Wednesday, March 19, 2014


“I Think I Saw A Ghost!”

$20 per class OR $30 when you sign up for both classes.
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Gallery
When: Tuesday, March 18th and the following Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
When: 7pm-8:30pm

Join Damaris in a two-week series group discussion
on Earthly and Astral communication.

Class one- “Spirit Talk”
*learn the difference between a spirit and a ghost
* learn about ancestral worship
* enhance your spiritual communication
* divination with your spirit guides

Class two- “Ghost Story”
* group discussion on ghost stories
* increase your psychic protection techniques
* discover why a ghost may be attracted to you or your home
* learn about the connection between ghosts and energetic attachments and
much more!

If you are fascinated with the “unseen”, have your own ghost story to tell, or want to be closer to an ancestor or spirit guide, this series is for you!
This class is informative and high-spirited!
Please come with an open mind and ready to explore.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oracle Art Exhibit April 6th 2014 Save the Date

“3 Card Spread”
Oracle art exhibit featuring the works of Intuitive and Visual Artist Damaris

When: Sunday, April 6th 4:30pm-6pm
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Gallery Room
What: Oracle Art work by Damaris, food, readings and live music by Dj Nervex
Price: this is a FREE event

RSVP: 404.255.5207

Please come and experience the alluring vibrations of the Oracles.
For many who gaze into their eyes, feels a message specifically for them.
Most art by Damaris arise from her visions and dreams.
She feels that these “Oracles” are Universal and could be why others have expressed similar feelings when viewing them.
On the evening of the exhibit, for those who purchase an Oracle to take home, Damaris is offering a personal translation from that Oracle.

About Damaris:
My desire is to provide an array of useful modalities that uplift the spirits within and around us.
Imagery, readings, music, healing charms and products are all forms of limitless art to those who come in contact with them.
I have always been and will always be an Intuitive Artist dedicated to the Human Spirit.

Currently, Damaris’ art can be seen on her website: