Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Insight by Damaris for March 2010

Insight by Damaris for March 2010

March is a good time to look within for subtle clues and answers to your own dilemmas and frustrations.
 The Universe along with your subconscious mind bonds together nicely putting you in a very specific position that
 gently drop-kicks you, and then forces you to
evaluate and resolve.
In the 2010 overview for this year's reading, it suggested developing a business plan. I feel this month may be one of the best times to do it! 
Developing a Spiritual business plan may be in order if you feel your physical/financial plans are alive and running. Whatever you decide, the alignment during this cycle works for you, especially if:

1.) You look within 
2.) Accept what you find
3.) Develop a strategic plan of action
4.) Apply

To prevent further upsets with children/teens who are emotional for various reasons, this month's reading says now is a wonderful time to check in with them. Some children do well  hiding their feelings, yet the vibration within this month along with your caring tone release the barriers, creating more of  a bond between the child and adult.

This month the physical body focus is the throat and lymphatics; the energetic read on these areas suggest open and honest communication with self. One may ask, am I being honest with my self, my childhood memories and history. Do I communicate effectively with others. How does my body language interact with my surroundings.
If throat and lymphatic issues surface, your treatment may include expressing yourself openly and honestly with the best intentions.

There is a constant flow of growth and March allows one to adjust and nurture the inner soil/soul for future abundance, however, ignoring the soil disrupts the abundance process producing unfinished products and premature business decisions and upsets. Here is where emotional disappointments and financial difficulties play out until this energy clears.

March allows preparation time for personal commitments and inner work that is perfectly aligned with the healing energy of April and the manifestation vibes of May. -Damaris

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This Months Aura!

Red- for some, changing location and creating a new work/live space is essential for peace of mind. Visualize what you need and move forward with your plans.

Blue- Communication is highlighted throughout the month. 19-27th things may get heated if the groundwork for an agreement has been avoided. Verbal agreements should be followed up with written contracts.

Orange- creativity and the developing stages of a new project sparks and gets an extra push from resources previously unknown. This boost confidence and push other unborn ideas to the surface.

Yellow- Celebrating a personal victory changes your outlook on life and your current status.



travel light, unexpected changes keep you on your toes but you seem to keep all in order as if it were the original plan. Relying on a normally useful resource disappoints if you have not anticipated a back up plan. Keep your wits because a better opportunity is ahead and although you may feel frazzled, you are right on track and in tune with the Universe.
You look and feel like money and attract a good amount to you around the 20th. 
Romantic ties develop between you and a special love. Enjoy the warmth of sincere loving expression.

Traveling through the many corridors of your mind takes you 
back into the future-a past memory stir up your determination that effects the future outcome of a project and an important dream. This month your intuition heightens and you may find the need to act as a medium to a friend who needs you. Despite your personal opinion of the individual, allow the messages to flow without judgment. The watery and dreamy ways of the Pisces finds a fling toward the end of this month. It is your choice to act on the exciting moment.

traveling to foreign lands within your dreams and through music soothes your soul and offers comfort when energies are explosive between the 15-20th. Keep your goals on the front burner and allow tempting confrontations to pass if you want to keep your plans in tact.
A co-worker or someone who has access to your attention may be crushing on you more than you think. Unfortunately their intentions may present mixed signals. Use your intuition and sift through the confusion.


energy from afar brings a unique gift. This could be transmitted through your dreams or a whispered message walking on a noisy street. However it comes, it's like magic and opens doors to a few of your whims, hence you may want to act on this unique and once in a lifetime situation. The only warning is "all that glitters is not gold" ; this means accepting the good with the not so good is necessary if you choose to intentionally take advantage of this situation. Management or a partner may be required and this is where you will need to use the 
Capricorn subtle aggressive technique (CSAT) to remind this person who you are.

the exchange of money and time or resources disturb you when an agreement didn't pay off as you expected. This only fuels you with more information to make sure it is correct the next time. This experience also reveals the situation at hand and whom you are dealing with. You may ask if a business deal is airtight or full of air. Ultimately, this doesn't matter much when you have the right contract in place and benefits all parties involved. Taurus parents take time out to have fun with children this month while becoming a child again-exciting!

an eating regime may no longer work with your current health regime. If you have been having headaches or dizziness, check for slight dehydration, supplements or certain protein shakes that may have caused an allergic reaction. You should be really in tune with your body and know what it needs-getting to the bottom of the ultimate health plan at this point should come naturally. Trust your own body rather than an outside source.
Celebrations may be in order around the 17th, and the utmost form of protection should be used this month to avoid pregnancy...if you want to have a new addition to your life, this month is definitely a go! ;)


hmmm... an interesting time ahead for you in the decision making process; should you stay or go, should you profess your love, or keep things neat and tidy as they are. Life brings about amazing moments and being the realist you can often times be, you will make the best decisions available to you at this time. A suggestion here is to avoid fear of the unknown for YOU are the creator of the outcome. Trust in you Aquarius.

you are so good at what you do Gemini. You have two faces and choose which face you display to whom. This month more of your strategic practices are relied upon when you desire to prove to someone that you do not care. This is all well and good but when the lights go out, and you settle into bed, will your thoughts coincide with your actions?
This month, its suggested you reveal yourself. Rewards await you including a good night's rest.

Creating a plan of execution or an "out" may be in order this month. For you employment is not problematic because you can charm yourself in and out of any situation effortlessly.
Being this is very well known to yourself, this month suggest you use some of your own charm on yourself. What are your dreams and are you willing to put forth the effort in making them happen, not for anyone else, but for you?  Time will tell;  this month throughout the end of May can be used as a portal for success if you use your time wisely. Time management is key here.


rising above difficult changes is definitely doable-after all, you can utilize your motivational skills and inner insight into making things happen. Getting proper rest and the agreeing nutrition supports all of your moves-remember your energy is an essential ingredient in the success of the many scenarios you are involved with. Several business opportunities can hit at once and so you may need to be prepared. Tighten up your calendar, pass on the late night party date and be ready to take on multiple tasks. You spoke out loud to the Universe and you have been heard-no need to back out now Aries.

surrounding yourself with fantasy and the exotic is nothing new for the Leo, however, preservation and caution should be applied when approaching someone who isn't used to your "fire". Allow someone to ask you questions and figure you out. Broadcasting your abilities and inner desires can wait. Allow someone to enjoy your mystique and warmth. You may enjoy being chased and observed as a unique and rare find.

growth comes with experience and experience should be enjoyed without emotional blockages. Someone from beyond this life is rooting for you and insists upon your happiness and success. Just as you enjoy the freedom you see in life and others, you are encouraged to see the gift of freedom in yourself. Fly high and travel as far into the realms of unconventional life to discover who you really are and the gifts you bring. You are indeed magical. This month, look for the magic in all things.

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