Friday, August 31, 2012

Energy Clearing Class

“I need A Boost”
 Introduction to Energy Clearing
Where: Phoenix and Dragon event room
When: Tuesday 18, 2012  Time: 7pm
Presenter: Damaris –Intuitive Reader, Channel, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $25. per person. Bring a friend and save. $15 per person for 2 or more.
Contact Phoenix and Dragon to pre-register. 404.255.5207

If you have ever said or thought, “I need more energy”, this 
exciting and educational session is for you.
Learn how to:
* detect unwanted energy in your aura and body
* recognize when it is time to see an energy worker
* keep heavy energy away after clearing 
* re-boost your energy naturally

New to Phoenix and Dragon’s gifted psychic team, Damaris introduces her unique Intuitive Readings and Clearing sessions to those who desire insight, change and a sense of freedom.
This class is accompanied with a live demonstration group energy session and intro one on one energy reading and clearing with Damaris; pre-registration required.
Please come and enjoy:
*Selected transformational items discounted for one night only
* refreshments with a touch of magic
* energy sessions
* free 1 hr. reading and energy session raffle (value $125.)

After my readings and energy sessions, my clients report feeling clear, energized, calm, focused, grounded and relived. Looking forward to serving you. -damaris

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Insight by Damaris Continues..

Insight by Damaris
Insight continues..

From August 27nd through September 22nd

This reading’s focus is on transformational tools and techniques which may be useful during this time of change.


For water signs, it’s about relearning to trust your natural rhythm and intuition.
Understanding the power of your soul/energy is key especially during your transitional season.
Feel your power and then use it as fuel to:
-improve health and physical vitality
-disconnect from unhealthy relationships/habits
-improve finances by being more creative
Re unite with your power through visualization techniques.
Imagine your inner and outer body as pure energy.
Get a picture in your mind of what that would look like.
Now, merge that image with earth, a tree and then extend it out into a large body of water.
Feel the powerful and alluring flow of the tides within and around you
Get into this exercise by noticing scents, textures and the vibes in the environment.
You have always been an extension of nature and beyond.
Your home is where you are; when you feel that connection, you feel your truest power.


For air signs, it is suggested to keep a journal on new ventures and feelings you want to experience.
Keeping an updated log on your personal life will allow you to make an account for your actions as well as prevent “replays” you have been trying to avoid.
Your journal may be divided in sections.
For an example, you may want to list relationships/finances/creative ventures/family.
Use a highlighter to separate what you would like to see in the future as well as highlighting what you can control.
Areas that are out of your control such as the actions and attitudes of others, you may need to highlight behavioral patterns that need to be avoided in the future.
This reading recommends documenting areas in your life you would like to improve.
By writing them down in the form of a business plan or agenda, your thinking patterns will accommodate your desires. Eventually you will notice the transformation and no longer need the journal as your motivational tool.
This exercise is also for the air signs that wish to separate unhealthy generational
patterns regarding health, relationships and business.


For Earth signs that would like to take their personal life’s journey to the next level, this read suggest letting go of addictions that impose on the main organs of the body.
Itchy or discolored skin, darkness under eyes, dehydration, loss of sleep, or other obvious health concerns should be taken seriously now.
Fasting along with positive affirmations relaxes the mind and increase proper circulation within the body.
Releasing toxins during this time heightens your 3rd eye/intuition that links directly to your will.
Having a strong and undefeated attitude is important for the Earth signs that so many depend on.
The focus is not about giving up a favorite past time or food, it is about increasing spiritual and physical power by the way of fasting from toxic people places and things.


For Fire signs, flowing into your next transitional phase requires you to gather.
Collecting information, extending specific education and other various resources will prepare you for what is ahead.
The information you gather may be extremely vital because you may not be able to depend on other people who claim to be an expert in their field
(disappointments in others may create a set back).
If you are familiar with what you need or have multiple resources (back up) that you can immediately access, this can keep you in the leadership role.
During this era, Fire signs must be able to successfully be the life they want to see.
Your challenge may be remaining in the driver’s seat of your life.
Remember, this is not a control issue; it is using your abilities to obtain YOUR definition of success.
Know what you need, collect and then utilize.