Personally, I believe in complete deliverance at any time, however after pondering the reading, I also respect the cycles of life and am quite aware how the planets can affect us while here on earth.
We are indeed connected to everything
For those in harmony with this message, I am offering:

“The Letting Go Plan”
*includes a unique reading on the specific problem
* a specific forgiveness ritual based on the finds from your reading
* a two week follow-up energy session
Price- $120.

For more info and to book email