Thursday, August 1, 2013

Insight by Damaris for August 2013

InSight by Damaris
August 2013


If you have been holding your tongue to keep the peace or participating in environments that are a questionable fit, August may influence sudden change.
For many, the energies of this month may poke and jab at the warrior spirit within encouraging it to rise and speak up.
Toleration can turn into frustration and frustration can transform into explosive behavior.
When this happens, some may walk away from jobs, relationships and homes.
Like with every eruption, after the dust settles, newness is present to re create unique platforms that are an appropriate fit.
Although this month can be exciting with “emotional bomb-dropping”, the intentional button pushers should be mindful of a fire-like current below the surface that is headed their way.

Astro Aura Flow

The Elements

This month is asking you to turn your hidden desires into a fortune.
The ideas you channel are bigger than you, therefore it’s suggested that you get out of your own way of success.
If this is difficult to do, the reading suggests speaking with an advisor who can assist with exposing your fears –this will boost confidence levels.
Your ideas and aspiring soul will not rest until your inner empire is tangible.
August is a great month for the Cancer to take action.

Health challenges may be a sign that the inner fire/will is not connected with the logical mind. For the Scorpio, in moments of passion when you feel as if you can do anything, it’s like having an out of body experience. Although that can be exhilarating, you may discover that the physical body has been neglected when the mind body spirit components try to connect.
If you are feeling great now, good job, however visit your nutritionist to prevent physical discomforts. For the Scorpio, lower back, knees, neck, heart and head pressure are highlighted.

Isolation works when you want to regain power, imagination and discipline. Isolation doesn’t work for the fluid Pisces when it is a way to hide from the disappointments of the world.
This month is asking you to manage your emotions by being truthful with you and others. If you are willing to face the truth, the reality can actually be a fresh breath of air. Are you willing to be a fish out of water, or are you willing to create a world for you based on your truth.  The Key words are “your truth”, not what you think others expect from you.

This month is pushing you to get out the minds of others and take action for you.
Way too often you fought the good fight in hopes that others will see or join you.
In doing so, you may have lost pieces of yourself over the years to various ventures and organizations. So now, what is left for you? This reading suggests you step out and that you create new shoes for you to fill and walk in comfortably.
Every time you have latched on to others in hopes they would do the right thing, it blew up in your face. Why?? Because YOU must be the master of your own domain first.

It’s not that you’re into lying per se, but what keeps coming up as I am writing this is “ tell the truth and shame the devil”. 
This month will remind you to be focused on optimism and that may include exposure. Exposing you to others (especially someone who is important to you) will unleash healing and activate the flow of blessings. You are a powerful force, so what you do and what you don’t do matters anyway. What you keep hidden feels like it shows up in your aura and behavior. This energy can be felt and play a big part of your current situation.

Itchy skin or random breakouts represent nervous energy within the body.
This reading is asking you to get more comfortable in the skin you live in.
Do you need to forgive? Does the past reveal itself to you as possible mistakes in the future?  This month surround you with new people, new ventures and new energy.
Invite someone you love to make new memories with you.

Victory is achieved when you acknowledge that you have been victorious already.
Learn yourself enough to know when enough is enough.
Imagine a world where there is no competition and no judgment. Would you be satisfied with your life’s work? When you let go of inner struggle and dissatisfaction, you open the door to new romance-either someone is coming or there will be a renewal in the romance department. This month think of how many ways to enjoy your passion and place it where it is needed the most. This month, love is all you need. ;)

Ok so I see Leo walking up flights of stairs to an unusual initiation. There is a window at the top with bright light coming in. The light shines around Leo’s entire body. A large book is placed in the hands and Leo smiles as if this moment has finally come. This translates to a new promotion and awareness. More information is now accessible and blessings flow from it. Eat clean foods and monitor your energy so that you can manage the abundance that is headed your way in the near future.

Oooh I see that Sag has been weaving destiny and it is an amazing web. August will invite you to step back and look at what you have been creating to get the full perspective. In doing so you will be able to enjoy your life while you create it.
Sometimes you are so into the work that you cannot see exactly what is taking place and how you really fit into it.  It’s almost like when your mind moves aggressively within your work, you create another force that is obsessed with just working. This month, step away from your canvas, take a breather and then plan your next moves.


If you are looking for new love, passion and a different kind of life, this reading suggests being drastically passionate about renewing your position. For an example: your clothing, does it represent how you want to express moving forward in life, or is it a reflection of the old you? Your associates-do they have the same dry conversations that you just sit and nod your head to?
If you really want to move on in life to welcome a new love or passion, you must truly move on. Switch things up a bit including your stance and style.


 You know, it’s interesting how one could take on a cause or specific project because initially it had a path to “freedom”, yet somehow it turned into a burden.  If things have been feeling a bit overwhelming lately, the best thing to do is create another path that you can enjoy-maybe something artsy and with no expectations attached.
In doing so, that may be the balance needed.

This month Gemini is some ways “forced” to use great power and magic within. In the past you may have felt as if you didn’t want to shine too brightly, but now your full presence is needed. I can say it is about time that Gemini uses ALL of his/her abilities for the greater good. In doing so excessive eating, masturbation and other addictive behaviors fall to the wayside. You become a healthier powerhouse when you utilize all of your gifts. No holding back in August.