New Services and Prices

General Intuitive reading: $100 for an hour

Relationship Reading: $75. for 45 minutes Includes "Relationship Tarot" spread (should you stay, should you go, will we get along, how will it end?)

Medicine reading: $100. for 30 minutes
This reading includes remedies, instructions and products to remove blockages

"The Combo" $60. 30 minute session
In my line of work, what I have realized is that there are multiple combinations
to discover within one's energetic body.
These combinations are linked to patterns that may be present based on one's present life
experiences as well as their parent's lives.
Most times. we are living according to preexisting combinations that may not be working in our favor.
Perfect example of a preexisitng combination is the Food Pyramid. 
We learned that consuming meats, cheeses, chocolate cake, veggies and milk was okay to do.
After horrible health challenges and investigation, we discover the way of "Proper Food Combining" is in an alignment
with our physical body and how it digests food ( we were given information that wasn't good for us).
 For those who have chosen to eat based upon this combination
no longer suffers gastric problems, heart burn and constipation just to name a few!

So what work combinations did we learn?
Are we clear on the proper love combinations as it relates to intimate relationships?
What combinations are we using that grants us good energy, potent productivity and an over-all happy life?
I fully enjoy learning more about our beautiful complex bodies from the etheric to the physical and is why I am offering
such a unique reading special, The Combo!

The Combo is a 30 minute reading that address one challenge at a time.
In this session we will create a new combination for you to implement into your daily life.

Ponder on that ONE thing that bothers you to no end, and contact me.
Together we will transform old energy into powerful results.
The session is $60. and will be worth the money IF you are ready to make changes.


Subconsciously, most people who have children try to reinvent themselves by procreating. This is why baby room themes and other pre-determined ambitions are set in place before the baby physically arrives.
Yet I must ask, do we all have our own identities and spiritual paths?

Here are just a few good reasons to have a reading on your child:
* enhance better communication between parents and children
* knowledge of what foods are best for the child's development process
(lets face it, the food chart has failed many of us and all foods are not for all people)
* behavior disorder prevention
*knowledge of future career possibilities
(this can save parents money and time when investing in their child's future)
* Parents may have less difficulty of letting go of their children when they understand the child has his her own life to live; "letting go" issues lessen.



(45 minutes)This reading is very specific and focuses on bringing in extra income to those who haveput in work and yet have difficulty receiving finances from the efforts.Often there are blockages that prevent financial growth.Once the block is detected, an energy removal and a realignment is performed opening the doors of opportunity and money.This reading is perfect for those who know they have a marketable product, planned properly and yet just can't seem to bring in the money from their investments.


WARRIOR SPIRIT READING $150.(1.5 hr. reading and treatment
phone or in person

DESCRIPTION: This reading is very specific and is recommend to anyone who seriously want to make a tremendous change in life.
In this session we locate the warrior spirit (often it is hiding behind fear and what the body reads as trauma). Next, we energy clear so that the warrior spirit is awakened bringing it to the surface. At this point we bring it to full life by giving it a specific name, color(s) and job (the work changes over time). Finally we program it in a way that it works when called upon and also when it detects the same energy that suppressed it.

NOTE** this reading does NOT cover money, work, lovers, marriage, etc. every bit of the 1.5 hr is spent on warrior work.

Energy Removal/Aura Clearing starting at $65.
This treatment is for anyone who has generational alcoholism and molestation within their family tree, problems concentrating and issues with sleeping. 
Also, those who experience depression and those who have been diagnosed with bi-polar.
Of course anyone can benefit from this wonderful treatment as it helps to remove major emotional blocks.

You can pay for your service of choice by clicking on the DONATE button located on the home page. You may enter the price for your reading, and then follow instructions from there.
Please email me to schedule your appointment time:
Looking forward to serving you! -damaris 

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