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Insight By Damaris May 2014

Insight by Damaris for May 2014

Aura Overview-
The month of May takes us to a very deep and intimate place that in many ways forces us to reestablish our VALUE SYSTEM.
Would you put your last few dollars in a bank that has a sign on the door that reads:
“Going Out Of Business, but Still accepting your MONEY?”

This reading looks very familiar to me and so maybe collectively we are having challenges with letting go of the romantic idea that someone will save us, or finally this person will love me, etc.
It seems as though May will challenge the self-esteem and image greatly.
If one is looking to expand in ANY WAY imaginable, the results of that expansion is connected directly to where one places their heart, mind, soul, money and time.
The aura scan shows that many of us feel a form of depletion, our self- esteem has taken hits and the mind is fragile and yet holding on to natural survival skills.

Although many are walking away from old habits and disappointing scenarios, it appears that the spirit needs to be revived, otherwise the road ahead looks bleak or uncertain.
So before we move forward, let’s sit still and revisit the past.
Take a moment to answer these questions silently to yourself:

How was your first sexual experience? If not positive, did you consciously make peace with it?
How was your relationship with your mother as a child? If not positive, did you consciously make peace with it?
How was your home life as a child? Was there embarrassment, cruelty or other forms of on-going discomfort? If so, did you consciously make peace with it?
How was your first spiritual or religious experience? If not positive, did you make peace with it?

Those questions should be reviewed (even if you have been there before) because the reading implies that collectively we have been trying to get some strange sort of approval from energies that at the end of the day, just do not like us or care about us.
It’s almost as if we have forsaken our own souls to appease a greedy monster that is never satisfied.
This behavior is directly connected to the inner child and stems from our childhood.
**We are in this together folks so if you have “arrived” please share your remedies with others who you know are making conscious efforts to heal.**

Now, before I move forward with the Aura reading, please over stand that the aura shows us moving forward!
Evolution is inevitable and for now, it is my responsibility to “report” what I see.
As one moves forward, it is vital that one does not take old behaviors to a “new” location.
The idea is not to replace one slave master with another.
So the reading suggests that those who are wounded from an emotional and physical war find NEW ways to recover.

Here are a few tips:
- disengage from users (those who want something for nothing)
-abort any plans with questionable people or scenarios
- refrain from having sex with anyone who plays mind games (this is vital)
-refrain from sexual acts that remind you of childhood sexual abuse
- avoid visualizing an old lover while masturbating (this is harmful and creating psychic attacks)
-invest any extra time in restructuring your life and how you would like to see it
-avoid being around complainers and gossip
-get rid of any items or jewelry that is connected to a distorted past
-join or create a group of like minds
- create a spiritual business plan that involves clearing the aura

One important thing to remember during the month of May is, all is not lost; in fact new beginnings are present.
So if you were given a new heart, whom would you share it with?
If you were given a new company, what kind of people would you hire?
If you were given $20, where would you spend it and on what?

This reading suggests that at some time during the month of May; take time to physically write down a new value system for your life.

To be continued…

Insight By Damaris May 2014 continues…



another cycle is approaching and it requires specific nurturing.
There is a special talent or level of expertise that can be tweaked or stretched to
its next potent stage.
For the water signs, May brings feelings of a needed metamorphosis.
At first, this won’t be apparent.
Instead, feelings of frustration, disappointment, loneliness and even an increase in appetite may be present.
It’s important to recognize these “out of the blue” and overwhelming feelings as standard void fillers, however note the fact that they may not be real.
Try channeling your energy into pushing your talents to their next destination even if you do not have an audience watching and waiting.
You are the Inventor, the Scientist, the Magi, the Magic Wand, the Generator and the spark to the explosion that brings forth new life.


May brings a feeling of vulnerability that can stem from a deal gone sour.
If a written or verbal contract is shattered and causes noticeable setbacks, this is a reminder that you have been playing to someone else’s rules.
If you can think back on questionable scenarios within the last year and a half when you gave the wrong person your energy and power, this season is the result of that.
What is so strangely beautiful about all of this is that your subconscious ordered this level of vulnerability in order to draw power from it.
When you are vulnerable, there is nothing else to lose; only strength can be rediscovered.
Use this new strength to build the solid foundation you have always dreamed of.


