Monday, June 29, 2015

Insight by Damaris
this week we have a new Oracle, Mari.
As always, the oracles come with messages, and here is
the vibes that came with Oracle Mari.
Although this is the weekly insight, the messages here can have significance between now and 6 weeks or so.
A portion of this reading suggests "death" and so here is the line up:
-Death of fear
-Death of procrastination
-Death of secrets
-Death of deception
In this era of death, one must remember that there is always a "show down" of sorts
and one last ride into the fire so to speak before something must come to an end.
Here is where painful memories can surface if one has been holding on to an expired relationship (business or pleasure).
For an example, if one is going through a break-up process with an old expired lover and decides to have one
last "session", this reading suggest NOT to have one last session, however if that can't be helped, wearing protection is a must.
There is the probability of attracting a sexual disease or contracting skin tags.
It appears that because the relationship was expired, an energetic "penalty" comes with the separation as a reminder to listen to the inner warnings and first mind next time around.
There can also be a penalty in regards to working relationships.
Hanging on to a job because of fear or comfortability is coming to an end for those who are here to live out their soul purpose.
If you fit in that scenario, the reading suggest creating a back up plan asap because you will have to sink or swim.
Ultimately this means that your current cushion may not be there for you anymore, however, tapping into your resources can create a reliable bridge as you go into your real work (soul's purpose).
For those who reveal a secret that was carried a little too long, can also expect repercussions.
Please understand that the "penalty" is nothing but a lesson from your subconscious mind that says, "hey, you shouldn't have kept this secret anyway" and so here is the outcome.
When we look at death in general, one must understand that it takes place to recreate a form of balance.
Some of us have been given spiritual passes that has allowed us to "trick" or avoid physical death, however, what is the exchange?? Should we not work harder and live by the desires of our hearts because of this second or third chance??
Before I close this session, I must mention the lurking residue of change and transformation.
The Oracle warns about social gatherings and the out breaks of arguments and fights.
If you must attend an event, the reading says avoid clothing attire that limits safety and flexibility.
For an example, if skin is over exposed or high heels are worn, one is now vulnerable to scrapes, bruises and can easily be prey if a hostile situation occurs.
If you must go out, dress for flexibility.
There is also a warning of interfering with domestic disputes.
The reading says to avoid coming in between an argument because one can align themselves with death prematurely.
Despite warning after warning, what is so beautiful about this reading is that major change is upon us.
If we have been paying attention and doing our spiritual work, we can navigate through this era with a greater appreciation for life!
There is one last message to a "handful" of the population.
The reading says that if you know in your heart that you are here on Earth to leave a legacy for the next generations to come, for the next 6 months, it is suggested that you become the hermit, the scientist, the healer and the transformer by studying your craft.
Avoid the media and other energy drains so that you can claim victory over your life and fulfill your purpose.
Candle work and prayer:
for those who burn candles, this month is great to burn a black and white candle together, OR a reverse candle with a white candle.
The idea is to clear away any hea
During your candle burning, set specific times to connect with your ancestors.
Ask them to be close to you now as you embark upon new territory and this new era of your life.
Blessings and 1♥
vy negativity and then burn the white candle for clarity as well as paying homage to your guides and ancestors.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Insight by Damaris


Protection and guarding your position and assets is highlighted now.
This is not about fear, it is about honoring the gifts you accumulated 
before you arrived here on the planet.
Your life's cycles are a collective of intuition, healing and an energetic force field
navigated by your destiny.
How much is your destiny worth and how often do you feed it with authenticity?

Protecting and guarding your position and assets means that you
do what is good for you.
Would there be anything to fear, anything to lose, would there be fear of illnesses
if one is honoring their gifts?
If you are here, everyday you are leaving impressions to be recycled for a later date
AND for generations to come.
Do these impressions translate clear messages or are they in relations with confusion?

When you protect and guard your position and assets, this means there is no shortage
in your life because YOU are the generator-manifesting naturally and effortlessly.
Pay attention to what you affirm.
When you affirm others ideologies, do you feel natural or is fitting in more important.
This message is about you intentionally valuing you UNTIL it becomes
Once this takes place, your life is a continuous celebration. 
You learn to let go of inner and outside pressure allowing you to relax and enjoy
this journey.
When we release pressure, our innate ability to love, heal and feel kicks in allowing us to
accomplish our planetary mission.
If you decide to astral project, you do it, if you decide to heal yourself, you do it,
if you decide to fall in love, you do it, if you decide to embrace nothingness, you will do it,
if you decide to create your job, you do it.
This week, remember that your value system reflects your current scenario.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Insight by Damaris
for the week ending 6/6/2015
This week can be very productive especially when the mind is made up
to succeed. 
Thoughts and actions should be top priority to avoid the subtle and in some cases obvious back stabbing energy.
For some, this can be "routine"-when you try and make moves, there is someone trying to pull you back in the game.
Interesting because game is what it is.
The reading suggests that we look closely at those posing as co-workers, trusted colleagues, close family and friends because they may be passing out
"tests" to see if you fail.
Rather than getting caught up in emotions and take personal offense, maybe say to your self, "ah ok, this is a test of my strength and longevity."
Now, your feelings may be hurt just a tad because of who the tests come from, however you remain on track with more determination.
You heard it before and it is a reminder here in the reading that CHANGE begins with you.
There is a small warning:
for those who live a bit more of a colorful life, boost up your protection
because someone may want to burn a candle to encourage your downfall or try and keep you close.
..sigh..have a talk with your spirit folks, stay focused on your goals and keep pushing.
Make it a great week!
One love!