Thursday, June 30, 2011

Insight by Damaris for week ending July 9 2011

Weekly Special and Astro-Flow for week ending July 9 2011

Being the recipient of deceptive acts especially from unexpected people
or scenarios leaves emotional conflict within the body.
When feelings of being deceived remain in ones energy field, it can weaken
the body especially if there are vulnerable areas currently present.

For an example, if a person has a heart attack, and two weeks later experience a robbery from a family member, the fragility of the heart would increase.

Another example: imagine ending a partnership because of dishonesty.
If a personal resolution did not take place, it is a possibility that the next relationship will repeat what has not ended in the previous one.
Until we take responsibility for our own actions, feelings and experiences,
cycles are repeated.

This week’s healing special focus on clearing up emotional residue
while simultaneously re-igniting the warrior fire that is within.

I call this healing session, “ MOVING ON”.

For those who are ready to move forward with a clear mind and energy field, contact me: or 404.840.7503.
The session last about 45 minutes and the special price is $100.
For those who have had a reading from me within the last 30 days, can receive this session for half of the price- $50.

Who can benefit from this session?
-those who have not let go of relationships that ended because of deception
-those who are having a difficult time dealing with death
-those who have experienced a long history of family deception

Clearing old thoughts and moving on in life takes courage, however with the recent moon activity (solar eclipse July 1), we will have assistance.
Those who are in tune with moon activity and their inner self realize and experience the connection emotionally.
By allowing emotions to surface and dealing with them, we take full responsibility of our disposition and that allows us to move on gracefully in life.

Astro-Flow for week ending July 9

Cancer- being the middle person and connecting others may benefit you this week.
Look for opportunities in unusual scenarios.

Capricorn- if you work as hard on your personal relationships and health as you do projects that offer financial reward, you will experience a wonderful balance in this life.

Scorpio- slow down and clear spaces, refrain from stimulants/depressants (including people) and you will discover unlimited possibilities staring you in the face.

Taurus- new beginnings will seem familiar. Do something different especially during a selection process so the new start can REALLY translate into a new start. Leave the past in the past.

Pisces- worrying about what others think of you limits your mental expansion. Think of creative ways to grow emotionally. Focus on what you can control.

Virgo- letting others inside your psyche increases clarity between you and those you care about. Being a mystic isn’t always in your favor.

Libra- celebrating a victory is great and yet you know it represents more work ahead. You are the scale and offer balance to others, this week find complimenting resources that create balance in your life.

Aries- you generate a level of excitement around you this week at work and home. Keep the energy high and proactive by offering solutions. Otherwise the excitement can turn into an uncontrollable fire.

Gemini-you have the ability to offer laughter and ideas
for every uncomfortable situation . Go with the flow this week and at the same time see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sagittarius- gratitude is a way to connect to your support team. Think of those who you are most thankful for and have enhanced your life. Schedule a time to fellowship with them and then re-strategize a long-term plan.

Leo- some view you as being very consistent. If you modify your behavior to please someone, you may be questioned about this “sudden” change. Don’t look at their suspicion as a trust issue, rather give them time to adjust.

Aquarius-practice the art of giving this week. Offer your best talent in any scenario without expecting pay or praise. A genuine experience uplifts your spirit.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Insight for week ending July 1

Insight by Damaris
Warrior Nation Nine

WEEKLY SPECIAL and Astro-Flow for week ending July 1

This week’s special focus on developing foundations: home, new businesses, relationships, finances.

For appointment: Damaris: or 404.840.7503

Prosperity Reading - $66.
45 minutes to an hour reading that focuses on detecting blockages
that prevent financial growth.
In this reading you will get insight on:
your purpose
current status
generational blockages and how it affects you
suggested remedies to move forward
energy blockage removal and suggestions on how to keep
your financial flow open

You have a choice this week to use intellect or operate from emotions.
Your passionate disposition is quite charming, however the results you want
stem from using your brain power.

When the Capricorn truly loves, it is from the core and with passion.
This week it is important to separate your genuine love from your
selfish love. Your love interest has human rights too.
Avoid controlling behavior.

This week allows a free-flowing energy and doors open without much effort on your part. If you are used to “throwing your weight” around and convincing others of your greatness to get what you want, chill out; it’s not necessary.

