Monday, August 18, 2014

Spiritual remedy Sessions with Damaris

15 Minutes for $35.00

Spiritual Remedy Consultation with Damaris
this Sunday August 24, 2014 @ Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore
during regular store hours 12-6pm.

The schedule is filling up so its best to make appointment in advance.

This mini-session is great for those who have a specific question regarding working with spiritual tools such as candles, resins, stones, salts and oils.
If requested, a tarot spread can be part of this Spiritual Remedy Consultation.
You may also bring your personal stones and crystals to this session to be cleared.

This will be most beneficial for: 
-those who need a follow up remedy session and not a full reading
-crystal and stone newbies who want to know what will work best with their energy
-those who feel blocked and need remedy to open up finances/love, etc.
-those who may feel negative energy and want a remedy to clear
-those who enjoy working with candles, resins and other spiritual modalities
-those who are curious and are willing to try new spiritual tools to enhance their lives
August 24th will be a high energy day and I know we will have empowering and impactful sessions that will benefit our lives and those around us.
Looking forward to seeing you! -damaris 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

September Classes

“Colors of Love”
Group Aura Divination and Manifestation Session w/Damaris

If you want to feel love, peace and a greater sense of unity,
this class is for you.

When: Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore gallery
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Cost: $25. per person or $40 for couples
Register: (404).255.5207

This class begins with an Aura group reading based on love and relationships. 
It will reveal how we utilize this love energy daily and our personal thoughts on the subject of love.
Have I given up on love? Is there love out there for me? Am I loving myself enough? Am I loving the right person?
Questions like those and more will be revealed and explored

Based on the Aura reading, we will have fun learning new love manifestation
rituals, and if needed, we can demonstrate new clearing techniques to
release old relationship residue.

Please come as you are and ready to receive a blessing.
All supplies are provided for.

Damaris is an Intuitive Reader, Chakra/Aura Reader, Medical Intuitive, Chanel, Reiki Master,
and Energy Medicine Practitioner.
Damaris works with multiple healing modalities to bring harmony within and around the body.
If you would like a one on one with Damaris, make an appointment: (404) 255.5207


“Food and Phantoms

This is a two week series class exploring the connection between
the physical and spiritual realms.
We will discuss how food, addictions and our daily attitudes link to 
the unseen world.

WHEN: Tues. September 23rd AND Tues. September 30th, 2014
TIME: 7pm-8:30pm
COST: $25 per class OR $40 when you sign up for both classes

-we will have group discussion on daily food consumption
and how it connects to psychic attacks.
- open discussion on food cravings and where they come from
-explore shrines and feeding spirits
-we will take a food challenge and revisit our findings the following week

Week 2:
-for those who took class one, we will open up with the results
from our food challenge
-discuss foods that release energetic attachments and heavy unexplained 
energy within the aura
- we will develop a 4 week food calendar to use along with
candles, resins and other energy clearing tools to enhance the Third Eye.

Presenter: Damaris- Medical Intuitive, Channel, Chakra-Aura Reader and Adjuster, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Please come with an open heart and ready to receive a blessing.
All supplies are provided for.
Come as you are.
Please register at Phoenix and Dragon for this class, or if you would like to schedule a personal reading with Damaris (404) 255.5207