For the month of May, extraction equates to expansion.
Anything from dental fillings to sugar to overdue bowel movements are forced to leave the body.
There are many levels of purging that take place in May in order for the body to retain proper alignment and growth.
For an example, a fetus may have to leave the body suddenly in order for blood pressure levels to be normalized.
One’s mind may be emotional and even in denial, however the body works using survival intelligence.
For the air signs, this month is asking you to remove blockages before they are “forced” to leave.
Understand that this is all a part of spiritual, mental and physical education.


the month of May for the fire signs focus on currency and exchanges.
It will be wise and useful for the fire sings to develop their own way of purchasing and receiving goods or monies.
The reading is asking you to look at the concept of being short-changed and how to manage quality and quantity.
Perfect example is the “Pawn Shop” business.
You take something of value to be pawned and because of the nature of the business, what you get in return doesn’t match.
This is a great time to rework bills, people, contracts, gigs, etc. and align them to a mutually beneficial position.

Love and Respect,


Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Insight by Damaris April 2014

Insight by Damaris for April 2014

It seems that April is holding up many mirrors as a way of insisting that we take
care of our responsibilities.
Here are a few things I put together that can help us during times of reflection during April and going into May 2014.

If You Feed It, It Will Come

For those going through transition and have made conscious decisions to move forward in life with a new attitude, nurturing that decision is vital for proper growth.
If you nurture old thoughts and ways, those energies will grow as well.
Energy around us is very potent, hence be mindful of how you utilize it.
If you think one thought and your actions convey the opposite, energy will gravitate toward what has been more activated, and then will act as a booster.
This can also put us on notice to observe the vulnerabilities of the mind (it may be weaker than in the past).

A Time To Define

If you are suffering from anxiety and scattered thoughts, being definitive can act as an antidote.
List your goals, make a verbal and written contract with you to complete them and let nothing lead you astray.

Growth Is A Natural Process

This is a great time to utilize the information you have on “allowing” and being at peace with what has come and gone.
Pull out your meditation and visualization Cd’s, go to your support group or contact your spiritual advisor with your focus on personal growth.
For some, agitation is the cry from the inner spirit that is requesting to feel something new.
The spirit may need fresh stimuli that the body secretes from nervous excitement when embarking on something new.
Releasing the past can only be beneficial in regards to this process.

In regards to homes, vehicles and material possessions, if you have had the attitude like, “I will deal with it when it shows up”, this month it may show up.
Be prepared to replace old parts to vehicles, homes and any form of technology.

Happy April!
Loving you,


April Astro Flow by Damaris 

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

For the water signs, I have a story to tell that may make sense to you and your current energy and situations around you.

There was this little boy in daycare about 3 years old.
The woman who runs the daycare had simple standard rules:
no taking toys from others, no fighting etc. and if so, punishment meant time out with face toward the corner of a wall.
Well one day this 3 year old boy was playing with his toy his mother gave to him before leaving the car that morning.
Another boy walks up to him and snatches the toy out of his hands and began playing with it.
The 3 year old thought about if for a few seconds pondering on what to do.
He walks over to the boy, snatched his toy back, punched the other boy in the face, and then walked to the corner of the room and took his time-out without the caregiver asking him to.

Now what I found interesting about the mind of this 3 year old is that he felt his rights as well as his dignity was important.
Not only did he stand up for what he felt was right, he set the record by including some discipline and then he honored the rules of “Daycare land”.

I am sharing this with the water signs because the aura scan shows that water signs have decided to move on in life with recent decisions, however dignity has been compromised.
If a scenario has made you feel “less” than who you really are, this reading is asking you to set the record straight.
Moving ahead without ALL of you is like giving your future life only 45% effort.
Think about how you can bring appropriate balance into your life as you move forward.
When you do, you are leaving old patterns behind and walking in all of your power.

