Saturday, December 8, 2012

InSight By Damaris (Part Two) ending Dec 20, 2012

InSight By Damaris (Part Two)
Nov. 23- Dec 20th 2012

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make no excuses for your passionate actions during the next two weeks. Business associates may lack your vision and drive to succeed, however if they work closely with you, your zeal could raise the over all vibration.
Your goal isn’t about making people “understand”; it’s about living out your dreams. If others are moved to action because of your fire, that’s cool but it’s not the main motivation. Keep moving forward.

falling in love with you all over again comes through nature and creativity. Devoting time to conjure an invention, plan a new business or create a masterpiece is suggested.
This read is about expanding your horizons and taking your mental gifts to new levels especially if you have felt stagnant.
Disruptions may have come into your life recently to push you in other directions, hence avoid getting on a boat that is destined to sink. Break your ties with drama-filled scenarios and ignorance otherwise you may go down with the ship.
All warriors walk alone at one point in their lives, or so it seems.

a spiritual quest may require you to give up a few dark thoughts and or people who have lower vibrational intentions. If you have been battling with “doing what’s right” or going to the next spiritual level, check the place within you that harbors secrets.  Silence often feed the insecurities that lead to greed, attention seeking and emotional highs and lows.

keeping good posture and hand exercises assist with channeling healing energy and managing personal chi. If you have been feeling weak or not feeling at least 90% emotionally and physically, look into your sleeping and sitting positions.
There may be stored energy in one area of the body and as a result, other areas become deficient. This read suggest stretching fingers and back for positive current flow within the body.

Expanding your resources and “back pack” items is suggested while traveling foreign places. Although you are confident about your moves, back up will make your travel plans thorough and more comfortable when difficulties arise.
It’s a great time for the Pisces to gather more associates or directories before travel if possible. This cycle, the more resourceful you are, the smoother the transition.

Sexual energy may be leading you to a place you do not want to go. This read suggest harnessing sexual energy through the development of your mind.
Current conflicting areas in your life may be a result of sexual desires not being met and/or a lack of mature sexual decisions. Either way, this read suggest taking on the concept “mind over matter”.

making signs instead of looking for them is suggested for the Aquarian.
Getting caught up in what is around you distracts you from making life happen for yourself. This read suggest taking action instead of reacting.
Think about the concept “being in the world but not of it”.

taking up a new hobby or getting a pet keeps your emotions in check when dealing with others. It’s unfortunate but people are not on the planet for your advice (although it can be helpful) or to attend to your emotional discomforts. During this cycle, this read suggest that you give others room to breathe as well as respect their decisions.

guidance and the right support system may be vital now. Invest in a good counseling session as a self-check. This is great for the Gemini because often an “out of body” occurs creating a distorted view (through twin eyes) when dealing with personal earthly matters.
Maybe create a “how am I doing list” on various aspects of your life and then address them with a professional. On-going development requires self-assessment.

This read suggest using more of your intuition when dealing with intimate relationships. One may discover the ability to see what the mate wants instead of assuming or knowing. Allowing a partner the feeling of togetherness heightens the experience of love. Remember, using intuition requires asking questions for clarity.

taking a project to its final stages will be beneficial for you as well as others.
it’s time to complete thoughts and ideas that are connected with your desires.
Development or redevelopment is important now for the Libra as it is linked to identity and self worth.  Being a balance for others has taken its toll; now it’s time to balance the inner and outer self.

it’s a powerful time for Sagittarius to gather people for special events or powerful life-changing experiences.  Distractions should be avoided now; live, eat and breathe your mission relentlessly. Planetary movement allows others to see what you have seen years ago. You now have a different kind of support that is sealed with harmony.

Live Love Laughter,