Monday, November 29, 2010

InSight by Damaris week of Dec. 4, 2010

InSight by Damaris


 week of Dec. 4, 2010

Mastery of Life
as we move gracefully in what may feel like “warp speed”, this current cycle
allows reflection of self, either through others or experiences in great clarity.
November has been cosmically generous by offering powerful moments and movements including the removal of rose- colored glasses; some may exclaim,
“I can see!”
This week, a different view or vision improves long- term dreams.
Self-esteem is properly placed and no longer evaluated for it is planted in soil
of awareness.
Before Friday 3rd, give it all you got-mastery of life is upon you.

GT tips for this week:

1.) Living in the now is good; however planning to be victorious regarding
a mission is great.

2.) Hydration and mineral consumption should be leveled-energy is high this week.

3.) Avoid those that are clueless about your goals; distractions infiltrate.

4.) Sex, steam bathing, yoga, and various physical movements stimulate the senses
while releasing stagnant energy. Being physical, especially this week strengthens your energy field/aura.

5.) Move forward with zeal despite the so-called odds.

6.) Re think your savings plan.


Another good soup that is great for pushing out parasites (its delicious too), I call it:

DStarr and the Brooklyn Brussels Soup


Black-eye peas
Crowder peas
Brussels sprouts
Yellow Squash
Cajun spice

Ginger (lots)
Vegetable stock

Preparing soups are intuitive. As my mom would say, “you have to put your special touch on it to make it yours.”
If you want instructions, email me here:
One special tip- add the brussels sprouts and yellow squash 5-6 minutes before cooking time ends.
In fact, you may want to turn your heat off after your seasoned beans are cooked, and then add your veggies.
Cover your pot tightly with lid for about 7 minutes; allow steam and hot water from your soup to soften the vegetables. This way you won’t over-cook them. YUM!



Messages for the Water:

The more you use your hands this week, the more you channel wonderful and productive energy!
Writing, drawing, journaling, building, painting, etc. is great. Also exercises like, pushups, pull ups and any position that adds just enough pressure to the hands will be beneficial.
Any tension in the “lovey-dovey” arena should be dealt with right away. Holding on to any matter of the heart issues right now weighs a little too heavy. Don’t let this build up.

Messages for the Earth:

The more risks you take, the better you feel. Go all out, and I mean all the way out!
Life is getting better and better especially if you are taking care of your health.
If health is an issue, deal with it now and adjust your regime before December 12th.

Messages for the Fire:

The overview for this week apply to the fire signs in such a dynamic way!
Greater clarity links to the work you know you must do. If you have come this far, nothing will stop you now. Mastery of self has always been locked within you and now it’s time to admit to you and others your great strength and skills! Do it BIG!

Messages for the Air:

Check this out Air sign, I am feeling wolf totem for you this week:

Also, protect your throat and speak your truth this week.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

InSight by Damaris week of Nov. 27

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InSight By Damaris
Overview for week of Nov. 27

decisions, negotiation, planning, strategies, opposites.

Suggestion: opposites bring grand scale accomplishments.

this reading is powerful as it suggest bringing opposite forces into your life as a form of balance to accomplish goals on grand scale levels.
In regards to repetitive behavioral patterns during this time, one should examine proper balance of female and male properties.
Where growth and expansion are the focus, invite just enough yin or yang into your plans.
If you are curious about how much masculinity or femininity is required, start by counting the number of males to females in your work groups and personal life.
Although there are wonderful clubs, organizations and workshops that are gender specific, the reading is saying separatism is only a fraction of a spiral that eventually leads to integration.
This coming together creates a certain explosion of productivity that pushes a plan to another level. This is especially true for those who have a feeling of being “stuck”.
If spiritual evolution is a goal, the same male and female principle apply.
We come into the world by the way of those two principles, hence the same energy should be used with intention to navigate through life.
Female and male relationships can now blossom into worlds of euphoria.
Together, couples may manifest dreams and desires after experiencing spurts of oneness.
For those who are single and wanting relationships, this reading suggests an outward and vocal approach. In other words, put yourself on the market by letting your friends and family know that you are ready for a relationship.

