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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february Insight by Damaris 2012

Insight By Damaris
February insight continues… *****Monthly Insight toward bottom of post****

From now until week ending 2/26/2012, be mindful of self esteem.
This reading reminds us to look within and remain focus rather than
to judge self based on other’s standards, attitudes and accomplishments.
Authenticity is essential for a warrior’s spirit, hence making comparisons and or
adjusting lifestyles to “fit” will weigh heavy on the soul.
Making an investment in your spirit by working with your personal truth is suggested.
Use logic and common sense when it is time to determine what is for you.
If you have a teacher, mentor, etc, it is best to walk “with” them rather than being
led. Put in the work, no one can live for you.
This read suggest being responsible for your disposition.
Stepping into your power will be what supports you and fuels you when confidence is needed; confidence cannot be taught.
This read suggest discovering hidden or unused talents, gifts and lost family traditions and consider using them now.

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9/2012 thru 26/2012
Soul to Soul reading $75.00
This reading is 1 hour and 15 mins.
We look into your soul’s mission and then
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If they do not, a specific program is developed
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If all is aligned, we develop a specific program to
enhance and support the current position.
A follow up energy session is included.

Insight By Damaris

February is about release.
For some, time has moved rather quickly, hence residue from
2011 has drifted into 2012.
This reading suggest going “hard” on riding the body of heavy energy.
This includes thoughts, weight, and out-dated relationships (business and intimate).

Fear is highlighted in this reading.
Examining the possibility of being “soul-knapped” by fear is suggested.
Here are a few things to ponder that may indicate fear is present in your life:
-habits (excessive behavior)
* eating comfort food when nervous or uncomfortable
* starting arguments
* avoiding needed confrontations
* excessive work-outs
* excessive sex
* procrastinating
* keeping clutter
* abusive
* excessive cleaning
* dishonesty in relationships
* excessive alcohol consumption
* excessive talking

Generally, one of the best ways to measure if a habit has gone
out of control is if it has caused repeated stress or has blocked progress.
Fear disguised as “ something to do” has a way of fitting in and it may even
feel normal.

Once you have made an assessment and want to make changes, this read suggest
performing a personal ritual of release.
Your executed ritual along with basic or common practices to extract fear will
make an impact.
You may:
-have more time to live out your purpose
-have more energy
-feel excited about life

February is a wonderful time for self -assessment and follow- through because March may be challenging without the feeling of being grounded and confident.

Water Signs:

February can be a pressure month for the Water Signs. Of course this can be controlled; it depends on how you feel about your position.
Others may look to you to “shine” or they may have great expectations of
a project you discussed with them in the past.
It’s best to move ahead at your personal pace and avoid the “hype-man” who
want to be in your business because he or she lack their own.
Toward the end of the month, an emotional moment may make you feel weak.
Remember this month is about release therefore let your emotions have their way.

There is a possibility that February brings out the “yang” in you. Heated debates, conversations-tempers may rise.
February, the month of releasing fears, ask you to closely examine your temperament.
Are you addicted to stimulating/aggressive debates and do they waste your time?
Recreate your “To-Do” list and give you a time out.

Moving quickly seems to be a focus for the Fire Signs hence this is a month
to be very alert.
Getting enough sleep, minerals and water is suggested. Nourishment will help you remain on your toes.
Moving quickly may include having to relocate an office space, a sudden journey or
making a career decision. Let’s hope its not running from the police.
Either way, making moves is on the agenda and all can flow smoothly if you trust
your gut.

This month you may need to use your calculating mind to assess your calculated risks.
This read suggest looking at all options available to you during decision making.
Be clear of the risks, the fine print in any contract and avoid verbal agreements even
with family (wow).
Your mental, physical and emotional self need to feel stable.
Avoid making costly decisions.

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As we blossom while sharing our gifts and blessings with those around us, I would like to offer 3 packages for 2012.

The Health Plan $135.00
this package starts with an intuitive and shell reading
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Afterward, we address any blockages/concerns through
an energy alignment. Each major organ (including the skin)
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for the 2 week health plan that accompany this package.
Your two week assignments will give you a great leap
into 2012 so that you may accomplish your health goals.
Depending on your goals and current health, your assignments
will be regimens you can implement over and over again, OR extend.
After the two weeks, you receive a follow up call and Reiki session.

The Wealth Plan $135.00
this package starts with an intuitive and oracle reading
focused on your financial and personal growth.
Together we reveal old energetic patterns that create stagnation
and unnecessary worry surrounding currency.
Knowledge is power, hence with our new finds, we create a
2 week regimen that assist with programming a wealthy mind.
Your program is based upon your goals and the finds from the reading.
A phone energy session that focus on your wealth chakra follows
the two week assignment.

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this package starts with a "soul to soul" reading
that explores your relationship building style.
We will discover what your heart desires and how to extend
that energy to support current relationships and bring love
into your life.
Immediately following the reading, energy is directed to the throat, heart
and reproductive energy centers to clear old energy and allow room for the new.
This package includes a 2 week plan that is aligned with your
relationship goals and the finds from the reading.
A follow up call with Reiki session is included after the 2 weeks are completed.
I recommend that everyone takes on this package in addition
to other packages or alone.

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We will discuss key months that are your special power months
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Health and relationships are always included in general readings.