Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Insight by Damaris w/e july 31

Weekly Special and Insight by Damaris Warrior Nation Nine
This week's focus is about going for what you know opposed to what you hope for.
Remain rooted and solid in your existence.

Weekly Special:
2 for 1 reading $100. You can treat a loved one to a reading and have one for yourself.

"Grounding" reading
this reading focus on the root (family and childhood experiences). Discovering behavioral patterns and how they affect your daily life; relationships, spending habits, addictions etc.
This reading also covers suggestions on how to become more grounded and realigned with your true self.

Water signs

This week it's about how the water signs use the power of fluidity and literally control
the days ahead. Where do you see yourself and how will you get there?
Water is a powerful force and one should take advantage of using this element.

Body fluids are also a focus this week and water signs may want to pay attention to:
*protection; sharing body fluids with others (safe sex or there is the possibility of STD, colds, flu,unwanted pregnancy,etc.)
* food intake; staying away from sugars, breads, and other foods that cause mucus build up and sinus irritation.
* water intake; prevent constipation, and bladder infection.

Earth Signs

Typically earth signs may pretend to listen or predict where the conversation is going so that they can prepare for the next verbal defense. This is not suggested for the week.
The reading ask earth signs to take deep breaths during conversation and then see images of what is being discussed. In other words totally engage in conversation.
If this is done, an enormous idea or insight may rise from within.
Allowing the self to be "out of control" awakens other senses and can enhance concepts and ideas that are immature.

Air Signs

Air signs can make good actors/actresses and can travel in stealth mode if they choose.
With this being mention, it is rather easy to get away with being sneaky, malicious and crafty especially if they feel misused or treated unfairly.
This reading suggest that air signs use their intuition (common sense, gathering of facts, and inner awareness) to prevent deceptive scenarios. Taking the high road and using other wonderful air qualities is the way to go.This week air signs should be proactive.

Fire Signs

Fire signs may feel they have a lot of responsibility this week. Keeping others in order as well as managing groups or family reunions can be stressful. However the fire sign can always get it done.
This read says to enjoy the position as "leader" by really displaying concern and love for others. If you feel stressed, instead of lashing out, take 3 quick breaths and smile. You will feel much better and can accomplish more. No one gets the job done like you so why not enjoy it and let others see you enjoy what you do.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Special and Insight by Damaris w/e 7-23 2011

Weekly Special and Insight by Damaris **Warrior Nation Nine

This week ‘s special focus on the removal of intimidating energy that
is fear based.
The session is set to seek out where the fear resides in the auric body as well
as how it has been playing out in the psyche.
Afterward an energy removal is performed and instructions are given to maintain
a healthy spiritual body.

This session can last up to 1.5 hours.

$110. or $90. for clients who have sent referrals within the last month.

Thank you and I look forward. –damaris

Astro-Flow for the week of July 17 2011


Getting shown extra attention especially from the ‘right” people and at the right time is a great possibility this week. Even if it’s a quick trip to the grocery store, be prepared to communicate.

It’s a good time to think ahead for your business associates if you are the one holding the financial cards. Business may be expanding soon and organizing a pay schedule including tips/stock is suggested. Someone may question fairness, however you will be prepared.

Generating an extra form of income may be easier than you think. Focus on what you love to do and how you can turn it into a service. Making money from what you love will bring your bank account out of the negative.

This week is great to bring an overdue business idea/trip closer.
Start looking into travel accommodations as well as others in the area of your visit that can link you to the right people. Opportunity is waiting on you- it’s just out of your current circle. Time to expand-make the trip.

Focus on you and your agenda. This week your mind may drift to how people are living their lives as well as how they view you. At the end of the day, it is you that lives for you. Remain focused.

Doing something opposite then your normal patterns increase the probabilities of your preferred outcome. If you have strong gut feelings that are always right go with it, however this reading says do the opposite of what your feelings tell you.
Maybe patterns need to be broken in order for the “new” to arise?