Although the importance of polarity is mentioned in this week’s reading, this cycle carries out for quite some time. In fact, April and June of 2011 are months that demonstrate the need for this kind of balance.
This yin and yang energetic cycle applies to all including same sex relationships.
In this kind of relationship (if possible), a man and his male partner should avoid
“role-playing” (one assuming a feminine role) because it will only make this cycle more intense and in some cases, difficult to manage.
To clarify, this cycle can be viewed as a form of “justice” (think about Libra/The Scales a.k.a Balance and the feminine energy of Venus). If one is role-playing as a result of a past sexual violation, this cycle is present to “adjust” the energy so one
no longer has to compensate or subconsciously appease the original sex offender.
There is a saying, “Let go and let God”; the same connotation applies here.

As we continue to experience our innate connections to the cycles of life, let us remember the gift of emotions.
In many scenarios, we have allowed them to enslave our mission/purpose. However, emotions act as passionate fuel which assist us out of repetitive cycles so that we may go on to our next experience or phase.

considering the past few weeks and our power weeks, I am not surprised that negotiation is a focus this week especially if we have been doing our homework.
Before you sit before the negotiation table (in work or personal relationship), it is suggested that you ask FIRST, is this person or situation worth my time and efforts.
This is when a decision or decisions need to be made. Hence this process of “agreement” begins with you.
After you are peaceful with your terms and conditions, you will show a greater confidence that is necessary for the meeting. Otherwise, you may be tested.

This Week’s Challenge:
A productive exercise of testing the need of an opposite force in your life would be to indulge in the traits of your polarity and apply them within a business matter.
For an example, if your zodiac sign is Capricorn, think of Cancerian traits to harness and then apply within a business plan. (If you are unfamiliar with your zodiac’s polarity, I have grouped them below)

taking a stance or assuming greater control over your life may be required of you this week. You have been through more drama compared to your current view. Forgetting an honor code or promise to self makes you feel depleted; make a solid decision and stick to it.
there may be conflicting or confusing energy this week. Nonetheless, this energy quickly comes to an end when your loyalty and integrity parallel. Matters of the heart move you. Maybe it’s a good time to admit love is just as important as financial success.

blah, blah, blah, ragh, ragh, ragh…drowning out someone’s good advice and stern talk may create a little tension when you are later “tested” on this info. You may be frustrated, however handle that moody attitude when someone who cares shows it in their “special” way. You know the deal, just smile, nod and listen.
a longing for someone or something is a bit intense this week. Take it easy on yourself and at the same time, find a different way to pay homage. When we lose others in any form, there is also the gain of experiences including loving.


Taking it easy on Saturday may spare you feet discomforts. However, any relaxing social event may be mentally stimulating if you can get away without prolong standing. I vote for a steam bath and a foot massage this weekend. Keep things simple.
It’s a wonderful time for an intimate social at a local coffee shop or your home. This is just what your spirit needs. No reason to celebrate, simply gratitude to be amongst the living, good friends, and family. Celebrate your life in the most simplistic way and invite others. If you can’t do it this week, at least plan it as a future event- mark your calendar.

Creating a new resource journal or network of essential elements give you the confidence needed to move forward. A feeling of support is the fuel you’ve been craving. This may not have been spoken, yet a desire of your heart. It’s not that the people around you aren’t supportive, however your choices of company are on a different level than you right now. Take your spiritual practices to the next level.
The branding of you and a product may be a little tricky. If possible, consult a marketing expert to assist you and give you the ends and outs of this side of business. Also, find out the liability regarding a chosen project once it hits the public.
Business moves can be profitable, however double checking the legalities will save you future headaches.

