Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Insight by Damaris 2011

InSight by Damaris

February 2011


cleanliness, restructure, gather, justify

before we get into the meat of this month’s insight, you may benefit from a few tips:

1. Avoid getting caught up in the “unexpected” or unnecessary drama.
If you have specific plans, keep moving forward and use an alternative route to the finish line.  
This is important because your attitude and perseverance this month has a lot to do with the preferred outcome in any situation.
2. For those who enjoy stimulating night caps such as alcohol, marijuana, etc., its best to indulge (if you must) no later tan 3 hours before bed.
If you like that same “kick” to get your day started, if you must, afternoon would be better.
This month clarity is very important and so you want the body and brain to relax and release on its own; a fresh mind and body will respond appropriately and effectively. 
If you take any drug-street or prescribed, drink more water and teas.
Nature walks, fresh air and green foods will also assist in greater clarity.
3.If you have sleeping issues, try stretching and sage your sleeping area before bed.
Remember sleeping is nourishment and aids in healthy brain function.
4. Any opportunity to relocate or drastically change positioning in your life is favorable. A good time to place fear behind and take calculated risks.
5.) Steam baths or sweating from exercise is suggested! Sweating allows one to feel clearer.


The beginning of February is a good time to clean work space, homes, vehicles and any other areas used on a regular basis.
Sprucing up may also reveal lost items or important paperwork that may be needed by the end of the month.
Any form of clutter removal should be done now-procrastination is not an option as you will see how this month flows quickly with twists and turns.
Restructuring plans, the people in your life and diet may be needed. Simply put, aligning yourself with opportunity and the most favorable scenario is the best card that can be played.
If you dismiss important details thinking they may be too tedious to deal with or you may not have the energy to deal with them, be prepared for the best scenario or its opposite.
This month many doors and roads are open; the mental, physical and spiritual stability determine the outcome.
February also deals with gathering and connecting with proper resources.
For an example, if you are given a referral by someone you trust, follow up and make the connection.
 This resource will be beneficial.
 If you do not see the rewards right away, save the information because it will be used at a later date.
Any documentation that may need official seals or notarization, this is a serious matter and will not be over-looked when proper paperwork is required.
Check signatures, dates, etc. on any written documents-proficiency can only help when closing “the deal”.
The month concludes with reflection of self.
One may have to make an account or justify actions. It is best to live simplistic without baggage, guilt and regret because confidence and healthy esteem carries one well into the upcoming months that can be phenomenal and life changing. 



AIR- Aquarius * Libra
  * Gemini
(this reading applies to moon and sun signs)

Replaying past disappointments do not help you now.
When you are responsible, grounded, and innovative, you will see where the real action is!
 It is better to act rather then react.
Find ways to ground yourself and always replace negative thoughts immediately with optimistic ones.
If I had to give this month’s slogan for the air signs, it would be, “Don’t stop till you get enough”.
Allow your mind and actions to go beyond so-called limitations and statistics.
Create and do the unthinkable, the unmentionable and work your mind and feet past their limits (you’ll survive).
Between the 15th and 21st, all information should not be publicized. Respect the season of “timing” and do not be in a rush to show your “hand” until all cards are on the table.
If you have to present a new concept or creative works, consider the value.
Ask yourself or someone you trust if license or written protection is in order.
This month its not about being cocky, however, you can count the chickens before they hatch.
Be determined and will exactly what you need and when you need it into your life.
Think and imagine on a GRAND scale.

FIRE-  Leo * Aries * Sagittarius

Separating you from the emotional roller coasters of others will be in your favor.
You want to do this NOW to avoid entanglements that will be difficult to get out of in
the future. In fact , it may be wise to eliminate any partnerships that are more troublesome than they are worth.
Consulting a professional or getting sound advice is suggested if you are torn or lack strength and confidence that may be required to act .
Because of the intense energy you carry, holding on to unworthy and detrimental energy can be dangerous and unhealthy for the fire sign-avoid burning up by your own heat.
Once you decide to step on the sunny side of the street, all is in your favor.

It’s simple, this month make GOOD decisions. You already know what they are.

WATER- Cancer * Pisces * Scorpio
(this reading applies to moon and sun signs)

Your split personality works for you this month as playing two and sometimes three roles is necessary in various situations.
You don’t want to overwork, rather flow and adjust just like water.
By the end of the month, new work, travel and collaborative opportunities are presented.
Although your intuition is right on point and you can literally smell profits, managing your monies is still required. You may need extra money to invest or improve an on-going business.
There is a possibility that funding is available for your projects, however you may have to cover 20-40% of the venture.
Marketing yourself differently and heavily is suggested because you have an audience who want to give you resources, money and a platform that improves your life’s work.
Deception is a no go this month. If you or any partners work underhandedly, the plot will backfire.
The warning is not about being “righteous” it’s about what is open to you right now; shady sort cuts and sneaky behavior just doesn’t fly.
Use your wisdom, intuition and act immediately on opportunities this month with integrity.

EARTH- Virgo * Capricorn * Taurus

Earth signs usually like it straight no chaser and so, I will get straight to it.
In EVERY situation this month, its’ not about what you like, what you are used to and what you would “normally” do, it is about what is needed and required.
Assertive and new methods can remove mountains and simultaneously create open and fruitful pathways. 
Between the 10th and 17th, you are reminded to get out of your own way by reassessing situations without ego and emotions. The best scenario stares you in the
eyes and it should feel right to you because it just adds up.
Making moves more complicated than what they are ruins the deal.
Distractions may come about trough family or clients. Before you jump right in to be the judge, jury, counselor, protector, etc., weigh the importance of the situation.
In doing so, you may find false alarms and residue from last year that prevented you
from making proper decisions. Avoid hitting that “replay” button. Some times just aren’t worth the time.

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May you continue to live in peace and prosperity -damaris