Monday, August 17, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 8/22/15
We have a new Oracle, Oracle Winter on deck this week.
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Oracle Winter comes with a warning of preparation in two areas- the home and legalities.
If you have outstanding paperwork, bills, legal documents or any date of financial obligation ahead, this reading suggest that we plan accordingly rather than waiting until the last minute.
The reading says that if we procrastinate, a form of confusion or difficulty can block the completion of our obligation putting us behind the mark.
For an example, if a situation prevents payment of a speeding ticket, as a result, suspension of driver's license can occur placing one at risk for jail time or failure to appear in court.
In regards to the home, the reading suggest that we tidy up or handle repairs before old damages take on a new appearance or in some cases, costing more to fix.
Regardless of the situation, the reading is asking us:
Are we prepared for the unexpected?
What loose ends should we tie up?
What can be costly if I procrastinate too long?
Let's handle our business this week!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week of 8/15/2015
Oracle Laila comes with a simple message for this week.
It's suggested that we put projects that have been dormant or not updated to rest.
It appears that new fresh energy is upon us and that the older ideas and concepts
are attached to a "staleness" that will keep us in the past.
This doesn't mean that we should throw away projects altogether, however the reading suggest that we transform it into something WOW-like and new.
Some will experience this antsy creative feeling and will want to explore the unknown.
For those who are innovative, this is an excellent time to make your mark in the world by introducing your inventions.
As some of you begin to glow with a shine of excitement and success, unfortunately partnerships can suffer a bit if everyone is not on the same page.
Jealousy should not be ignored but addressed!
For most of you reading this, you may have about 2-3 people who would like
to keep you in their little box and use you at their disposal.
It may be time to shift gears and lose a few folks who are secretly against your
personal evolution.
In summary, this week explore the untapped creativity within. If you pull out the old projects, immediately give them a make-over or else the dormant energy they are attached to could keep you in the past.
Last but not least, get rid of the parasites that do not want to see you succeed.
Make it an amazing productive week!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Insight for the week of 8/8/15
we have a new oracle on deck, Oracle Lynx.
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Oracle Lynx is coming with a little different inspiration and thus, we shall do this weekly insight by ELEMENTS.
If you know your Sun, moon and rising signs, view both for a fuller reading.
Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
This week's insight speaks about being the BLESSINGS that you wish to obtain.
A deeper awakening is happening within the 1st and 2nd chakra (creative, sexual, financial, life purpose) and is looking for "play time" and a place to explore- a place to ignite and DO.
This week you may feel like getting into some action, however it is suggested that it be in an alignment with your goals/mission, otherwise you ay experience set-backs sometime in September. This means that your actions can uplift now or retain depending on your course of action.
In summary, make this a VERY productive week, stay focused or get your focus so you can manifest according to your desires.
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Oracle Lynx says to manage your tongue this week. Be mindful what you say and to whom. There seems to be a hint of needed expression, however if you say too much to the wrong person, this could create third -party drama kinda of like the "he say she say stuff" OR someone can take your simple expression and blow it out of proportion. This week, be intuitive before you speak and in some scenarios, let your actions be your words. Just because someone requests your attention and thoughts, doesn't mean that you must reply right away. Move and act when it feels right.
Air (Gemini, Libra,Aquarius)
This week is a good time for the air signs to celebrate their accomplishments as well as their existence. Treating you to things/people that bring harmony into your life is suggested. Oracle Lynx says that if you remember your placement and your soul by acknowledging it this week, the thoughts that you put out into the Universe will be heard.
Simply put, the energy you normally emit to others, this week turn it inward. If you stir your own pot, the rewards you expect WILL come forth.
Manage your power.
Fire (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries)
Interesting, the Oracle is saying that this week, it's about your physical appearances.
If you are in a position of the artist, sales person or any public figure, the Oracle says to think about your "look". DO you want to change your look or enhance it to connect with your audience?
This can also mean changing the settings of your office or space where others may meet with you for business.
Remember that colors and textures are tools of connectivity for the Magician.
The simplest change, can give you desires results.
Blessings and make it an amazing week!