This week’s over view is good for you Aries as it mentions coming out of stagnant cycles and repetitions that no longer have significance. Make a physical list (not just in your thoughts) of scenarios you want to change for the better and relationships you want to end. There is energy lurking around that you simply do not need. Time to move on Aries.
There may be a lot more travel for you in the future. When possible, schedule a simple health check. Ask your health care professional which minerals that you may need to increase and determine toxicity within the body. Get your remedy going as soon as possible, this way your travel time can be enjoyable-business or pleasure.
Digestive system is an area to check as well. Take your health care regime to the next level.

Creating a full blown “you” campaign to get you in the view of those who make important decisions is a great idea this week. Plan this now, and then implement this by the second week of January. Although there is time to plan, taking advantage of this energy now is what is most important. If you slack now, other “issues” arise and you may have to push your campaign back. Get on this now while you can breathe and have elbow-room.
jealousy has never been your thing really, so ask yourself if this “mood” is a feeling of insecurity. When you are honest with yourself about accomplishments and abilities, the “mood” may disappear. No need to make any comparisons as you are indeed one of no kind. Stay original and remain in the faith of your abilities Aquarius.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Insight by Damaris week of Nov. 20

InSight by Damaris
November week of 20

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The keywords for this week:
wisdom, responsibility, maturity, mastery.

This week is an extension of the powerful days we experienced last week. Whatever creative and spirit-filled
moves that were made between November 6th-12th, the Universe recognized, hence that same force will be returned to you
in the form of blessings.
This reading speaks loudly to those who have paid their dues and gathered maturity from past traumatic experiences.
Insight, research and the practice of life are in the ripest cycles, hence responsibility to share wisdom and mastery are now required.
This reading encourages those who have felt victimized in a past occurrence to intentionally convert that feeling into one of victory.
Journaling, logging or legal documentation should be a consideration if vital and marketable memoirs have come out of this phase.
Monetary compensation for your efforts can be obtained now-one should feel upbeat about this option.

Wednesday is a great time to reach outside of regular resources and develop new relationships.
The vibration of Thursday generates a feeling of stability that neutralizes any residue of doubt.
Friday is a feel good day and will be enjoyed the most if in solitude or a serene environment-avoid the parties.
Saturday is a great day to access intimate relationships; long and short term prospects may be discussed.
The entire weekend should be enjoyed with close friends, family or alone. Party invites from Wednesday through Sunday should be declined.
This weekend should be a time for appreciating and harnessing the recent power energy.

Raise That Warrior
Galactic Tactix tip for this week:
GT is a compilation of strategies that address mental, physical and spiritual fitness.
Last week, we tuned into mental and spiritual techniques-this week the physical.

Just as we store mental thoughts in our emotional body, our physical body stores thoughts and food. In fact, emotional eating and seasonal holiday food consumption
can cause intestinal havoc. Eating quickly and obsessing over food can aid in excess waste stored in the colon and constipation.
Intestinal waste contributes to all diseases in the body.
Here is a wonderful and easy to make soup that can be tasty AND cleanse/nourish the colon.

For 30 minute cook time:
Bring to boil in a pot of water 1 whole white [large] onion. It is best to make 6 [half} slices around the onion yet leaving it intact.
As it boils, the onion slices will disperse.
While the onion is coming to a boil, add several cloves of garlic-the more the better (at least one whole garlic).
Cover pot for 3 minutes and then add vegetable stock; this meal is vegetarian because we are cleansing the colon.
Add 1 package of frozen speckled butter beans, 1 package of black eye peas and 1 frozen package of crowder peas.
Stir occasionally for approximately 25 minutes.
If your stomach can handle spice, add Cajun and or cayenne pepper turn off your heat and add 1 bunch of kale.
Cover your pot letting the heat cook your kale down into the soup. YUM!

