Monday, September 9, 2013

7 week series Energy Clearing and Uplifting class Sept. 10th, thru Oct 15th 2013

“I need A Boost”
Energy Clearing and Uplifting Series
7 week Program

Where: Phoenix and Dragon event room
When: Starting Tuesday September 10th, 2013 and every Tuesday ending Oct. 22th. 2013
Presenter: Damaris –Intuitive Reader, Channel, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $15. Per Person
Contact:  Phoenix and Dragon to pre-register. 404.255.5207

In this series we will:
* learn unique energy clearing techniques
*discuss proper use of resins, candles, stones, sounds and other energetic tools
* learn how to detect unwanted energy in your aura and body
* learn how to keep heavy energy away after clearing
* re-boost your energy naturally
and much more!
In addition to weekly class lessons, we will have group discussion and every class ends with a unique energy clearing meditation.

This class is highly recommended to those who battle with:
*addictive behavior
* verbal /sexual abuse
*imbalanced chakras
* low-energy
* migraines
* chronic neck cracking and pain
* unexplained physical discomfort
*sudden mood swings
Those determined to have a healthy, peaceful and stress-free life, this series is for you.
Please reserve your space by registering in advance.
Call 404.255.5207

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Insight by Damaris Sept 2013

InSight By Damaris
September 2013



Wanting to get better at what you do or enhancing your self -image may require more discipline on your part. If you have been getting frazzled lately with over whelming energy, it is suggested that you visualize what you would like to see within the next 30 days and then focus just on those things. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, breathe.
You’re not running out of time.

September is a great time to pull energy back and replenish. For an example if you have committed to a project that has been stagnant and in the back of your mind you still feel connected to that commitment, think about abandoning it.
Now through the end of December, Scorpio benefits from gathering energy and then sharing energy in places it can be recycled.
For those who are out of balance may feel jittery, high energy and then crash, headaches, unusual stiff joints and body aches.
September reminds Scorpio to pay attention to the body. When you wake ask, “ How am I feeling today?”

September is a great time for Pisces to be playful and non -restricting. In doing so, Pisces have a wonderful opportunity to build greater intuition as well as allowing family and friend bonding to take place without resistance. If you have anything “new” on the horizon, this playfulness and light-hearted energy projects a wonderful ebb and flow to those you may share new space with.
How wonderful it is to feel limitless.
Being light and free is telling the past to remain in the past.

September reminds Capricorn to be adaptable. This is actually an easy trait for the seasoned Capricorn. You may have to wear a mask of illusion or accommodate an old buddy who was of great use in the past for an upcoming endeavor. Pride is not the focus rather blending and meshing with others to get the job done.

September may be the beginning of a 9 -month cycle for the Virgo. Anything started now may come into full recognition or completion in about nine months.
Endurance and strength are wonderful Virgo traits and so allowing you to be patient with you should be the focus. It may be wise to join a specific meditation group or chi-gong to appease nervous energy during this time.
Maturation is important now to accomplish full mastery. Using your wisdom and patience with self can bring you to successful endings and new beginnings.

Two for the price of one isn’t always a deal. In fact something about deals and being “cheap” right now for the Taurus may make an impression on a subconscious level in regards to what Taurus really deserves.
September may remind the Taurus to seek out the highest quality and pay the highest dollar because the energy behind it says, “I deserve the best life has to offer.” OR “ I create the best in this life because that is what I deserve.”
Money or the lack of shouldn’t hold too much weight in your thoughts.

Jealousy, envy or competitive thoughts are not natural for the Aquarian. If this kind of energy has been plaguing your thoughts and actions, it is time to boost your self -esteem by doing what you truly love. Has your work become boring? Do your intimate relationships lack passion? Are you concerned what others may think or say about you at least three times a week?
If you answered yes to any of the above, it is time to invest in what you love.
September will remind you to reintroduce your soul to this life.

If your job requires you to organize or keep a team synchronized, you may want to indulge in B-12 vitamins in the day and melatonin tea at night. Plenty of rest and an upbeat attitude keep the chaotic energy around you at a minimum. September 10th through the 17th, someone may use you as a counselor. Be prepared because this “healing” session comes with a release of depression that may stick to you if unprepared. If you’re not feeling 100%, reschedule this meeting.
September reminds you to protect your chest from random emotional bullets.

Interesting, I’m feeling like Libra is going through three transitional phases all in one month. I am a little suspicious of this because my senses tell me that Libra should be aware of outside drama and extra baggage from others that want a place to call “hone”.
Just because you are in the lives of others doesn’t mean you should take on their situations and claim them as your own. When you truly love, you allow others space to grow.
September reminds Libra that no one needs saving and that all have a right to travel their karmic path as they see fit.


More babies (this could be projects or infants) can lead to more financial and emotional stress that you may not be prepared for. If you are considering an addition to your life of any kind, look beyond pride, the need to please and view reality. September reminds Aries that timing is everything.

If you decide to switch up your style, denounce a social group or choose a different instrument to play you are growing and simply need a different perspective.
Of course others may watch or even stalk your fb page, but so what.
Since when does your evolution need approval?
September reminds Leo that it is ok to ride solo into the sunset.

September asks the Sag to track what person, place or thing that most of the finances are being spent on. Are they brining you pleasure or unsettled energy.
Weigh the “must haves” and the “not so much”.