Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012 Insight by Damaris

InSight by Damaris
May 2012

This month’s Starrbar special
** heart chakra clearing and realignment**

For some, the mind can be strong-willed.
In fact, our society taught us how to maintain mental strength.
We learn how to “suck it up”, be strong and “never let’em see you sweat”.
This kind of mind-power can override the process of releasing disappointment, pain and emotional trauma inside of the body.
When we bypass the process of elimination, invisible emotional trauma within the body can become visible.
Cyst, tumors, heart failure, fatigue, cancer, blood disease, spasms, irregular menstrual cycle, premature ejaculation, chronic headaches, irregular bowel syndrome and so many more ailments are caused from experiencing a broken heart that has not been thoroughly addressed.

For the month of May, I will be addressing the heart chakra and would like to offer
a special to those who are ready to release pain.

Heart Chakra energy session
$20 for 10 minutes
$45.  for 30 minutes
$60. for 45 minutes
For more information:

May 2012 Overview

This month is about acknowledging “leftovers” or additional energy that has entered
into our lives unknowingly by innocent encounters.
For an example:
you have a repairman come into your home to fix the heating and air system.
He open’s his tool bag and out jumps a few pregnant cockroaches.
Well, that night you sleep in a 65-degree temp home just how you like,
but now you have extended family that refuses to pay rent and they just don’t want to leave.
Although we want to pay close attention to matters at hand, this read suggest that we open our 3rd eye, peripherals and the like to view the entire picture.
Being proactive is also suggested.
An example:
you invite a wonderful person dear to you into your home that is going through bereavement.
You know this person has been to a gravesite, funeral home and is dealing with everything that comes with transition.
Before your guest arrives, you clear your home of stagnate energy, say a special prayer and evoke healing vibrations.
Those actions support your friend and loving energy is the foundation of
the over-all frequency in your home.
Being non-productive in this scenario could mean depression and sadness can take over the home and you, when your initial motive was to support a visitor.

Let May be a month of viewing the past, the current and future probabilities based on common sense and the gathering of facts.
If we allow our inner Sage, Healer and Seer to work on our behalf this month, future plans and relationships can glow and grow in goodness/godliness.
Clarity and truth protect the soul from parasitic distractions.

For some, May is the beginning of Life; heaven is the seed that has been planted long ago and is now the roots, stems and buds of existence.
Once I was blind; now I see.


developing a greater sense of responsibility leads to extended opportunity.
Opportunity equates to resources and currency that allows you to bask in your accomplishments in the long run.
Regardless of gender, you are the great mother, the pool of life and the giver of eternity.
This month, be inventive, proud of your creative genius and utilize your special gifts.
Instead of cursing the mouths that want to harm you, harness the light that is you.
Where you put your energy this month is a gauge to where you are in life and how
you have managed your emotions.
May 12th, use your intuition, healing abilities and be open to sharing your ideas with others.
May 19th, indulge in celebrations, libations and dancing.
May 26th, meditation brings a deeper understanding and a spiritual initiation.

this message would be strange for other signs of the Zodiac, but not you Scorpio.
Your read suggest developing your inner vision and telepathy skills.
It is suggested that when others are speaking to you, avoid listening to what they are saying, instead look deep into their eyes and see what they are saying.
Hearing the entire picture allows you to enhance or improve a work or family situation.
You tend to chime in when something may directly affect you, however this read suggest you become more involved with your entire environment by using all of your senses.
Undesired childhood memories and fetishes that handicap the mind may hinder those around you. This limits full communication and understanding.
You are on the planet to raise awareness, deliver truth and fight for the greater good.
This month, use your sorcery, witchery, and gifts by God or whatever you call that special stuff you have. Use it for good-we need you now.
May 9th, take good care of the children around you-protect them.
May 16th, take a walk on the dark-side by going deeper into your own consciousness.
May 22nd, handle your family business by using common sense; leave emotions out of it.

enjoying life this month means simplistic living. The more you conserve, the more you feel good about sharing with others or assisting those in need.
When you have been pushed in a corner to display selfishness, in hindsight, that is
when you have been the most uncomfortable.
Do not allow your budget to control your social love life.
When you cannot afford gourmet, a home cooked pot of soup with your grandma’s special cornbread recipe will do the trick.
What a warm way to show someone you care.
Be creative by sharing your world, inner feelings and home cooked meals.
No one wants to be impressed by your bank account anyway (no one that matters).
May 11th, trust in you and the Universe that what you give is not in vain. No regrets, just love and the joy to be amongst the living.
May18th, a good time to discover more about your parents, family history and blood line. You may also be included in a revised will.
May 25th, your emotions may be tested, however you may be surprised with the maturity you have developed. You realize that some issues just aren’t yours to deal with.


your intuition is always sharp even though you look for proof to verify gut feelings.
Well it seems this month you are given proof as light spreads in the darkest of corners to revel the truth or discrepancies that over shadowed the past 4 months.
Instead of replaying in your mind who is to blame, or what you could have done differently, go back about two months when you had options.
For whatever reason Capricorn the choices you make aren’t always the best for you.
It’s like you become possessed by another spirit that wants to measure exactly how much you can take.
So what do you do? You choose the road that no other zodiac sign will select.
In fact, let’s take a simple test.
You just got a new shinny mountain bike with all the bells and whistles.
Just ahead you come to a fork in the road and you make a quick stop to decide which route to take.
On the left you look down the path and see a few sharp turns and a couple of dirt hills.
On the right you see scattered glass (everywhere) and 3 large mountains.
Which path looks more appealing to you Capricorn?

What’s amazing Capricorn is that you can and you do master what you choose to deal with in life.
You can even make it look like a video game exciting and fun.
However, be mindful; the time you spend on the more complicated route is time away from your blood and spiritual family who need you.
Remember you have a responsibility toward a very large piece of the world, your community and to your psyche.
Next time, try selecting the path of simplicity and use your genius for assisting those in your community. Time waits for no one and we need you Capricorn. J
May 22nd, meditation and quieting the mind gets you through troubled waters.
May 29th, get everything on paper because someone in your circle may want to steal from you. Better yet, leave the crafty person alone. Nothing good comes from a deceptive heart.

solitude and a trip within the subconscious give you a greater perspective about life-this life and what the next will be. Thinking about those who have influenced you and paying homage is in order this month.
This read suggest, turning off the phone and disconnecting from social media to indulge in this lonely and yet beautiful place to renew and feel real again.
If you need to travel to visit a gravesite of a parent, parent figure or mentor, by all means, make the trip.
This time is an important process of your growth.
Some people will say, “stop being a hermit” or “get over it”, however they don’t know your spiritual blueprint nor do they know the needs of your heart.
May 13th, clear up stale energy around the home. Remove excess clutter and get rid of the old.
May 20th, keep hope alive and the fire burning for a new idea or project.
May 27th, be open to taking a new position or learning a new technique.

May is reminding you to allow others to be supportive.
Pride and the high level of Virgo energy may push those away during times that you could use honesty and love from a genuine friend.
Indulging in a couple or group meditation increases your mental visualization
that can bring grater clarity and touchable resources; this process is similar to
a vision board.
With complicated waters below the surface, your mental abilities will see you through (once again).
Imagine where you want to be, what it looks like and see how you arrived.
As the month unwinds, a celebration is in order.
Victory over a childhood issue, a new contract, or approval for residing in a new location is worth being excited about.
All is well, as the light at the end of your tunnel gets brighter.
For those who pay homage to ancestors and their unseen guides and protectors,
May is a dynamic time to do something special for the feminine energy that
governs your life and provide you with immeasurable gifts and favors.
May 22nd, prepare for meetings and prospects in July-it will be here before you know it.
May 29, driving to a remote location, as a get-a-way is favorable, however you may want to get a rental or have your vehicle thoroughly examined.