For best results, drink one gallon of water the day before you eat the soup.
Avoid drinking water or any liquid while eating-30 minutes before and after food consumption is suggested for proper digestion.
This soup can be enjoyed at least 3 times a month.
When cleaning up your life and raising your warrior, keeping waste out of your life is a must.
I recommend this soup to anyone who suffers from constipation and or arthritis.
In order to move forward in life, letting go in everyway is key.

The Breakdown

Kale or any dark green vegetable is good chlorophyll for the colon and helps to remove mucus from the colon walls.
Garlic kills and removes parasites from the colon.
Onion is good for chronic constipation and stimulates good bacteria growth in the colon.
Beans are high in fiber-good for removing mucus on the colon walls.
Cajun/cayenne is good for circulation and the elimination of parasites located in the colon.

This is a great and tasty exorcism for your colon!

Being the center of attention can get you into “good” trouble, however you’ll need to be prepared.
Giving someone mixed signals isn’t that cool-you definitely do not like when it is done to you.
Over-eating and over speaking creates discomforts. Instead, continue to build your energy this week.
You’ll need this energy for the months ahead, not to mention certain foods may bring skin eruptions.


Avoiding a negative conversation saves you from added stress this week. Someone close may want to bring you
into an argument as mediator-find another gig; you have had your share of shenanigans.
You may have a difficult time accepting annoying attitudes this week. Unfortunately and fortunately this irritation won’t leave until
you make a permanent decision regarding the relationship.

Scattered brain thoughts increase the chances of misplacing important documents. Use any extra time this week relaxing and
and finding your center.
You may be labeled as jumping the gun or being too arrogant. Allow a partner to express his or her feelings first, and then use your choice of words strategically.
Planning a trip should be a mental thought only. Take this time to save just a bit more money.


Thinking about a new career or power move excites you. Transitions for you are smooth during this cycle of your life.
Any complications right now solely come from you. Make life a little less stressful this week. You are in control of you.
The tables turn when someone asks for your on-going support. This week allows you to learn what you will or will not tolerate.
Digestion may be a problem-try eating your first meal after 11AM for 2 weeks and note if you feel any relief.

Telling everyone that you are ok with a certain situation when you are not is untruthful and it doesn’t help your position.
Putting your guard gown and full acceptance gives you a greater sense of peace. It may also bring you closer to loved ones.
Saying yes to special offers and treats is suggested this week. Accepting kindness gracefully feels good to your conscious and sends an uplifting message to your subconscious mind-you deserve to be treated nicely. Turning down a quick fling is in your favor because you avoid unwanted conception or a form of permanency..

A personal victory is won this week within you. Letting go of an unrealistic scenario makes you stronger. Creating more space for a visitor or visiting someone
In their personal space makes you feel slightly uncomfortable-look at this situation closely.
It’s like being overly cautious while taking a driver’s test-you can’t mess up or else your freedom is postponed.
This week think about how far you are willing to go and at what cost

Monday, November 8, 2010

Insight by Damaris week of Nov 13

Insight By Damaris

Week of Nov. 13

Weekly Overview

This week’s key words:

Intellect, mind power, thinking, reasoning

For some, this week is about “show and prove”, what are you made of, and how will accomplishments and goals be set and then obtained.
It is suggested that this be viewed as a personal mission opposed to an ego-based
mission where one is trying to impress others.
If movement is made in this way, it distracts and subtracts from the ultimate goal.
Life is about you, how you feel about yourself and your reason for living.
This week may bring about inner challenges that will make one address self-esteem, self worth, and the ability to finish what has been started.
No worries, by Wednesday you may like your disposition and have a greater understanding of you from a realistic view.
This is a power week and can very well set the tone for what is ahead leading up to next year.
Taking advantage of this energy should include playing your “trump” card and reaching out to resourceful people who may be interested in collaboration or assisting you with reaching a specific goal. However, believing in you, your mission and or product should be addressed first.

As we move gracefully through this month, December and then the new year, let us remember to evaluate our surroundings.
Examine what saturates the mind, body and what is being fed to the spirit. This should not be taken lightly simply because it is such a wonderful time to evolve!

