Energy Treatments:

My 1st energy session with Damaris revolutionized my perception on life itself. It brought to me a spirtiual clarity not yet experienced. I highly recommend them and look foward to experiencing more in the future. - Kevin, Atlanta 

I felt my energy work help me to stay focused at work and less tense when I was ready to rest at night. -S. Akinwale, Director and CEO The Sixth Group, LLC Atlanta GA

My 11 year old daughter had Bell's Palsy and is why I contacted Damaris. I had BP, but I was treated with acupuncture and other things that was not suitable for my daughter;she would never allow needles to go into her face. Damaris treated her with Reiki acupuncture and after the one and only treatment, the Bell's Palsy went away. On the same day, she worked on my active 9 year old son and me. I noticed a significant difference in our over-all sense of well being. The work she performed made a huge impact within our home. -Bess, Atlanta, GA

After spending one session with Damaris, I felt a rush of clarity and energy. My mind was at ease and my body was invigorated. -Jeffery Miller Lead Sales Representative BP Oil.

I initially went to see Damaris about a chronic pain in my lower back. I had heard from others about her therapeutic massage technique and thought that I should try her. Damaris's hands went directly to the area and 3 minutes later I was asleep. When I awoke it was as if my back had never had a problem. What I did not tell you was about the initial phone consultation. She asked me a series of questions regarding general health, habits and lifestyle. From that she was able to give me a very detailed to-do list to facilitate my own self healing. Her intuition was spot on. I now know the meaning of the word healer thanks to Damaris. She embodied the word holistic to me. She has worked wonders in bringing my body and mind into balance. More importantly, she has shared this knowledge with me to enable me to be my own healer. I was asked to write 2 lines, I could write a book! Thanks D! -Michael
I've had several sessions with Damaris and each one has been amazing. On one occasion I traveled to a garden of wild flowers of many many colors, I heard drumming and I danced. Damaris has this way about her that with every session I always travel. Her energy is so awesome that she brings my energy level to such a peak that my entire body just relaxes and I'm in deja vu, and the healing is always complete. -Priestess Iyanifa Alajoye Sangofemi

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I am very familiar with energy techniques and treatments. Damaris' treatments have been exceptional. From the moment she begins her treatments until when she ends, I am in a state of pure relaxation and bliss. I feel the energy flowing effortlessly through her hands into my body. The subtle yet focused currents are extremely soothing and healing. My body welcomes the healing currents and relaxes as I always go to another peaceful stage.

I rank Damaris in the group of exceptional healing agents whose purpose is to assist others in their journey to inner peace. -Jamela Franklin,CEO Oyinde Enterprises



Damaris has been my guardian angel for over 7 years. In that period, I've had her do my reading yearly for my birthday. And though her readings aren't always what I want to hear, it's always what I NEED to hear. -L. Phan, Brooklyn

Very insightful and accurate. Delivery style of reading is of upmost integrity and offers insight into situations being discussed. VERY ACCURATE!!!!!! Dawn Valdez -Atlanta 

I have had several readings from Damaris over the years. They were very insightful and provided me with the guidance that I needed to make serious changes in my life. I highly recommend readings to anyone reading these words. -Z. Flowers