Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Insight 7/31/15

This week I decided to combine 3 energies of the Oracles-very much like a 3 card spread to deliver the reading for the week.
The Oracles say that self mastery, clarity, and spiritual grounding brings an abundance of energy, luck and daily fruition.
One may ask, how can I obtain self-mastery, clarity and spiritual grounding?
Oracle Lotus suggest gathering the information you know about yourself and use those things daily.
For an example, if you know you are creative, be creative every day.
Over time, you will feel as if you are practicing self-mastery daily.
Oracle Sage says that if you wear your innate gifts and naturalness like clothing
or even a pair of shoes that walks with you, how can the Universe deny you
of your desires? How can you not fulfill your destiny when your truth is your daily attire?
Do you wear your crown of wisdom daily, or do you choose to align your energy with
incompatible frequencies that keeps you in the dark.
Oracle Bijou says that being authentic is the key that opens the door to higher communication with your ancestors and guides. Surely they will never let you down.
Working together, your life will be victorious during your visit on Earth.
Make it an amazing week!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Insight by Damaris for the week ending 7/25
We have a new "Oracle Zai" this week and before
we get into her vibe and feel the energy she brings,
this is just a reminder that today is Black & White Monday Meditation for Our Children
If you haven't done so, please check out the page and Like.
For those who have been lighting Black/White candles for our children and have experiences to share, please post on the Like page.
Black & White Monday Meditation for Our Children
Insight and Oracle Zai:
this week it is suggested that we review our lives and look at times when
emotions have helped or hindered. 
The Oracle says that for some, relying on and using emotions will be the end to
life and what could have been productive relationships.
The Oracle says the same old tired emotions will give you the same old tired results.
There is also a warning to highly emotional people who have children.
The oracle ask, how can the brain in a child fully develop when they are taught to suppress brain activity with emotions and spoiled-like behavior?
When this happens, the child grows up to be like a lamb and is recognized as prey
rather than an innovative piece in the puzzle of evolution.
This week, take the time to ask in various scenarios,
Am I being emotional or practical?
Are my emotions taking over my life?
Do I become more emotional when I consume medication or foods and is this proactive?
Am I learning something new and expanding my intelligence?
How do I balance my emotions and manage my temper?
Does my current life now reflect the emotional disappointments from the past?
This week is an incredible time to expand our intelligence by applying the lessons we have learned through our emotions.
create a list of things that suppress your growth
and then create a ritual to banish them.
Next, take a personal oath that supports your intuition and intellect
and then apply that to your life's work OR discovering your life's work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 7/11

we have another new channeled Oracle this week named "Oracle Reign".
I'm liking her vibe..

The reading this week is about balancing the forces within and around you.
As we travel together on our collective and yet individual journeys, it is suggested
that we merge with our atmosphere and use the energy rather than shying away
or being emotional because of it.

For an example, if you have been experiencing emotions that bring about anger, introduce cool water into your life intentionally.
* the next time it rains, stand in it
* take cooler showers with salts, peppermint and lemon
* drink more water with cucumber 
Here we are looking at anger as being heat and we are balancing with its polarity.

Basically, this reading is asking us to dig deeper into our resources to find solutions
so that we can learn to navigate on the planet as if "we belong here".
During this era, many are feeling out of place rather it be work, relationships, family scenarios and just not feeling welcomed or accommodated on the planet.
However, the reading says being that we are "here", the best way to enter into
your next phase, one has to be strategic and resourceful.

The reading ask, how can you accomplish your mission if you consider your environment an enemy?

For those who battle with comfortability, unfortunately this will begin to show up
in the spiritual and physical immune systems.
The body will be in "resist" mode, hence it will also resist the nutrients it needs to grow and survive. 
This week go deeper into your meditation, get clearer and learn more about you and what your
being truly requires. If you study self, you will intuitively become more resourceful and
find exactly what YOU require to live a healthy happy and abundant life.
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