Developing a better schedule/plan is in your best interest as well as considering
different types of partnerships. The more “out the box” and strategic, the better.
Traveling out of your comfort zone or area is suggested in business.

In relationships, it’s suggested you try a different approach. Even if it’s very uncomfortable, be patient and allow your spirit to be accommodating. When you allow sparks to fly on their own, you will enjoy yourself and those you love that much more. By releasing control issues, you remove blocks that prevent you from having an authentic experience.

You have a lot to be thankful for. Your life has been a very interesting one and this week it is suggested you explore more of yourself with a grateful approach. You are wise, intelligent, creative, and those who love you, REALLY love you and benefit from your energy.

A love triangle may allow you to discover more about yourself. Instead of being frazzled by the feeling of being pushed in one direction, grant yourself permission to discover what or whom it is you thoroughly enjoy and why.

Doing something “odd” makes you feel better. Get away from the monotony by mentally creating an entertaining scenario and then make it come to life! Remember it’s just for a short time; you have work to do.

You may feel the need to join a religious or spiritual group to generate a feeling of connectedness. It is suggested that you ask yourself if you are passionate about your current situation. Replacing one feeling for another doesn’t work for you. Learn to love what you do or find something else to love.

Gathering information and reputable resources is a wonderful focus to have this week. Your full attention while networking builds a wonderful and productive work force. Look for the grand prize in all you do this week; optimism meets the right resources.

If you take all of the hype and dramatics out of your work space, would you feel drained?
Adjust your work etiquette and lifestyle so it doesn't leave you feeling overworked. Your health
should come first.

Take yourself out to dinner or a light lunch this week. Alone time increases popularity with strangers. You are noticed and your vibe is welcoming. It's time to meet new people.

Massive blessings and love,


Sunday, June 19, 2011

June July Insight 2011 by Damaris


Greetings Warriors!!


The key words are:

Inner Power* Utilization

This month you may reflect on disappointments and how they relate to current scenarios regarding work, family and finances.
The reading for the month suggests using your inner powers as tools to move forward.
A list of your inner powers may be:

creative vision
mind and thought power

When you have time, it is suggested that you literally write down how your inner powers came into existence, and then how you can utilize them NOW.

For an example, those who have experienced physical or mental abuse during childhood may have developed an inner knowingness (intuition).
This may have developed because one had to be on guard or alert and in many cases, “predict” when conflict was coming (for the warrior, past painful experiences assisted with the redevelopment of
inner powers).
Being that this power was with you then and is with you now, this reading suggest going DEEP into your psyche and then conjure up your Strengths!

Before moving forward with the reading, I would like to emphasize the importance of feeling your powers (don’t be afraid of them) and merge with them because they are simply a part of you.
This is important because the warrior must walk as a WHOLE being-every step is solid, powerful, intentional and yet graceful.

Now, once you have listed your powers, the reading recommends developing a regime that is based upon the utilization of your powers. This will allow you to get familiar so that your movements are natural and free-flowing.
Your regime should be implemented daily.
As you evolve within this reprogramming nothing or no one can uproot your confidence/purpose.

June is a wonderful time to rely on your innate abilities because communication and connecting with others may be challenging.
Tuning into others require a selfless approach.
Focusing on your needs and agendas creates a veil and prevents you from seeing situations at the core level when dealing with others.
If you can not see the root in any situation, how will you know the remedies required to ensure a balanced outcome?
“Win win” scenarios are possible when selflessness is present.

This month will insist that the warrior choose her/his medicine.
By choosing to use your most potent attribute, you avoid feeling discouraged when doors may not open fast enough or when you do not hear what you want.
Opportunity and optimism come about when you see beyond a current status-you realize blaming yourself or others is worthless.

To summarize, the warrior has a lot to offer others and self in June by redeveloping powerful attributes. This form of action also allows a greater acceptance with any situation including death, matters of the heart and financial challenges.
If the inner work is the focus, before the 28th of June, the warrior can expect to see a clear path of multiple opportunities.


