Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Insight By Damaris for the week ending Dec. 6th 2014

The theme of this weekly reading is " Self-Esteem vs Evil"
We will look into our energetic framework for remedies that
can assist us with combating what feels like forces against us.
This reading also reveals the do's and dont's for the week.
The phone lines will be open for comments and questions after the reading.

If you would like your personal body and aura scan reading that is accompanied by remedies,

Friday, November 28, 2014

“Seasonal Self-defense” energy clearing tactics for the holiday warrior

For those that want to take this class ON-LINE, I will make it available to you.
Feel free to email me for details: Either way, looking forward to the connection.
“Seasonal Self-defense” energy clearing tactics for the holiday warrior
When: Dec. 2nd, 9th AND Dec. 16th 2014
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore event room
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Presenter: Damaris- Intuitve, Chanel, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Woman
Cost: $25. per class OR $45. when you register for three classes.
Do you want to feel more peaceful during the holidays?
Would you like to minimize anxiety or frustration during family gatherings?
Do you feel uncomfortable revealing your belief system during the holidays?
If you answered yes to the questions above or dread the holidays, this
class is for you.
Seasonal Self -defense is a three- part energy clearing class that will uplift your spirit during what can be an emotional time of the year.
Class one (Dec. 2 nd):
-group energy clearing
-open discussion
-2 week “step by step” energy clearing plan
-energy clearing ritual
Class two (Dec. 9th):
-group energy clearing
-review the 2 week energy clearing plan from class one (how did you do?)
-looking ahead; using the Tarot to clear energy
-energy clearing ritual
Class three (Dec.16th):
-How to conjure and create your personal
holiday cheer- Mistletoe mojo bags!!
“After an energy clearing session, my clients report feeling light, free, empowered, healed and excited about life.” –Damaris
This class is fun and informative. Please come with an open heart and ready to receive a blessing.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Freedom Vs Abandonment -Insight By Damaris

Freedom vs Abandonment
In order to experience freedom, one may have to release abandonment issues.
Letting go can be painful and in some scenarios financially costly, yet how much
are you willing to pay for freedom?
This Sunday (11/23) night, we will discuss
-letting go
-how depression is linked to loneliness
-releasing techniques
and more..

Tune in to Insight by Damaris for the weekly Aura and Body Scan reading
this Sunday at 10:30PM EST
The lines will be open for comments and questions during the show.
Looking forward to it. -damaris

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blogtalk Radio "Insight by Damaris"

Body Scan and Aura readings..Tonight at 10:30PM EST.
during this week's insight, I wanted to cover the topic of everyday blockages
that link to confusion in our lives, however the show took on an interesting turn.
So TONIGHT starting at 10:30 PM EST, I will open the conversation with common blockages and a few tips.
Then we will open the line for "Body Scan and Aura readings".
Have your question and comments ready!
These readings will be general in nature (hopefully) so your business won't be out there like that. 
The call in number is (516) 387-1408 and the blog link to listen
Chat with you soon! -damaris 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekly Reading on Blogtalk

Feel free to join me on Blogtalk Radio for the weekly reading.

The Astral Life after Death with Damaris this Tuesday

"The Astral Life after Death" with Damaris
exploring the world behind the veil
When: Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 18th and 20th (3 class series)
Where: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore Gallery
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Cost: pre- register is $15. per class, pay upon arrival, $20. per class.
Presenter: Damaris-Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Woman, Reiki Master,
Channel, Chakra-Aura Worker and Intuitive.
In this series we will discuss:
* proper etiquette exchange with spirits and spirit guides
* how to deal with losing a loved one
* opening and closing spirit portals
* psychic protection
* ancestral shrine set ups
* positive and challenging communication between spirits and physical beings
* releasing fear of death
* honoring our spirits
* working with familiars
and more!
After this series, expect to feel lighter, clear, optimistic and with greater understanding and compassion for all life forms.
Please come with an open heart and ready to receive a blessing.
Come as you are.
For more info and to register: 404.255.5207