Tuesday, December 8, 2015

nsight by Damaris
the oracles came with a lovely reminder on the topic of acknowledging personal
cycles as well as being aware of their expiration dates.
The first Oracle Pluto, addresses death, re creation and transformation as a TOOL rather
than a situation or an emotion.
It is here, we are reminded of the power of rebirth and the connection to our soul purpose.
The more we understand that we shed and rest only to begin anew, the more we
connect with our goals and other experiences that seem blocked or unattainable.
Oracle Yena ask, "how can we wear the crowns from our initiations if we are not willing
to transform?" She ask, "how long will you be the victimized son or daughter, wife or husband?"
How can you step into your next role if you are unwilling to release an out-dated position?
Oracle Lotus reminds us that growing pains do not have to be painful when we accept that evolution
came with the first breath and shall always be.
In one life-time, we can be the victim, the healer, the teacher, the aggressor, the cheat, the honorable, the loyal, the oppressor, the activist, the depressed,
the forgiven, the mother, the daughter, the father, the son, the care-taker, the ungrateful, the destroyer, the giver of life,
the needy, the enlightened, the enforcer, the protector and so on.
In summary, this week is an excellent week to acknowledge what should be released as well as looking into what our next position should be.
Here are a few things to ponder-
* Is my loyalty to another out-dated or misplaced
* should I remain at this job for security, or should I do what I love
* is it okay to carry disappointment from a violation that happened 15 years ago-am I that same person now, that I was then
* is it okay for me to love again, or shall I remain embarrassed about my divorce
* when is it okay for me to transform, or should I be who people think I am
* am I living inside of a box
* am I living intentionally 
Make it an amazing week!
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Insight by Damaris

This week , we have messages from a three card Oracle Spread:

Connecting with your ancestors and or doing things in the way your lineage have done things
brings about harmony and security within your environment. 
For an example, if your family "canned" or made preserves (back in the day), now would be a great
time to implement that energy.
Imagine what it would be like gathering the family together to make plans 
to conserve or to update and or clean out the storage area in your home.
The children may enjoy or NEED family time as well as be reminded of their history, AND
restocking the pantry may come in handy on stormy nights ahead.
The Oracles say that there is magic when one reconnects with their roots.
What is odd about the reading is that it's not about being proud of your bloodline, rather it
is about connectivity. 
When one feels connected, energy levels go up and optimism is highlighted.
For single parents who have rebellious children going through a difficult era, sitting them down
and sharing their past with them can only improve their attitudes.
What if a child who curses and is rambunctious in the household hears about a legendary
family member who was an activist? Could that be the perfect time to guide the child into 
using that passionate energy toward something that really mattered?
This week, the ways of old could make your current and future scenario harmonious.
Also paying homage to your ancestors by the way of gifts, food and drinks helps to improve a disruptive 

Make it an amazing week!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Insight by Damaris

Insight by Damaris for week ending 11/28
I did a 3 card spread from the "Mythical Goddess Tarot" deck and a collective aura body scan and here is the translation.
Returning to the authenticity of the heart and soul lightens any troubled 
situation-those brought on by self-sabotage as well as delusional thinking.
Looking deeper into the reading, it says that this week is a great time to
create a "reality" vision board or game plan that will bring us back "in touch"
with our goals and our original passion for life.
The Oracle says that a dominating force enhanced by the moon may generate strange cravings and the cravings depend on how well you have been treating yourself within your environment.
Here are a list of cravings that you may or may not want to give into:
-random sex
-random arguments
-dark movies/porn
One the brighter side of things:
-random acts of thankfulness and kindness
-love making
-wanting to reconcile (this may be for you or against you)
If we view the larger picture, we are collectively at this phase in our lives to
learn the lessons that stem from old psychological and physical traumas.
It's time to go deeper within our conscious mind and conjure up the God within so that we may continue to evolve gracefully while removing the veil of illusion.
On a personal note, this can be an emotional time for many and is why I decided to offer a special.

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Duration: 30min.
Why "Turn-Up"? Because this will assist with over-coming obstacles that can be enhanced during the holidays if nothing is done.
It's the perfect boost and it's the perfect time to shine.
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Make it an amazing week! remain Optimistic!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Insight by Damaris 

Greetings family,
this week I derived the insight from a 3 card spread and a collective aura scan.
Here are the results:
Walking away from relationships, old ideas, jobs, etc. can be stressful when we obsess about the future.
The readings say that this obsession can break down our immune system making us vulnerable to illness and anxiety related malfunctions within our bodies.
**Obsession about the future is connected to worry and the delusional thinking of failure.