I’m feeling that this month is about one on ones. Dealing with too many people
and projects may get confusing.
If your energy is diverted and scattered, there is a huge possibility that you will miss out on a valuable relationship or partnership (business or intimate).
The ability to juggle isn’t the focus here.
Imagine putting all of you into that one project or person that deserves your expertise and energy.  The probability of a joyous journey is high.
Make this month a time to remove layered relationships and actions.
Choose ONE or make ONE move at a time to get the best results.
Greed and the fear that is related to multiple projects and people may not work for you this month and the next 3 to come.
Clear your space and allow the power within to be laser sharp and effective.
May 15, appreciate and love the life you have been given. Find peace within your gifts.
May 22nd, get rid of something or someone for good.
May 29, say a special prayer for you, your family and loved ones. Include candles, favorite colors, food and scents as a part of this sacred prayer.

chimes; metals, art, music and other natural elements can be used as healing modalities. The read suggest using specific tools as weapons to evolve.
This month invites you to look at the energy around you, to really see its powerful connection to the atmosphere and you.
Investigate on how you can intentionally bend the light around you, become one
with the energy within and around you so that you can utilize it and support humankind.
May encourages you to become an efficient healer, teacher, writer, vocalist, musician, architect, instructor and mason.
Be, eat, speak and do what you say you are-otherwise you will continue to experience fraudulent behavior around you and hear the lying voices in your head that says “you can’t.”

this read speaks strongly about the life of you and or a project not being over.
You may have a book started but never published-get it published.
You may be on the brink of a new technique or art form, bring it forth.
This month is a reminder of your life force.
Have you become depressed and are entertaining stagnant thoughts?
What about your weight; have you been too focused on size rather than the
big creative spirit inside?
Have you downplayed your intuition and undeniable concepts?
During the month of May, I highly recommend you take a look in the mirror and
proclaim your existence.
While you are there, cry out the childhood abuse, the mind games and spoiled-like ways.
No one is coming to save you or take away your discomforts simply because you can handle it yourself.
Sink or swim Libra; if you decide to sink, please refrain from taking anyone with you.
May 24, find your happy place and ride it throughout eternity.


there comes a time in our lives when we are asked to be the protector.
Being mindful of other’s fragile emotions and vulnerabilities are temporarily
assigned to the “bigger person”.
Proactive thinking and conversations link to life changing decision making
for those around you.
If you are feeling a “lose” as though you have been bound to another’s
problem, consider you an angel simply doing a temp job.
This too shall pass and you too will learn lessons and witness the value in being in the right place at the right time, for the right person.
This month, love is applying gathered wisdom and knowledge.
May 17, no choice seems to be a good one; maybe revisit them at a later date.
May 24, leave the light on for a love one in need.
May 31, plan a romantic journey.

the more creative you are Leo, the better your life.
Being in the driver’s seat of your existence requires you to always think outside of other’s thought process.
Separating you from mainstream thoughts and ways uplifts your innate genius and allows you to excel on multiple levels-mind body and spirit.
If you are battling physical discomfort, research unorthodox techniques and physicians that are aligned with your energetic bodies for healing.
There is a warning here for the Leo.
If you refuse to use your unique mind rather than reacting or doing based upon others, you will lose a big part of the self this year than any other year.
This read is a reminder to live by your gifts and unique abilities.

togetherness is magical especially for a good cause.
Radio, round table events, art exhibitions and other formats are perfect for the
great movement that lives within you.
You have the vision beyond the vision that will be a portal to healing and experiencing something new.
It is vital that you allow this insight within to blossom. This means others included in your plans must know their positions; you are the visionary, they are a part of the execution team.
Avoid too many cooks in the kitchen; otherwise the food spoils because it never gets served.
May 17, going south or doing grounding exercises pay off.
May 24, saying good -bye to an old thought/flame will settle your heart this time around.
May 31, there is the possibility of meeting someone new who will be beneficial in your life.

Massive blessings and gratitude,