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March 19-31st 2012 Insight by Damaris

Insight by Damaris

March 17th thru 31st 2012


Powerful Forces

Please view the video for the overview

finalities are important now. Wrapping up old business, relationship patterns and
other projects you are saying good-bye to, should be thorough and “clean”. Leave no
old ties or paper trails that will force you to look back.
Moving forward with focus and confidence is needed now in a major way.

tuning some people out to bring in new energy can be helpful as you make a big leap
in April. Doing efficient prep work now saves future headaches.
The Insight’s overview speaks to the Scorpio especially in regards to accessing the “potentials” and making them tangible. Gather the troops and do it gigantically.

success begins with you and your views on personal victories. Many may celebrate your achievements and have great expectations of you in the future, however what is important is how you feel about yourself. You have many personal victories others have not witnessed. Accept the awards, honors and handclaps with humility knowing they don’t make you who you really are.

if you are a natural historian, be mindful of keeping that energy separate from
intimate relationships. Why dig up old buried bones of concerns and disappointments when you have great power to bring what you really want into the future. Know your worth, keep the headaches buried and move ahead.

naturally you can be quite graceful at handling business, pleasure and anything in between. This read suggest making room for new ventures and that means you may have to make room on your plate. In fact, what is ahead will need more attention.

traveling to and from, in your mind and out may put added pressure on your physical body. Think about swimming, hot yoga or steam baths to keep
proper circulation and to rid the body of toxins.

consistency is essential. If you have tricked your mind into a new way of life that works for you, keep your mental and physical signals clear. Your psyche doesn’t like
the yo-yo effect and has difficulty adjusting every time you go back on your word.
Not to mention, you stop trusting the messages in and around you.

like your fellow air sign Libra, this read suggest being truthful to you. Sharing with others what you think they want to hear and what you really mean, just doesn’t work. Even you know that’s lame. It’s not about “rocking a boat”, it’s about living
truthful. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

paperwork, promotions and exposure on new ideas and work should be implemented now if possible. Make sure you have the right forces working with you
as well as researching what is really required for this project’s success.
Lots of work to be done; however it’s good work.

justice comes in many forms. If you feel you have been “wronged” or treated unfairly, take time to view all aspects of the scenario. For an example, being fired or let go out of a situation may be a form of freedom. Make sure old abandonment issues aren’t keeping you attached to the old.

this read suggest letting the best scenario come to you. Avoid making decisions, rather keep moving in the magnetic way that you do; the right choice will knock at your door. Don’t chase anything down, you may wish you hadn’t later. What is for you will be.

starting from scratch ensures a solid foundation instead of using other’s platforms.
The Sag is always the innovative one and someone who looks beyond what is in plain view. It’s time to feel comfortable in your own skin as well as move about in an environment that you created and like. Starting over again couldn’t be more attractive now.

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Insight by Damaris March 2012

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Insight by the Damaris
March week ending 3/11/2012

This period is a reminder for those who believe in the power of thought and words to put
what you know in to action. Now is a good time for manifesting IF your mind, heart and soul are
in sync.
The read ask, “How can one be clear and produce, when the heart is torn and fragmented?”
This read speaks on the power of forgiveness and letting go of the past, in order to move forward
into a new productive life.

This week’s special-* Forgiveness Ritual* and reading $87.
If you would like to schedule a reading please email: damaris

balancing your emotions and managing your food intake can only benefit you now as you
go deeper into living your purpose.  This read suggest focusing on self-management until it
becomes a natural way of life.
The repetitive thoughts in your head should be how wonderful and talented you are.
Your visions should project what you want to see in your future, not what you have been through in the past.
Change your thoughts and adjust your visualizations to match your soul purpose.

Oracle Card:
Diamond” was chosen for this read. She represents mind –stimulation, water magic and transmutation.
If you are a Cancer or have a cancer moon sign and have been working on changing your life, this card encourages you
to use water magic.
You may want to do your visualizations in the water. Think about what you need to manifest while indulging in feminine waters.
Make this your week’s ritual.

it may be time to revisit an old book or screenplay idea that you left incomplete.
Your personal stories can be like lessons and messages for others. There is success in your visual and writing abilities.
This read suggest you take your time, invest in PR or management that may be able to assist and this time, take your art
as far as it will go.

Oracle Card:
Saleanah” was chosen for this read. One of her special areas is star divination and mind reading.
If you have been concerned about a loved one-possibly a child, take a moment to tune into the person and send out healing
words to their heart. Follow up with a call and let them know you love them.

doing what others want you to do is a two way street; it is mutually beneficial.
Rarely does a Scorpio work for others without the “reward” of something. However an inner alarm goes off this week that
may create an uneasy feeling about a business arrangement.
This read suggest having an exit plan as well as leaving room open for other projects just incase you have to abandon ship.
Intimate relationships may get emotionally heated this week. Don’t say anything you may regret. Breathe before you communicate.

Oracle card:
“Ninj” was selected for this read. She is the Oracle with great vision and universal wisdom.
This card is a reminder to use your inner vision and deep wisdom as a tool of change.
Your insight can lead you to emotional freedom and can prevent you from recreating patterns you want to leave behind.

being in demand can make you feel secure in your work and your abilities. This read suggest using
working relationships to your advantage and include your goals in a business agreement.
As you re-develop your resume, you meet new and innovative people who are flexible and open to ideas.
Don’t be afraid to push an envelope or two. Expand your business etiquette.

