Spiritual Baths and Remedies by Damaris


When we are having a difficult time utilizing our personal power and moving forward with life, usually it is our past and unhealthy choices that contributes to repetitive patterns.
Here is a ritual that includes a spiritual bath that can assist with making great changes.


·      Get three seven day candles; one black , one white and one red candle.

   Light them with the intentions of:
 separating from old ways, negative thought patterns, attachments (black)
 unleashing inner wisdom, clarity and strength (white)
 ushering in a new way of living and setting forth the appropriate foundation (red)

Place them in a safe place and let them burn until the flames are out.

* Note* it is important to light your candles with great intention and passion.
Ask that your guides and ancestors who walk with you on your life’s path to join you during this sacred session.

For an example, if you know your great grandma is with you and she used to bake biscuits and chew on snuff, have those items with you during your ritual and place them next to your candles.
Use your common sense and discard ancestors items when necessary.

When lighting each candle, state the intention; what are you trying to clear up, what is your purpose, how do you want to expand, etc.?

For the next 7 days, intentionally change your route and the way you normally do things.
Take a different travel route to work or to the places you visit frequently.
To simplify, anything you do as regular routine, switch it up drastically.
Wear different shoes (do not wear the same shoes you have worn for the past there days).
Avoid sex and masturbation at all cost.
Avoid sugar and synthetic foods (additives, red 40, yellow #5 etc)
Minimize communication (it’s a great time to harness energy rather than release it).
If strong enough, engage in liquid fast for 4-7 days.
If someone gave you a special ring or amulet and you are at odds with the person, remove it from your presence during the ritual.

Every morning before preparing for your day, spin counter clockwise 21 times. Take your time, no need to get dizzy and fall out.
Before bed, spin clockwise 21 times. This can be before you take your spiritual bath described below.

Here is a wonderful clearing spiritual bath to take during the days of your ritual.
Ingredients per bath:

1.5 cup of salts
1 red apple sliced in 5 pieces
3 tablespoons of real lemon juice or lemongrass oil (15 drops)
3 pinches of cayenne pepper
3 pinches of cinnamon
5 white flower heads (daisies)
3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 small white onion (cut in half and put in the tub)

Take bath for 7 days at least 35 minutes each time.
Take at night when you can rest afterward.
You may want to smudge your bathroom and clean the tub with natural soap before bathing.
Natural cedar incense mixed with white sage is great to use.

Spiritual baths have the ability to:

-remove blockages that prevent spiritual and financial growth
-remove sexual depression connected to sexual abuse
-remove stagnant energy within the physical body
-increase clarity and focus
-relieve anxiety brought on by spiritual attachments
-seal and protect the energetic body


“She’s a lil different but REALLY down to earth so it was easy to trust Damaris.
I never heard of a spiritual bath before. She didn’t promise I would win the lottery, but she did say it would help with my current situation.
After taking the baths and doing what Damaris recommended, I got a job after being unemployed for three months.”  -T. Paul

“I attended a class at Phoenix and Dragon and Damaris was the teacher.
The message in class was spot on and that encouraged me to try her products.
I purchased the clearing spray and the bath. After I took one bath, my night vision improved so much that I no longer have to wear glasses at night. I now believe that the things we do not know or cannot see can cause physical problems. “ -Michelle.

“Yeah..Demaris asked me for a testimony and I felt I owed you one but didn’t really want to because of what came out of my reading. Anyway, here goes. Demaris told me that I was having issues with my life force energy. Turns out that was her way of saying I was sexually challenged. It was true, but she told me how it happened and what I could do to fix the problem. The only reason why I tried the bath was because I was floored she could tell I had “life force energy problems” lol from my reading. I’m back in the saddle again with confidence. Thanks Demaris hope this is what you wanted.”- Rodney

If you have any spiritual bath experiences that you would like to share, please email me: damaris9@gmail.com

I like to get to the root of problems and usually it is energetic.
Specializing in reading energy/auras, I offer various spiritual formulas that can break up:
-blockages that prevent work
- family patterns
-heavy or negative auras around the body
-headaches or dark energy that surfaced from previous Reiki or healing services
-physical pain that can not be diagnosed from a medical doctor

There is no real magic involved with this process. Your own energetic body gives me your story or "clues" to investigate that leads us to a doable solution in most scenarios.

My services are here for those who have a sincere desire to change.
I have no doubt that if directions are followed from your spiritual reading as well as taking your baths as directed, your life will change drastically for the better.

All ingredients are natural containing no animal or synthetic additives.
I always include spiritually charged salts as the base with either olive or coconut oil.
Various herbs, plant based items and essential oils are used as well.
In personalized baths, there can be "exotic" items that a person's spirit or ancestors call for in order to experience a thorough clearing.

Although everyone is different, most experience feeling lighter, focused, powerful, energetic, happy and clear after taking a spiritual bath and or foot bath.

If you would like to see me in person, please contact Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore located in Sandy Springs, Georgia for an appointment: 404.255.5207
If you are out of town or cannot make it in person, feel free to email me personally at: info@damarisstarr.com

Thank you for your business and referrals!


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