Transitioning into July, following up on what you accomplished in June is suggested. This includes your new or adjusted attitude toward yourself and the reintroduction to your powers.
Traveling, meeting new people and diving into new opportunities are probable for many in July.
Newness comes about and is quite refreshing.
In fact, it helps in the “letting go process” from endings that occurred in June.
This refreshing phase also supports the rediscovery experiences that happened in June as well.
The energy of July supports intimacy in all ways.
Be open to the idea of love and expressing excitement about truly loving and being loved.
Businesses get boosted with affiliate marking and connecting with like-minds.
With the right attitude and plan, independent and start-up businesses make
quite a leap and leave great impressions in July.
The last week in July, may be a reminder to utilize the innate powers you brought forth in June.
Consistency is the key.



WATER – Cancer Scorpio Pisces


Creativity is a very powerful tool this month.
Incorporating new techniques to any project may bring about advancement.
Push forward with colorful ideas, sounds, and imagery to enhance any form
of marketing you may be working on.
If you need to collaborate with another visionary or hire a graphic artist, don’t hold back. Do what is logical and mutually beneficial.
Your added creativity links to your grand purpose in life and the “meat” of any endeavor.
This reading suggests that you focus on uniting confidence with your goals.
Typically we think of confidence as the right “attitude”, however in this reading it can be a location or person.
For an example, lets say you have a grand opening event that will boost your company’s name or product. Everything is in place, but you haven’t secured the building for the main event.
The reading stresses the importance of making the appropriate building choice.
Look for signs of confidence: does the management of the building return phone calls promptly? Does the building have the proper state license if alcohol will be served?
Confidence is crucial for a successful venture.
For the water warriors, this month brings a ray of light regarding intimate relationships.
The reading discourages involving family or friends with any decisions
regarding intimacy options.
There is a warning of conflicting energy and jealousy, so less interference the better.
Over all, this month is stimulating in many ways for the water warriors.
Keep up with your mineral intake because you will use a lot of your wonderful mind and innovative energy.

EARTH- Taurus Virgo Capricorn

For the earth warriors, it’s a wonderful month of opportunity to do what you do best; walk your walk and talk your talk.
If you like to express yourself in a dynamic way without feeling the pressure from so-called “haters”, this era is designed for you.
Now, if you are a real warrior, you will dismiss the sentence above because you are not worried about what others think and express.
If you are a warrior in training,
J find the yoga position, hype music, or perfect tonic of choice that uplifts your soul and move forward with zeal.
You have a lot going on and so this reading is short, simple and semi-sweet.
Here is the breakdown of the keywords:
be dependable to yourself-ask if you can rely on you.
Guarantee your work and word to others.
Make a firm and unmovable commitment to you and those who are valuable.
Doing the above, is like having all of the ingredients to the most delicious cake ($$). Good luck soldier-not that you need it.

AIR- Aquarius Gemini Libra


The next two months will lead the air warriors in the direction of strategy as it relates to business.
Protecting ideas and unique concepts is suggested as popularity and expansion may sneak upon you. Your business may have started out as fun or a home business, however value increases.
Where there is value there should be protection (copyrights) and professional consultation in place. There should also be back up: does your computer have back up if material is lost?
Is your staff protected? Do they have insurance or reliable transportation if your business thrives with their attendance?
Do you have a back up consultant?
Any area of protection should be looked at closely for the next few months. You will be able to relax and enjoy your success with all in place.
The key word consultation also applies with start-ups.
If your business is currently on paper and has not materialized, the reading suggested speaking with a mentor or professional.
This reading speaks of success in various areas.
It is important for the warrior of the air to take visions and their life’s work
seriously during this cycle.
Anything is possible and being professional in all ways support the big picture.

FIRE- Aries Leo Sagittarius



Putting emotions in check is a big part of maintaining schedules as well as important relationships.
One way to manage this unique part of our being is to play out possible scenarios BEFORE operating from the emotions.
Another suggestion is to check into your nourishment regime; chemical imbalances contribute to fluctuating emotions.
I found this link that may be helpful:
When you are able to manage this part of your life, you have linked an important key (within yourself) to planning and executing effectively.
This reading speaks of synchronization in every facet of your life and how
it is a vital key and compliment to your psyche.
Mastery is upon you warrior of fire.