Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Insight by Damaris
for week ending 5/30/15
I decided to do two forms of reading styles and combine them into one delivery and so I hope these messages resonate.

This week, you or someone close to you may feel and be "out of sorts" meaning- out of touch and not feeling what is considered normal.
Out of touch can mean that two or three emotions are operating inside of one body simultaneously.
I wouldn't go as far as eluding to possession, however characteristics of possession.
I looked into why this can be and how to rectify the situation and here is what was revealed:
The "why":
individual unexpressed pain and emotions that have collected within the past 7 years that have not been dealt with and are now surfacing due to planetary trauma.
Anger and resentment that has not been expressed is now taking on an unusual form AND it is collecting other random energy from it's environment just as an Empath collects other's moods (fear, love, hate, disappointment, sadness, etc).
Simply put, emotions are like magnets subconsciously attaching itself to randomness in hopes of finding peace.
Again, the emotions are searching in the dark because the owner of the emotions didn't lead or direct the emotions to resolution.
When this happens, mind body spirit connections are distorted making it vulnerable and in drastic situations deathly ill.
The "Resolution":
here are suggestions that can restore connectivity.
* spiritual bath
* sessions of intentional deep breathing and releasing
* placing the physical body on a large tree for grounding
* chakra meditation and alignment
* increased minerals and water to supply the brain with more oxygen
*speaking with a trusted support system (maybe prayer circle)
* steam room and sweating
* doing the above in the form of a retreat or sacred time
* connect with a spiritual healer or Reiki practitioner 
-sex with someone you don't like
-late night eating
-arguments and hostile surroundings
-crowded places
-meat consumption
-unprescribed medication
- saying yes when your gut says no
Although everyone may not make it out of this era based upon an earthly perception, it can help to view our energetic bodies in 3D.
Tuning into your Spirit/Ori/Aura by learning to listen to its needs first will secure you on YOUR life's path.
I hope this has been helpful.
Make it an incredible week!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 5/23
Theme for this week is: "Wrap it Up".

The reading says that this week we should go ahead and wrap up any shenanigans that we let go on for too long.
Tired dried up lifeless relationships, fruitless employment, abusive friendships and the like all
need to find a home-most likely in a grave.
I'm reminded of the Death card in the tarot where typically it suggests that we put whatever that has been weighing on us to rest.
This also includes useless attitudes against others; holding something over someone's head and not letting it go is draining.
For those who owe other's money and is avoiding payback, the reading says to make aggressive payment plan to clear up the debt. 
If you are holding on to someone's money or property, the reading says the items turn into spiritual justice.
This means you will be responsible and have to pay back thrice- once for yourself, another payback for the burden of the lender and again for universal law.
The Oracle does mention an interesting scenario involving threesomes.
If you are in a relationship with someone who has been "wrapping up" an intimate relationship let's say with an ex wife or husband, and it's taking longer than
what was initially promised, the reading says you should abandon the relationship, otherwise you began to take on the burdens of a triad. 
Here are a few tips to consider this week:
* throw out any and everything you don't need or give it away
* avoid arguments about the past or topics that have been discussed over and over again (what's the point)
* apologize for any discrepencies or guilty feelings
* do not look for other's accountability, rather focus on your own
* write out a list of your future goals and then align your day to day life with your goals
* take a day to focus on what could be draining you and then immediately make plans to get rid of them
I asked why should we wrap up things now..
the Oracle says that our Spirit guides will assist us
with opening specific doors as it relates to business and love, hence, we should be ready to walk into those doors. 
It's a wrap!
Make it an excellent week Love Cups!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Insight by Damaris 
week of 5/16

This week it's suggested that we use our intuition rather than our eyes, and use our common sense rather than our emotions in "heightened" scenarios.
The readings says our behavior and how we handle ourselves in disappointing situations determines the kind of new karma we create this week.

For those who are aware of their spiritual initiations, the readings says you will be able to see conflict before it happens and can use your gift of prophecy to uplift, and to avoid repeating karmic patterns. 
When this happens, pay homage to your ancestors by offering sweets and drink.

For those who are quick tempered and want to send out warnings to their opponents by marking them with revenge and curse, think before you act.
The Oracle says that you have natural medicine of balance and justice hence no action is required, only your presence.

Finally, for those who seek to "even the score" this week, the reading says do it without guilt and in the name of your ancestors with honor to avoid generational curse to your future family.
In summary, your words and actions are super potent this week and lives beyond this earthly realm, therefore invest in your wisdom.

***note** for those who get extra hype or sensitive after a drink or any other narcotics, you may want to take this week off. ;)

May your ancestors and spirit guides continue to protect and bless you.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Wrist Wands New products by Damaris

Wear around the left wrist or ankle (energy comes in through the left side of the body and energy goes out through the right) daily and especially in negative atmospheres such as work etc.
The wands can also be worn during spiritual work as well as smudging the home.
Wrist wands are created to protect its wearers from absorbing negative frequencies while enhancing desired intentions.
 All wands have PYRITE to expose negativity, wood for grounding, shell for fluidity and various stones and beads that promotes an abundant life.
After your wand has snapped or burst, it has done its job!
Enjoy wearing your wand as much as you like.
$15-$18 Can be purchased at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore Or contact Damaris for custom made wands to be sent to your home.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Up coming class! ON-LINE

"SEX Spirits"
Presenter: Damaris Starr- Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive, Medium, Aura Reader and Chakra Adjuster
When: Thursday, May 14th, 2015 
Time: 8:30PM est- 9:00PM est
Cost: $30.

Have you ever dated someone but couldn't break up with them because of the sex?

Do you feel as if you think about sex too much and have a difficult time balancing
your sexual appetite?

Do you want to strengthen your one on one relationship but fall short because you "sleep around"?

Does lust control your intimate relationships?

Have you been sexually violated and desire to rediscover or discover your natural self?

If you have sexual challenges and answered yes to any one of the questions above,
you may benefit from taking this class.

In this session we will:
-learn about the patterns of sex spirits and how to clear them
-discuss how to clear and reactivate the life force energy
-practice how to balance the lower chakras (root/sacral)
After this session you should feel lighter, more empowered and in control of your life and manifestation abilities!

To sign up for this class, go to www.oxygen3030.blogspot.com and scroll down to the bottom of any page and make payment using the options paypal buttons.