Knowing how important this week is to so many of us, I would like to share what I call Galactic Tactix.

Galactic Tactix is a compilation of strategies that address mind, body and spiritual fitness.

A quick GT tip:

Rediscover Your Warrior

Awakening or rediscovering your warrior is needed now more than ever.
The warrior spirit is what allows us to expand and believe in our existence and purpose despite natural oppositions in life.
For most, the warrior spirit has been suppressed simply because society is based upon a hierarchy.
There is also a need to “people please” and in doing so, the warrior ‘s light can be buried under passive behavior patterns.
I can go on and on but lets get to the juicy part!

Let’s raise the WARRIOR!

The warrior spirit lives with your inner peace so we have to conjure that first.
Peace is a natural source that is always with you even if you do not feel it-it is like the sun or light.
If you cannot remember what peace feels like here is something you can do:
sit quietly with sun on your face and breathe deeply and slowly 10 times.
(if you can not get sun on your face, simply sit and visualize this)
Now take a moment to digest what this energy feels like and then save that in your memory.
In order to have peace, sometimes we have to remind ourselves of what it feels like and know that it has always been there.
Now that you are reminded of this natural wonder and have stored it consciously within your DNA, you can now utilize this feeling as fuel.

Warrior Fuel
Another name for energy is fuel and we must have it in order to carry out our lives.
Being that this fuel is energized with peace, you can gauge what feels good to you and what you can do without.
(Knowing what feels good/right to YOU, limits indecision, denial, and mind tricks)
If you do this exercise, you will discover that you are back to a natural warrior state. You rediscover that society and the impressions of others do not have to infect you and limit your mission, inner feelings and goals.

Although I cannot tell you how to navigate in current complicated scenarios operating on warrior fuel, this new energy will work for you. It will create a vibration and energy field that speaks without you having to.
This is the beginning of the rising warrior!

WARRIOR SPIRIT READING- $85.00 (1.5 hr reading)
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OR Free-Soul Boot Camp may be good for you. More details at

If you have been thinking of putting an idea on hold, examine the value and how it looks in futuristic view. Even if you do not have the resources to pull it off now, consider nurturing it at least 3 times a month. Its worth the time even if you can’t see it now.
separating you from a pressing matter or irritating person is necessary for future and current developments. You absorb energy and without proper clearing, this irritation can and will certainly affect progress relating to your goals. Think twice about entertaining what you don’t have to.

knowing when to let go of a long drawn out draining situation is key this week.
Freedom is there when you really want it. Maybe create a “what do I really want” journal. That will be a great start.
relocating office or home space allows you to experience a different feeling. You may think that it is wrong timing, however you’ll find its just perfect once you settle in.
Cleaning and shredding old documents give you more “breathing room”. Aaaahh.

whether it’s professing your love, or confessing a form of deception to a love one, it equates to the same thing-relief. Being honest with you and then others grants you more peace at work and home. No need for unnecessary stress when there are so many good things ahead Pisces.
Skin irritation, dry lips and itchy scalp may be the result of slight dehydration. Keep bottle water during your travels this week and drink up. From a spiritual aspect, dryness can be a sign of avoiding suppressed issues of long ago. A one on one with self will be good for you this week Virgo.

traveling, getting into a good book, or picking up an extra no-brainer gig takes the edge off. Your craving for greater stimulation may make you feel unenthusiastic about the current life you have going. This week, find ways to conjure excitement.
if you knew that every changing season brought about a cold, would you prepare and take immune builders for prevention? Or would you convince yourself that its something you just have to go through every year? Your answer reveals how you navigate in life. This week, think about prevention.