The remedy:
1) be super proactive this week. In doing so, you will "run into" signs that confirm you are on the correct path
2) increase b-vitamin foods and get vitamin D, Iron, zinc, calcium-magnesium ... Or just increase your trace minerals. This can bring back emotional balance and support the immune system as a tool for prevention
3) stay away from the "I cant-ers" and those whom you know are Not on your team, yet pretend to be
4) take a spiritual bath to assist with the opening of new roads
5) create a new powerful identity. Out with the old, in with the new
Make it a powerful week!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 10/31
This week is a good time for reflection and investigation.
The reading is asking us to consider all the twist and turns of our lives
as a way to consciously come together with our inner self
rather than reject or criticize ourselves.
The Oracle says that if we learn to communicate with our own hearts and minds,
we are able to make adjustments, and "fix" our challenges.
The reading ask, are we a player in our own mis-fortune, or are we
welcoming self-mastery and evolution?
It is suggested that before the end of this week, we look at those in our families
who have been influences in our lives ( good or otherwise) and dissect these
impressions if they are embedded in our psyches.
If we know in our hearts who we actually are, the reading says we can
begin to create from our conscious mind effectively.
Are you consciously creating the proper layers and foundation of your own life?
Or are you comfortable being controlled by an invisible puppet-master?
Side note* for those who enjoy bread, cheese, excessive alcohol and empty sex (sex with a vampire, abuser etc), lay
off this week during your times of reflection and investigation..you may want to
give up on those things completely if you realize they are hindering progress.
Make it an amazing week!
1♥ family!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 10/17/15
According to the reading, it's officially Self-Care week!
The best way to deal with this week is begin with a revised to-do list especially
if you got off track with your personal agendas.
Usually when one thinks of self-care, getting rest or personal time comes to mind.
The reading suggest we be proactive and preventive by catching up on
dental work, getting professional back alignments, massages, facials,
hair treatments, eyes checked and any other physical self-care need that has been neglected.
There is also the mention of collecting monies owed (that is too out-dated), revisiting insurance policies, adjusting wills, and developing a functional financial journal.
I looked further into the reading and asked if there was a warning ahead or urgency regarding this time of self-care. In other words, why now and other than the obvious, why is this important?
I decided to do a simple breakdown for each element/astro-sign.
Water (cancer, pisces, scorpio):
Self-care is important for you because it is probable that
your emotions will need to be settled during high stress moments concerning
business and family. This means that you really want to be on your game and hold your own.
How can you be effective if your mind is pondering your on-going catch up list?
Your ancestors and spirit guides have heard your money woes and want to bless you. Your actions toward yourself can help them help you!
Self- care for you means aligning you with clarity. 
Air (aquarius, libra, gemini)
Self-care is important for you because time will move quickly around you.
Everything will appear as if it is one big blur, hence procrastination will be the enemy if there is catching up to do. Some of you may have meetings, court dates and other "I have to go to's" that may be unexpected. It's best to prepare for a whirlwind rather than free-styling through it.
BTW, your freestyle is good, however why put you through extra drama.
Self-care for the air signs means being prepared. 
Earth (capricorn, virgo, taurus)
Hmmm...well it appears that the earth signs can use this Self-care week to
clean the air. It seems like things got a little claustrophobic within your auras.
Although it is not included in the reading's suggestions, I would include taking
spiritual baths, aura cleanings, room smudging (especially where you sleep),
and revising your prayer or mantra so it can become effective again.
Self-care for you this week means keeping your mind solid and getting rid of
energetic attachments that could have caused brain-fog.
Fire (aries, leo, sagittarius)
having to make quick moves because of relocation, sudden out of town interview, domestic arguments or random heighten scenario may come about in the very near future.
If you had to take one bag out of your vehicle or home that could carry you for a few days, what would it contain? How long does it normally take you to pack?
Self-care this week for the fire folks means organization and self-preservation.

Make it an amazing week! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Insight by Damaris for week ending 10/10/15
Greetings, this insight for the week is pretty straight forward yet gives us some things to ponder on.

This week's reading suggest that we connect with our wisdom and spirit guides to assist us when making decisions rather intimate or in our business world.
We are asked to connect so that we may see the full scope of our lives and the progress we made thus far.
The reading says if we see the bigger picture, we can feel more confident in our decision making and actions.
The reading ask, "are you afraid to move ahead in life because of victimization from the past"?
Basically we are asked to look at our productivity and how it relates to feeling victimized.
The reading suggest that society will keep us as victims rather than doers.
I looked deeper into the reading and the Oracle says that once we view our lives through wisdom and through the eyes of our spiritual team, we will see that the path of victimization is really the path of a warrior.
This week, ask your higher self:
what spiritual and mental tools did I gain during challenging times?
how will I use these tools on my current path?
what does my life mean to me?
how can I share my victories with others to make my tools expand?
was I really a victim or a warrior in training?
Make it an amazing week!!