Oracle card:
Kamiak” was chosen for this read. She is the oracle of the way and her special areas include protecting the un-born.
This card suggests identifying random energy or people around you. Make sure that all in your life has an important place
and is accounted for. No time for “sneak up on you” attacks. Also, make sure you officially own all the rights on your creations/inventions.

being mentally stable is important for anyone but especially for the Pisces this week.
Try to refrain from expecting the worse in a situation or pre-evaluating a person you anticipate meeting.
The idea is to be fully present in the presence of others and allow them to speak with you and share ideas.
Selflessness and unconditional love is allowing others to “be”.
Summarizing a conversation in your private thoughts before the real meeting ends, keep you mentally attached to others.
(Your mind is on overload) This attachment builds up frustration and cages creativity.
Living in the moment allows you a greater freedom as well the ability to be unattached.

Oracle card:
Seima” was chosen for this read. She is the Oracle of light.
This read suggest using your mental powers to reprogram thoughts that have been embedded in the family bloodline
by verbal abuse. If you carry feelings of self-doubt, this can be removed by your strong mental abilities.
The oracle card says you have the power to re create what you want.

this read suggest being mindful of what you pass on to others.
For an example, if you are delivering a package from one person to another, be confident in what you deliver.
There is a warning as well as what can be passed on to you. For an example if you sit with someone to eat,
examine the food or know the source before you consume.
Definitely refrain from unprotected sex. The read is about managing energy exchange.
It may not be a good time to give referrals; depends on if they are solid.

Oracle card:
Xyiss” was chosen for this read. She is the Oracle of symmetry.
This read suggest weighing the “good” and not so good in your life.
Measure patterns you put first in your life and decide if they enhance your current scenario in the best way possible.
Try something new by re-adjusting your schedule. Sometimes you have to do something completely different
in order to get different results. Try eating dinner for breakfast.

time management is important this week. How you work and even manipulate time is essential.
Meet ups and event planning can be to your advantage when your timing is proper.
Imagine if you and someone as qualified as you were being considered for the same position.
Seeing your face “first“ may be the sign needed to grant you the position.
Maybe this week, think about how the art of timing has benefitted your life.

Oracle card:
Cazeim” was chosen for this read. She is Oracle of energetic beauty.
This read suggest going deeper into your creative process. If you are considering branding you or a project,
collect the soul of the project and display it in the most unique and memorable way.

you may be the center of attention and even caught in the middle of a debate or love triangle.
Hold your position and practice honesty every step of the way. If you can excuse yourself before a heated debate begins, the better.
Use extra care when handling the feelings of a mother or mother figure for the entire month of March.
A phone chat, or preparing their favorite drink and simply listening may be the cure needed.

Oracle card:
Dahmeei” was chosen for this read. She is the oracle of cosmic fertility.
This read suggest bringing out the very best in you for all to see.  A patent invention is ideal.

courage and strength is what you need now the most. Friends and family who rely on your wit and developed conversation
should be placed in the background so you can maintain your power. The more you talk to others right now, the more
you become depleted. Conserve your energy and rely on the power you were given before birth.
Think of doing a communication fast. Have you been talking a little too much lately? If so, about what??
For the week, speak when necessary.

Oracle card:
Verrion” was chosen for this read. She is the oracle of Silence.
This read suggest redeveloping your communication with specific areas of your life and especially how you communicate
with the universe and within your dreams. Are you fully engage in communication or sort of “just here”.
New approaches will open greater insight into your purpose.

opening up your heart (all the way) makes life 10 times better. You tend to live a “fake” life the more covered you are.
Earlier in your life you used a closed heart as protection, but isn’t that technique a little out-dated?
Live life as the real you with no regret and watch your blood pressure go down. ;)

Oracle card:
Zemi” is the card for your reading. She is the Oracle of planetary rhythm.
This card suggests tapping into your natural organic self and using that vibration as a part of your daily life.
This may first come as a sound, chant or tone. Tune into your heart’s vibration and experience the core of you.
You can get a lot accomplished when you are in sync with your own unique nucleus.

traveling and going into new places and surroundings benefit you. If you are invited out to the “unknown”, eh, go ahead and take a ride,
there may be a few things you connect with there. This read is about going outside of familiar routines/surroundings and finding new
networks and ideas. Leave the old and mundane in the past.

Oracle card:
Allycee” is your personal card for this reading. She is the Oracle of dynastic laws.
This read suggests that you bring other forces or entities into a project or your company to make it more functional and complete.
Your moves may not be orthodox, however they will be greatly received and appreciated.

hmmm..this reading is unique. I was going to write, “don’t bother with losers and time snatchers that want to take you off your rock”, but
this read says that those that may appear to be harmful will actually be a charm.
I would still keep the undesired in their place; don’t invite them over for dinner.
Nothing can stop your intended efforts now, just avoid getting caught up in anyone’s hype and diabolical ways.
Make a list and check it off one at a time. Focus.

Oracle card:
Beimah” was selected for this reading. She is the Oracle of the builder.
This is a powerful card and it requires its owner to be responsible with inner gifts and abilities. There is much wisdom and
your purpose is a serious one. Have fun on the way, yet avoid boasting, dishonesty and trickery (even on your own self), or you
may become a slave to your own power.
An awkward position for sure so handle the business.