Alone time is not such a bad idea. If you have had recent “time out” with a loved one, use this time to your advantage and cook up new plans that will take your overall life to the next level. Be thankful for unexpected alone time and put it to good use.

This week is about learning you more and how you manage your mentality and emotions.
Ask yourself if you control your mental stability or do you react to the world around you. This week seek for the balance and practice a form of total body management.

If you have a busy week, try to make your appointments 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. This will keep you in a relaxed state and prevent you from misplacing important items and unnecessary physical injury.

when all of the ducks are aligned and everything is in place, the Universe within you and others have no choice but to respond. Your antenna is sending out powerful signals and they are being felt. Keep your energy high and your health good to match the wave of excitement headed your way.

Developing a special form of communication is needed between you and your love ones especially if you are quite a distance away. Be creative and even whisper the names of your loves into the wind, they will catch your vibe.

Show your true loving nature this week despite your surroundings. Like the Gemini,, body management is suggested especially when you are naturally optimistic.
Your energy is alluring now-maybe be mindful of your thoughts because they are magnetic.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Special and Insight by Damaris w/e 7-16 2011

Weekly Special and InSight By Damaris - Warrior Nation Nine

This week’s focus is about restoring peace and developing a mental force
field. Having mental peace increases the spiritual and physical immune system
and is a form of prevention against psychic attacks.
Those who experience chronic headaches, neck pain, dry mouth/body, lack of focus
are encouraged to take advantage of this week’s special I call,

“Get A Peace”.

Get A Peace

1.5 hour session
reading/consultation/energy clearing and rearranging.

After the session, clients feel lighter, focused and peaceful.
Clear Instructions are given to maintain the experiences from the session.
For clients who have given referrals (who I have serviced) within the past month can receive this special for half of the price.
Blessings. –damaris

Weekly Insight ending July 16 2011

before you make any further commitments to work or your love life, re commit to yourself, your life’s purpose and your goals. In doing so, this will prevent you from becoming lost in others agendas and ideas.

knowing when to bring in a partner or professional to assist you with your endeavors is key. Once you have strategies aligned, the right resources can take
your business to many levels of success.

whether you are dining in or out be mindful of your food intake. Anxiety and food create intestinal “confusion” aka gas and stomach upset. Eat clean and avoid mixing too many foods together. Definitely take it easy on creams and sauces. This week, bland foods or even fasting from food keep your mind and body clear.

if you plan on traveling or accommodating guest in your home, be aware of spending. Legal matters like traffic violations or unexpected bills may surface.
Plan your spending wisely.

doing it “your way” shows your self-esteem who is boss. This is great, however listening to others and developing a group of like minds will remind your collaborative spirit that you are not alone.

nature walks and listening to the sounds of water calm you and settles your mind. Taking a break from the daily grind and visiting the local park does your mind, body and spirit wonders. In nature, you are reminded of your authenticity.

doing what you love to do and making a living at it is a reminder that your cup is always full. This is also true when your bank account may be taking a little too long to “replenish”. Stay focused and optimistic not because financial rewards are ahead (and they are) but because this is your natural disposition.

as an experiment, make one rule for this week that you will live by despite any circumstances. Turn this rule into a mantra that you can repeat to yourself. This may come in handy when conflicting energy arise.

when looking for partnerships (professional or intimate), search for one that will compliment the twin in you that even you have a hard time getting along with. You may just find the perfect balance.

life doesn’t have to be complicated when you do simple math equations.
For an example, if you got “thrown under the bus” twice by the same person,
1 (the person) + (twice the disloyalty) = a repeat offender.

separating your goals and intentions from others actions and selfish agendas create a greater mental harmony within yourself. With ritualistic meditation and visualization, this can be accomplished. Mind power is key.

take the time to enjoy the ride of life this week. Staying present and in the moment increase the effectiveness of any plan. You are very potent when you focus on the here and now opposed to the “what could be” in the future.

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