avoid getting too heated or controversial this week because it will take away from your creativity, focus and drive. Create daily routines and rituals that calm your head and heart. Toxicity and high blood pressure within the body is a reflection of the environment you created. This week think about creating great change in your life for the better. You deserve it.
creating new thought patterns starts with “letting go” of the past. Although complete forgiveness may not be an option, look at other ways of releasing. The brain is quite programmable especially when it is fed with a form of new life. Do something different this week and let your brain know you are not a slave to old thoughts.

socializing with old friends and family allows you to go deep within and address patterns and personality traits you may want to get rid of. Life reflection is good this week Leo especially if you are seeking for great change in your life.
I see you as a detective this week trying to decode signs and a certain frequency you have a hard time grasping. Let life work this out while you go on about your business. You have much creative and humanitarian work to do.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Insight by Damaris week nov. 6

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Weekly Overview by Damaris

Work and Plans

This week’s strategy requires intuition, focus, mental control, and compassion.
Because there is a lot of planning and newness in and around our energy field, one must be prepared,
as well as predict a change of plans even when they are written in stone.
New phases and beginning stages may bring sudden twists and turns. This isn’t a bad thing-better now than later.
Show compassion toward someone who may upset or ruin specific plans regarding a meeting or business.
Lashing out will be like scolding your angel as you may find later, this was a blessing in disguise.
During the next few days, this reading suggests focusing on one development at a time opposed to juggling many.
This way when sudden changes occur, your bounce back time is swift and you avoid a chain reaction into other areas of your life/projects.

Physical and spiritual suggestions for the week of November 6:

Find ways to clear your mind before bed so that you may wake up refreshed and ready to go once again with keenness!
Avoid drinking or eating stimulating foods that cause nervousness or upset stomach.
Tranquil music and low lighting from candles or the moon empties your mind, and then recharges it!
Avoid arguments.
Spend money and utilize resources as needed; over- compensating may be wasted because of sudden changes.
Attention on home life is a plus especially if you intentionally create a balance that supports your needs; domestic circumstances
have an effect on your work life.


A feeling of vulnerability may cause discomforts during relationship building. Revisit delicate conversations next week; by then, those uncomfy feelings will have settled.
Refrain from taking things personally-remember, some are working out their personal dissatisfactions with life during this cycle.


Meeting someone new reignites a passion left unattended. You discover that life is filled with perfect timing and you gain greater understanding for the cycles in your life.
Rushing and scrambling only confuses a situation or plan. Be gentle with your walk and let every step be confident.

Scorpio-Celebrating and over-doing an already active life may cause sudden headaches, cramps, and other random physical discomforts. Drink plenty of water and avoid excess sugar.
Taurus-You make a good educator and have incredible insight to share, however this week, practice the art of listening. You will discover vital information.

Pisces-You gain more authentic people in your life by just being you. Don’t sugar-coat anything this week, raw and uncut works just fine.
Virgo-Do something different this week. Even your unpredictability seems to be a routine. A crave for something special requires diverse actions.

Sagittarius-Carrying the weight of others is not really your style. However this super hero approach allows you to feel responsible, worthy and appreciated. Remember this is a feeling you are creating, it doesn’t mean other parties feel the same.
Gemini-Repeating yourself over and over again doesn’t mean someone will “get you”. Maybe you need to have your conversation elsewhere. Be selective when sharing information.

Aries-Exercising your mind, body and spirit connection can only enhance your life and drive right now. This will also increase your over-all popularity and success.
Supporting you while supporting others will decrease any future resentment. Find the balance between responsibilities and caring for others.

Leo-Although your walk is like the leader, a true head of any organization listens to good counsel creating expansion for all involved. Use wisdom Leo.
Intimate relationships do not have to be a struggle especially if you avoid assumptions and expectations.

Body Temperature

Focal points for the body this week are head and throat.
Drink soothing tea for throat protection and stress reliever.
Check sleeping patterns to make sure the head is propped correctly on pillow or resting area.
Drink plenty of water and fluids for proper brain circulation and to avoid headaches.
Pay attention to shoulders; make sure they hang and relax in a normal position.

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