Earth Signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus)

Some people and things are just not worth the frustration and anger.
If you are contemplating some form of payback and or indulge in mind games, be aware that this is causing stagnation within your physical body as well as earthly progress.
Tightness in legs, arms and frequent cramping is a sign that the mind needs to release.
Another scenario to watch out for is physical parasites.
Emotional eating is feeding parasites in your body and those same parasites can make you angry as well.
A helpful tool that you may want to try is soaking your feet in water every night if possible before bed.
Add Epson salts and vanilla oil to warm water and release the day.
It’s important that you let go for your own sanity and health.
Being stubborn against your own progress is definitely counterproductive.
What I find interesting is that what you are fighting (holding on to) is really a form of fear; it appears that you are afraid of your own greatness and potential so you hang on to the “blankie” of illusions.
It’s your life and you can do what you want, however the inner you knows that your responsibilities are far greater than animosity.

Air Signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra)
Hmmm…ok so I just did the aura body scan for the Air signs and to make this
pretty cut and dry, you may want to indulge on the ritual I posted, “Leave Without A Trace”.
It’s time to go in deeper with your spiritual works and clearings.
If you are not careful, depression can set in making you feel lost or alone.
You may even begin to feel as if you “do not fit in”.
It’s not about fitting in; rather create the space you do want to be in.
For the Air signs that are feeling great, think about doing the ritual anyway as a remedy to propel forward so you do not go back to old negative ways of thinking.

Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo)

It’s best just to be silent.
Avoid confrontations, arguments and in some cases, a reason to break up with someone or a project.
Focus on the beautiful things about your life and let the fire pass if you do not know how to ride it gracefully.
Be mindful of what you say and do because your energy is very potent and mini explosions around you can easily occur.
Doing paperwork, going back over contracts and being completely into your work is suggested.
Emotions have no place when it comes down to business this month,
Business is business period.
Shake hands, kiss babies and keep it moving.


Ok for those who are having a difficult time letting go of the veil that covers personal truth and growth, here is a ritual you may want to try.


·      Get three seven day candles; one black , one white and one red candle.
Light them with the intentions of:
 separating from old ways, negative thought patterns, attachments (black)
unleashing inner wisdom, clarity and strength (white)
ushering in a new way of living and setting forth the appropriate foundation (red)

Place them in a safe place and let them burn until the flames are out.

* Note* it is important to light your candles with great intention and passion.
Ask that your guides and ancestors who walk with you on your life’s path to join you during this sacred session.
For an example, if you know your great grandma is with you and she used to bake biscuits and chew on snuff, have those items with you during your ritual.
When lighting each candle, state the intention; why are you there, what is your purpose, etc.?

For the next 7 days, intentional change your route and the way you normally do things.
Take a different travel route to work or to the places you visit frequently.
To simplify, anything you do as regular routine, switch it up drastically.
Wear different shoes (do not wear the same shoes you have worn for the past there days).
Avoid sex and masturbation at all cost.
Avoid sugar and synthetic foods (additives, red 40, yellow #5 etc)
Minimize communication (it’s a great time to harness energy rather than release it).
If strong enough, engage in liquid fast for 4-7 days.
If someone gave you a special ring or amulet and you are at odds with the person, remove it from your presence during the ritual.

Every morning before preparing for your day, spin counter clockwise 21 times. Take your time, no need to get dizzy and fall out.
Before bed, spin clockwise 21 times. This can be before you take your spiritual bath described below.

Here is a wonderful clearing spiritual bath to take during the days of your ritual.
Ingredients per bath:
1.5 cup of salts
1 red apple sliced in 5 pieces
3 tablespoons of real lemon juice or lemongrass oil (15 drops)
3 pinches of cayenne pepper
3 pinches of cinnamon
5 white flower heads (daisies)
3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 small white onion (cut in half and put in the tub)

Take bath for 7 days at least 35 minutes each time.
Take at night when you can rest afterward.
You may want to smudge your bathroom and clean the tub with natural soap before bathing.
Natural cedar incense mixed with white sage is great to use.

For those who may have wanted to do something special for the “Blood Moon” eclipse, this may be worth a try.