Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2012 InSight by Damaris

InSight By Damaris
June 2012

Look into the future; what would you like to see?
Your view of the future can be like revisiting the past; seeing your dreams come alive, just like you remembered them as a child.
Seeing your dreams and living your mission is the most intimate communication
to have between your spiritual and earthly body.
The ability to connect the higher and lower self grants permission to forgive or not forgive.
One may feel the need to forgive after remembering the innocence (higher self)
before earthly challenges came about.
One may feel it not necessary to forgive because of the realization that earthly challenges are simply experiences; what is there to judge when the higher self has
always been there?
Regardless of perspective, this month supports introspection that leads to peaceful thoughts and experiences.
Those that master the art of self to self-communication, bask in loving relationships in all aspects of life.
This month we focus on love for the higher self, the true self that constantly grows.

Cancer- feeling overwhelmed has nothing to do with your environment rather everything to do with your thoughts.
Erase the fears by disengaging from old religious beliefs that never fit you in the first place. If you continue to hide under a fraudulent existence, you will always go in and out of some weird depression of some sort. Lose the imposter.

Scorpio-mental longevity may be a specialty of yours. Remain focused on the big picture [only] and you will succeed.
For those that may be fertile; if you play you pay. Creative energy/creation is lurking all around you.

Pisces-your image of happiness is getting closer, however have you been selfless enough with friends, family and lovers to enjoy your success?
Protecting your heart and thoughts has created loneliness only you can correct.
Material success only goes so far especially with a water sign.

Capricorn-generating income and feeling accomplished comes by the way of listening to elders AND incorporating your spiritual battle.
What have you learned from your spiritual wars/world, and how can you apply
it to your earthly dilemma?

Virgo-confronting the past brings clarity and opens the door to your current purpose in life. Traveling and writing may encourage the birth of a documentary.
Consider what you should share with your community and abroad.

Taurus-doing things the right way saves time.
If you feel you are dealing with “light-weights” or those who may not see your dynamic vision, why would you compromise the quality of your work?
Don’t dumb down Taurus, just relocate. J

Aquarius-if you have been told that you are not easy to get along with or figure out, that was your cue to drop the strange vibes. You picked up an attachment from a creepy person and claimed some of it as your own-maybe for protection.
It’s time to live your own life without that strange shadow lurking behind you.

Gemini-it’s 2012 and if you are over 30 years of age and still get in your own way (meaning that you protest any form of your own happiness), it’s time for the twins in you to take a dance class. Tango anyone?
Join or start a Gemini meet-up dance group so you can get to know the other side of you. Knowledge of self REALLY works for the Twins of the zodiac.
Oh and if you are under 30 and can relate, do something now to stop the cycle.

Libra-do anything you want this month. Lately, you haven’t been listening to good advice anyway. Ok ok, what if I baby you?
Come on pookie wookie woo woo…everybody loves you. You’re soooo good looking and smart too!
Now that I have your attention Libra, please continue with your dreams. There is success ahead-don’t give up!

Aries- Aries, Aries, Aries, why are you looking the other way when the writing on the wall is staring you in the face.
It’s easy to solve other’s problems, however you are being challenged with your own.
If you have been in an emotional rut for more than 3 months now, please seek professional spiritual counseling before you explode.
High blood pressure and headaches may be your sign to search for relief.

Sagittarius-your message is the same as Aries (above) and includes legal protection.
Get lawyers you can trust and secure your position.

Leo-you can’t help that you are naturally king/queen of the jungle.
If you are having problems within your current business affiliations, consider
redeveloping a system that truly makes you king/queen of your domain.
Although the confidence is there, you may fear stepping on any toes.
Let’s face it; some toes may need to be stepped on to create order, peace and more
finances. If you’re a lion, be a lion. RAaaaagh! ;0)